Meditate in meditation

Have you tried it? I meditated, went to my universe and decided to meditate in there.

Weird thing, I went through a tunnel that shot me to a door in the universe. This is how I get to my world as well. Oddly enough when I arrived I was in a suburb standing in front of a man who was gardening. I tried talking to him, but he didn’t notice me at all like I was a ghost. This world was very vivid.

What do you think? Some kind of astral travel maybe?


Soul travel for sure, did you get any physical sensations during which, like having a body?

Unfortunately in that moment my timer went off to pull me out.

Probably soul travel, astral projection allows you to feel physical sensations but can be limiting.


Interesting, thanks.

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I can not believe I’ve never thought of doing this… oh yah because I wasn’t thinking, I was meditating! Ha! Lol, but no, this idea is PURE EPIC GOLD.


I use to just follow the thoughts but than thought it more productive to create a place and interact within it as if a second version of me.

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Did this again, fell in front of the same man, only this time there was a block party. Again, could not interact and was pulled out too quickly. I get the Impression, this door is above his house.

This is funny cause I do Haha
I imagine my self in a cabin, then walking out into this beautiful scenery. The sky is blue with clouds, mountains from all around glow with different colors. There is a waterfall north of where I sit. I close my eyes and just write down what I see. This is kinda also how I do scans to see stuff.


What an interesting idea! I’ll try this tonight and see what happens. Thanks for this.

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Definitely, also very easy to do.

If only I could interact in it, still figuring it out myself.