The Book of Levi

Hello there, Goddesses, Gods, and those in training! It’s me, Levi Levi Sheppard!

I figured I’d go ahead and do one of these magickal journal things. This will allow me a place to permanently store particular pieces of wisdom that I find myself linking to, or sending, to people on a regular basis.
It may also contain random thought experiments and brainstorms from time to time as well as cross-posts from my blog and potentially pieces that may one day make it into a book.

I love sharing knowledge and helping others on their journey/ascension. Bringing the Light down and distributing it to those who would have greater understanding is pretty much the best thing ever. =)


Thankya for the correct category, @Lady_Eva!

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First it was Belial. Then it was Azazel.

Then the secret, uber-demonic Gatekeeper known as “Magick Journal” made itself known on BALG.


First up, starting with the basics, my much sought-after Grounding 101 article.

Grounding 101

Grounding is wicked important for any type of magickal and energetic work. It really is the first thing you should learn in order to keep yourself safe and prevent risk of insanity.

There are many, many methods for grounding. I’m going to give you some simple yet effective ones.

As with anything in magick, feel free to modify these to suit your personal style.

Exercise 1.
You can do this anywhere. You can be sitting, standing, lying down, on the toilet…it doesn’t matter.
Pull energy down from the heavens, through your head, and into your chest. Pause. Feel the energy. Push it down through your body, out through your “nether regions” or your legs, down into the earth. See it shoot down past the foundation of your environment if you’re indoors or straight into the dirt if outdoors, through the layers of sediment, through the earth, mingling with the deep roots of trees if applicable, down down down.
Breathe, and feel yourself firmly rooted into the planet.

You are now grounded. When you’ve completed your meditation, spell, etc, simply reverse the energy. You will once again be untethered and free to walk about in your meatsuit.

Exercise 2.
Similar to the above but with more of a creative visualization technique.

Concentrate on your body. Imagine yourself becoming a tree. See and feel your branches spreading wide. Be aware of the ability to observe your surroundings in 360 degrees (this is how a tree “sees”). Feel your strong trunk, your bark, your agelessness. Feel your legs becoming roots. Be aware of how deep they go into the world. You are a very old tree and your roots are deep indeed.

You are now grounded. When you’ve completed your thing, pull the roots back up. Slowly morph from tree back to your human self.

If you can get your hands on pretty much any kind of black stone, that can help. Obsidian, onyx, and so on. Keep it in your pocket or the palm of your hand. I walk around during the day with an Apache Tear in my pocket just to make sure I don’t float off in the middle of the workday. =)


Next, this is a thing I’ve sent to several newcomers who have been in need of a basic chakras instruction. Everything here is written with my own style/interpretation so, for anyone who is new to this, certainly cross reference with other sources.


Assume a comfortable position. This can be sitting, laying down, or even standing.

Breathe slowly and deliberately, in through your nose and out through the mouth. Honestly, breathing in and out through either orifice works fine if you find the prior method to be distracting. It is generally recommended to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth to get your body into a rhythm in eastern practices.

Breathe in. Breathe out.
Focus on your body, your physical manifestation that anchors you to this reality. Feel the weight of it, the solidity.

Breathe in. Breathe out.
Focus on your “inner” being, on the presence of the thing that is You. It may be a bright shining star floating in vast nothingness. It may be a black hole, the gravitational center of everything. It may be a supernova. Whatever form it takes, recognize it as what it is, the eternal source of limitless energy of your true self.

Pull energy down from the heavens, through the top of your head, down through your body, to your heart/chest. Pause.

Feel the energy centered there.

Push the energy down through your body, past your body, down into the Earth.
Down through the grass, through the dirt, passing roots, through the layers of sediment, through the layers of the Earth, shooting all the way to the core of the planet.

The planet will respond, boomeranging energy back up, up, into and passing through you. Feel the Earth’s energy passing through your energy centers, igniting each in white light, and skyrocketing out of your head, back into the heavens.


Feel yourself tethered to the planet, synced.

We begin at the base.

Muladhara: The Root.
Breathe and concentrate just below your spine, below the coccyx, and be aware of the energy there. This is typically visualized as Red. This is the place of primal understanding, of survival instinct and inherent, shared subconscious knowledge. By necessity, it is a place of raw sexuality as well.
Feel the red energy, the fire and strength there.
Be aware of its motion. For most people, this is clockwise. For others, counterclockwise. In my opinion, there is no “right” direction. It all depends on how you’re tuned. What is important is that all of your energy centers are in agreement.
When your root chakras is comfortably humming along, we move to the Sacral.

