Feeling drowsy during meditation

How do I control tiredness and drowsiness during meditation?

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I recommend you meditate when you’ve had a decent sleep and during a time when you’re feeling alert. I do it as soon as I wake up, when I am feeling most alert. Definitely not right before bedtime or lying down.
I find a lot of meditation music and even some guided meditations make me feel too relaxed also, so it is sometimes better to focus on just your breathing. I do sitting meditation and rarely get sleepy.
Either way, even falling asleep is better than no meditation.


I meditate 2 hours before going to sleep, there is less noise pollution during the night.

What you can also do is stretch before meditating, I find it extremely helpful especially when I feel tired but mostly, I just ignore it.

If you want some insight on how to achieve full-body relaxation you can PM me.


Since the point of meditation is to bring the body into the state between wake and sleep (ie. The theta state)…getting tired during meditation is not the bug…it’s the feature. The goal isn’t to avoid those feelings of tiredness, but to embrace it just long enough for you to perform your ritual and not fall asleep. The fact that you’re getting so relaxed that you feel tired means that you’re getting the hang of it

To control it so that you don’t nod off completely, try chanting a mantra over and over such as “alash tad alash tal ashtu” or rocking your body back and forth


Train your mind to know that it is separate from the body.

Immerse in dissociation so that your physical sensations do not dictate how your mind performs/behaves.

Remove the identification with the body. Identify as the mind within a vehicle meant to serve the mind.

This helps because it makes your mind control the body and not respond to it.

Some ways to train your mind:
-fasting. Teach yourself that you dictate hunger, not the physical discomfort meant to make you eat
-doing the opposite of your urge(self control)
-heavy focus meditation. Practice holding an image in your mind without using words.

In other words discipline the mind

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Splash cold water on your face before beginning your meditations.

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