Guided or Silent Meditation

I’ve always been confused about the difference between them, but I’d like to know what the benefits of each are. I personally prefer guided mediation myself, but keep hearing meditation is important.

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Guided meditation is someone or a recording guiding you through it. Silent meditation is all on your own and more independent. To me guided seems limited as it doesn’t let you develop the ability to instantly drop into trance as well but becomes a crutch of overly relied on.


I like meditation music but without a guide. I find the voice more distracting than anything.


So much this… You reach a point where you drop into trance instantly and the voice is still on the second deep breath, or plays around with relaxing your second toe. :roll_eyes:


I like silent meditation, but used guided to start out. Guided meditation can help train you to do it yourself.

Guided meditations are good for specific experiences, such as pathworking the Tree of Life, or meeting your future self.

Silent meditation gives you control over your own mind. It sharpens focus, concentration, awareness, and perception. It makes you more resistant to stress, pain, and intense emotional reactions, allowing you to act, rather than react, to situations.


Agreed. I was using one for past lives at one point but it would tell you to visualize yourself in a forest and opening a door and all of this stuff…and I get the point of it but I do prefer to visualize things that come naturally to me.

is there a meditation to improve my visualisation abilities?


Visualise simple shapes and try to hold the image in your mind for as long as you can. At first, you’ll only be able to sustain it for a few seconds before your mind gets bored and starts to morph it into something else, but with persistence you can eventually learn to sustain it for a few minutes. At that point you can move onto more complex shapes, such as an apple.

EA has an exercise in his OAA work where, after an initial relaxation and mind clearing, you visualise a swinging pendulum for as long as you are able, and work up to 10 minutes without deviation. It produces remarkable results.

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alright thanks I have my work cut out for me these coming few weeks

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Guided meditation is just a guideline.
I prefer silent meditation simply for one reason… You are not being guided.

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