Interesting future self meditation experience

So after searching for a meditation for a shadow self meeting, the first thing that actually popped up was a future self meditation. (Unfortanetly its a whole FUCKING HOUR) but being someone who is very picky about his comfort i only lasted 13 minutes. I was taken to this forest at midnight, with a black altar in it. it had a wand, a sigil, a lit candle a white one to be specific. i was in a black cloak. and i heard crows in the distance cawing. then a swarm of bats started slamming onto the ground, mixing and mingling, becoming one but separate at once. and in the storm of bats, i saw a copy of myself. as i greeted him, or rather me, he gave me a look. not of dissatisfaction, but that there was much more to be done. i had said “thank you for coming” and he had said “youre welcome”. immediately at this point my head and third eye began to throb and my blavkened vision throbbed as well. unfortunatley i broke at this point and came back. but the first thing i noticed was that my candle was flickering rapidly, as if it were unlighing and re lighting itself very quickly and dancing. it kept doing this on and off for about 10 mins. i guess my questions are, does anyone think i made contact?, what can i do to better myself?, and any interpretations?

link to said meditation

UPDATE: I made it with 23 mins into the meditation. the same as above happened except when i tried to walk up to me i was cloaked in pure darkness, with him floating in the air, without a lower body. he seemed a tad condescending but wise, at times he seemed careless but eager to help. “Give me your attachments” he said. I noticed myself forced to give him bricks and chains. i had asked “how far ahead are you?” he replied with “10 years”. i asked if he had any advice for me i got multiple voices, sounding like his coming from all directions “FOLLOW THE PATH WITH THE HEART” “SPEAK LITTLE, LISTEN MUCH” i had also asked him why i struggle with certain things he replied with “you fear change, the fish does not fight upstream, he merely flows with the river” i saw Bunes sigil along with a sigil pertaining to a particular peice of me. his eyes were glowing, and peircing my heart like knives.

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I wanted to bump this as I tried the meditation.

I ended up in a clearing on a mountain top, with multiple paths leading from it.
The figure that came through the mist didn’t look like me, at least not that I could recognize. He stood tall, and had a purposeful stride. He had a long, white beard, and wore a tunic, like an elf in a fantasy movie. He sort of looked like Odin, but with both eyes.

I asked him how far ahead he was and he said 20 years. I got no real sense of power from him, but I did feel a sort of animal physicality about him, a concealed strength.

My mind kept dancing around, moving ahead of the guided meditation, so I’m not sure if what I saw was in fact my future self. I asked for advice and what I got was, “Evoke often. Throw magick at every obstacle in your life. And make the pact with Belial. He has much to teach you. Seek ever after that which brings power.”

I’m going to do the meditation a second time and see if I get a similar experience.

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i need to do this again

I’ve been thinking, why do hour long meditations, when I can simply evoke?

@VoodooWalk thought you might find this interesting, something I did awhile back