Svadhishana: The Sacral.
Just below your bellybutton and above your genitals, you will find this energy center. This is the center of creativity and for common sexuality due to its proximity to reproductive functionality. This is also the seat of Emotion. The “gut feeling”, “sick to the stomach”, and so on.

Focus on the energy here. The color associated is Orange. I personally find that I visualize it as a burning sun.
Feel the warmth of your creative passion and feel the movement of this wheel.

When the sacral chakras is happily spinning, we move to the solar plexus.

Manipura: The Solar Plexus.
The fulcrum point of your physical body is the location of the Solar Plexus. This is the center of Qi (Chi), used in every form of martial arts and home to the energy that is also known as “Power”. Mastering your Qi is beneficial for both your spirit and body.

This center is typified by the color Yellow although I think “golden” is a closer approximation. Yellow like the rays of daylight, perhaps.

Focus on your seat of power and feel it pulse and flow outward. Feel its motion.

When your solar plexus center is content and harmonized, we move to the Heart.

Anahata: The Heart.
Located in the center of your chest, the Heart chakras is to your spiritual body as the solar plexus is to your physical body, the center balancing point of your personal energy.

This center is the seat of Love and compassion. It is represented by the color Green. Think a bright green, the joy of the planet in spring. Warm yet cool, fresh, moist, fragrant…
The Celts believed all magick was green. This energy center goes a long way to explaining that.

You will find that this point tends to burn bright. It has a larger presence than the other chakras thus far and it even has its own field, which can be opened through meditation. Like the others, focus on the movement of this energy. Allow it to occupy the space it needs to. Don’t try to contain it. Open yourself to Love, as it it were.

When the Heart is thriving in its rotation, move along to the Throat.

Vishuddha: The Throat.
This is located exactly where you’d surmise, in the center of your neck. It is associated with the color Blue. I generally see it as a bright cobalt blue or a light blue.

The throat is the place of your Voice and as such, your declaration of intention and truth. It’s also used for Sound, or more accurately, Vibration. Tuning this chakra is quite helpful if one intends to do work with vibrating names/words in ritual. Or if you just want a better singing voice or plan to do public speaking, so on and so forth.

Focus on this center and acknowledge the importance of your own Voice, on the things you have to offer and the deliverance of that message to others.

Feel the motion.

When your Throat is harmonized, we continue up to the Third Eye.

Ajna: The Third Eye.
The infamous Third Eye is, of course, the place of psychic awareness and visibility into the “hidden” world. That is the world that exists all around us as part of the physical world but is typically outside of our range of vision.
Opening the third eye will allow you to “see things as they truly are” but, for us humans who are accustomed to a particular illusion, this can be a bit distracting.

It is also the place of Intuition and related mental/spiritual abilities.

Still, it’s good to keep the Ajna cleansed and attuned in order to access our higher functions when needed.

The color most associated is Indigo. I have found that I identify it more as a straight-up Purple, with Indigo being the blending between the throat and forehead. I am not alone in this.

Whether you are aligned with indigo, purple, or some variant thereof, focus on that color and the energy therein. You may feel a flow in through your left temple and out through the right. This is the ida and pingala, the dual energies of the kundalini prana that flows along the same lines as the Qi.

When you feel your third eye is in a balanced rotation, we move further up, past the confines of your skull, to the Crown.

Sahaswara: The Crown.
The uppermost of the primary chakras, the Crown is the place of enlightenment, deep understanding of the way-things-are, and true spirituality.

The color commonly associated is Violet. I tend to find that it feels like a sort of pinkish-violet, like a light lavender.

Remember to breathe as you focus on your crown. When you attune yourself to its movement, thrumming in harmony with your other chakras, you’ll feel something different in the way it moves. As it spins, it will unfurl. This has been represented by a large lotus flower, amongst various other artistic interpretations. Petals of pink fire, is how I would describe it. It explodes out, encircling your head, hence “crown”.

When I first accessed my Crown chakra, I felt like I was wearing a hat for about a week.

Don’t be surprised if you find this energy brings you visions or if you temporarily feel transported to another place entirely. This energy center is the jumping-off point to some pretty incredible possibilities using your spirit body and/or the transcendental abilities of your mind.

For the purposes of this exercise, stay focused and simply acknowledge this power of your higher self.

Wrapping It Up

From here, if you are finished, you can simply breathe and bring yourself back to the day-to-day by focusing on your physical body. Feel the interconnectedness of your energy centers and your form. Draw your rooted energy back up from the Earth.

For cleansing the chakras, we remain connected. Breathe, and pull clean starlight down from the heavens, down through your body, and into each chakras, starting again at the Root.
Push the white energy into the chakras, replacing its native color, and feel it pulsing within you.

Pull down from the heavens, cycle the white light into the wheel, for each point, working your way up through to the crown.

Once this is done, draw your grounded energy back up and through you, releasing it to the heavens.

Some Notes:

While the Heart chakras is Green, many people work with Pink when doing anything around Love. This is valid, although it is not part of the modern chakras system. If anything, I think that pink represents the connection between the Crown and the Root, which is very interesting. Pink could be thought of as indicative of all-encompassing love. The Root-Crown connection is important in terms of completion of a natural cycle. In the Kabbalah, the root is Malkuth while the crown is Kether. The beginning and end are one in the same. The cycle continues.

The heart organ is, of course, off-center of the “heart” chakras. There is a modern school of teaching that includes the “aetheric heart” which is between the green and blue chakras. Its color is Teal and it is associated with the thyroid. Metaphysically, this has some interesting applications/implications.

When I’ve done work with the Third Eye, it appeared as a very bright golden/white. I believe that purple/indigo is representative of the general energy center while that golden-bright-light is the manifestation of the open eye.

Riffing off that, many who “master” the energy centers use either golden or white for all of the chakras. When one focuses on Qi, running it through the body, that’s certainly the case.
If you do ida/pingala cycling via kundalini methodology, it is also gold and white/silver.
Likewise, when I focus on my personal energy, and not necessarily the specific points, it’s all a circulating white/gold. That said, I do find the rainbow system to be a fantastic one for working with specific energies or for balancing all of the points, as I’ve written here.

There is another, older, system of chakras that has a lot more points of specificity both along the body and way beyond the crown. In doing the above meditation, I have found myself accessing these as well. Don’t be shocked if you make little stops along the way.
Points of interest could include the “golden oven”, where the Sacral energy blends with the Solar Plexus, the aforementioned aetheric heart, the place between the third eye and the crown, and most interesting of all - the points beyond the crown.


I spoke with Tiamat for the first time the other night. I’ve hesitated to do so because, in my mind, Tiamat literally is the primordial abyss from which all Gods and pantheons sprung forth. She is essentially the deepest level of consciousness, allowing us to tap into seriously “deep” stuff within.

Imagine my surprise, then, when she started talking. The voice was profound and husky; authoritative but not unkind.
Thinking about her taking the form/voice of a woman seemed odd to me, as described above, so we had this little exchange:

Me: “You are the primordial abyss. Why do you assume the form and voice of a woman?”
Tiamat: “Why do you take the form of a man?”

Hahaha…10 points to Tiamat! Why indeed.

It reminded me a bit of the scene in Donnie Darko where Donnie is sitting in the movie theatre with Frank and Donnie says “Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?”. To which Frank replies “Why are you wearing that stupid human suit?”. In retrospect, Frank the Bunny is potentially symbolic of a lot more than I initially realized. And hey, this thought is just in time for Easter! Fitting.


Cross post from my blog…

42: Life, the Universe, and Everything…

Upon my Reawakening, I consumed every piece of esoteric information I could find. Some outside force had gifted me with a time bubble; for 6 days, every day was stretched into a month. This way, I was able to catch up and hone my abilities in a very short period of time, although it felt like months had passed for myself.

At the end of this cycle, I decided to summon the mer-ka-ba. I had read plenty about it on various hippie-crunchy, unicorn-fart websites. There was a great deal of speculation on what it is or what it’s used for, etc. It purportedly requires a lifetime of meditation and self-mastery in order to even attempt.

I called bullshit on that and I knew, with absolute authority, that I could do it if I wanted to. And so I did.

The Vitruvian man, interlocking pyramids, and spinning wheels of energy are all involved. The secret is that the merkaba, like so many things, comes from within. You are the vehicle of the Gods. You are the Universe and the merkaba is the mechanism used to understand that fully.


