Warpness during candle meditation

I tried meditating on a black candle, trataka as its called. Before the session I did the LBRP to banish unwanted or in my mind low astral baddies. After I proceeded to light and meditate on the candle. Halfway through I noticed the area around the black candle warp. I was in a dark area with little light. I doubt if there was light that would happen. Maybe, I haven’t tried it. The area was warping up and down while the candle remained still in the darkness. All I saw was the background of the candle warp. The table, the chimney, the wall.

What could this mean?

I think it was something astral/spiritual. What do you guys think?

Yes. Happened a few months ago when I had a horrible dream and felt I had to pray against it.

Purple candle (it was all I had)

Looked like the heat waves that come off the roads in summer, but it was only on one side of the flame (the side closest to the windows that let in far too much light) and made an odd darkened spot there

I have a tendency to see something similar around the edges of my vision when doing auto-writing.

I see. I did a second trataka meditation and the same thing happened except I looked away from the candle and only the furniture on which the candle was on was warping shrinking up an down. The other furniture weren’t. My demons told me that it was some sort of field that I’m seeing. I like to think that maybe my astral senses are opening up. Anybody else think this?

You’re just getting into a solid trance. It’s not uncommon, I’ve had the entire room twist and bend. When you leave the trance state you’ll likely feel as if your brain is a bit frazzled. Nothing to worry about.

Oh I see. Thanks Twf.