Sharing a Cool Experience i have during Meditation

Hi Folks!

This Night i was Meditating outside on Ahriman, Vibrating Ahrimanic Mantra, Contemplating the Night Sky Filled with Star, My Meditation went very Intense and Deep even if there was Loud Music being played near my Meditation Spot.

When i Reached what i called the Climax of My Meditation, i instantly Raise my Eyes toward the Sky and i saw for the First time in my Life a Shooting Star.

Even if i know that Shooting Star are not uncommon, What make this one Special in my Eyes is that i saw it Right after i reached the Climax of My Meditation and that it was the First one i have ever seen.

I Believe that this Shooting Star have a Deeper Meaning for me and his a Kind of Confirmation of what i have Learned by my Magickal Practice within the Ahrimanic Path. I want to mention that Before Doing my Meditation i did a Lot of Ahrimanic Ritual that were also Very Intense and Pleasurable.

I Believe that this Star was a confirmation for me that what i have Learned in my Meditation and Ritual is Right.

If anyone else had Similar Experience and are Willing to Share them it would be Great.

P.S Even if i know that It could be a’‘Coincidence’’ i myself dont Believe in Coincidence anymore.

I’ve seen shooting stars after invocations,and i remember i saw about this stuff on other forums.I believe it’s s kind of synchronicity.

Thanks for your Reply Dron!

Hey, Mephistor …

You know, in modern society, we often use the word “coincidence” to dismiss something as random and having no meaning.

But if you look at the root word “coincide”, it’s a mathematical term. It means to join together perfectly.

A common example is two vertical lines laying on top of each other. Both lines occupy the same space. They are still two distinct lines, but you can only observe one line because of their perfect union.

So these two things “coincided” perfectly for you. And that was a powerful symbol for you.

Another person could have seen the same event and thought “Oh, cool … look at that shooting star.”

Both are valid at the exact same time.

Congrats on your confirmation. I know how important those are to me at times. :slight_smile: