Animated Sigils For Meditation/Evocation I Made

Free to download and use. Tell me what you think:


Thank you for providing this.

Reminds me of [URL=]this[/URL] little gem that I saw on the net a while back. It’s not a specific spirit sigil but, as the animation shows, contains all numbers and letters. Might be useful for some working.

Thanks for this, I was just thinking I needed to evoke certain beings that help in the area that these do literally an hour ago, and then randomly stumbled upon this post. :slight_smile:

Eye catching, I have a hard time just trying to look away, will be very useful to people.

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Is there a specific purpose for these? do you think they could work better than “normal sigils” on paper/screen/whatever ?

Well I downloaded them to my phone, and they are very convenient and the flashing can make it easier to kind of loose yourself in looking at them

Really, I’m just a graphic artist, trying to illustrate how a particular sigil might look to one who has meditated upon it. I believe it was inspired. I myself was drawn in and ended up with some powerful, communicative connexions, when I gazed upon my own animation. I am normally too busy being critical. Different things work for different people, but this is the 21st century and I’m sure our demons are tech savvy, at the very least, so why the hell not?

Could I make a special request for a Dantalion one? :slight_smile: seems like hes a very popular one to call on lately

surprisingly enough, people EVERYWHERE are doing this (via phones) Dangerous times we live in.

i’ve experimented a bit with animating sigils and for me personally,
the faster the flash the faster the drop into theta, so try this one :

Oceanos, I only just saw your request. I had a look at the one in the link above and the stark flashing white hurt my eyes in the dark. I guess different things work for different people.

Fixed up my Bune sigil, so it “flows” a better. Didn’t get to be so picky with the 1st draft,as no sooner had I finished it, the customers came knocking -thanks, Bune!

These are so cool, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing Lilithflower. Um, the second link is coming up as a broken link with an “oops!” error message.

I will try it thanks

Sorry about that, I’ll list them all here, with links that definitely do work:


These are gorgeous, thanks!!

[quote=“Lilithflower, post:18, topic:5106”]Sorry about that, I’ll list them all here, with links that definitely do work:

Marbas:[/quote] im seeing things just looking at the hyperlinks! Funny thing today, I guess this is a good place to omit. I was taking an alcohol screening where I was filling out symptoms of any possible mental issues. Right after I checked an [x] next too no hallucinations my mind things for a split sec’ and I see some green “energy” stuff fly toward the bottom left of the paper xD