I moved through layers of boxed reality, planes and concepts reflective of the Kabbalist tree of life. Not up or down or either side but through, until I found myself floating in space.

I experienced the movement of the universe, of all known existence. It (we, you, I) moves in a spiral fashion, like everything else in nature. We reside in the dark side of this duality, the yin. I could also see its mirror, the yang. The yin/yang symbol, as I discovered, is the most elegant diagram that has ever been created. Go look at the yin/yang again but look at it as though it were extrapolated into three dimensional space and draw a line between the smaller light and dark circles. Then you’ll understand. Our universe, and its mirror, are spiraling to the same point, the singularity. It is there that I traveled.


I touched the end of the universe, which is also the beginning. I let myself be sucked into the singularity, along with galaxies and stars and the space between things…
This is the death of all known existence and it is the birth of something new. It is the Big Bang. The universe, through polarity, is in a constant state of regeneration. Existence requires duality and polarity. These opposing forces are not in opposition at all; they are engaged in an act of cooperation. That is how nature works.

Or, as I like to call it, space-fucking! The feminine and masculine aspects of the universe come together to merge and give birth to a whole new universe. This goes on indefinitely, forever. It is the “multiverse”. It is the Mandelbrot set. It is an ever-expanding fractal with no end.


Within the singularity, I witnessed the thing that new age lightworkers refer to as Unity, all the individual consciousness that were now one massive hive mind. I heard the “word of God”, which is the sound, the vibrational wavelength, of Creation and Destruction.

I am not personally interested in “unity”. We are all one, as it is. This is true at a molecular level, even if one is not a spiritually-inclined individual. We are connected. Furthermore, we are the Universe, each and every one of us, along with everything else in existence. They should call it the Youniverse…

Energy cannot be destroyed. There is no such thing as death, as we know it. Energy will always be redistributed in some form or another. The procreation of the universe is the ultimate example of this.

And so, I folded away the merkaba, tucking it back into myself, and rematerialized on this plane. I had a lot to process…only recently have I begun to make sense of all of it. It was, suffice to say, a life-changing experience.

I highly recommend that anyone and everyone give this a shot! The merkaba will come if summoned. You simply need to be familiar with basic meditation techniques and have the ability to clear your mind. Enlightenment is there, waiting, if you seek it.


How did you summon the merkaba?


That, my friend, I will write about another time. =)

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I got these last night. I used the Blue Moon primarily for structuring my next phase of self-transformation. However, I also invited Lilith and Azazel in to my space, as they have both helped a great deal with my growth.

Azazel insisted that I jot these down. No explanation was given.

They look planetary to me. The top sigil looks like it’s related to Saturn while the bottom looks related to Jupiter.
Azazel has given me a lot of planet-related knowledge before so that would make sense, I think.

Opinions, thoughts?


Invisibility: a simple exercise

Don’t feel like dealing with people? Want to sneak somewhere undetected? Activate cloaking mode.

This is a pretty easy one. It requires a bit of concentration but it is something that you can do anywhere.

Envelope yourself in a cocoon of energy. You can draw energy in from your surroundings - the sky, the earth, people, whatever, to charge this. Be aware of the light around you. Reflect the light from your energy pod. Push the rays/molecules back, using your energy to deflect.

Remember your legs! I’ve taught this to people before and, almost invariably, they forget about their legs. The result is pretty funny though.


I’m very impressed with you brother.


Molecular Meditation & Scanning technique

Sit. Breathe. Feel your physical being. Feel the particles that make up the thing that is you.

Be aware of your surroundings. Feel the particles that make up everything around you - the table, the floor, the walls, the knick knacks, and so on. Recognize that there is no difference between these particles and your own.

Be all of the particles. Feel all of them.

Stretch out. Be aware of the molecules outside, of the trees and dirt and cars and everything out there. Stretch further, the rocks hurtling through space, gases, surfaces of other planets, the blazing hot, angry energy of stars…all broken down to their basest composition. Feel the material of the universe and be aware that the molecules of your own body are a seamless part of this.

When you are connected to the whole, living entity of the Universe, you can chill there for a while or you can use this connection in a number of ways.
This works pretty well for scanning (reading) people. Even if they have defenses up, you essentially circumvent that because you’re not taking the usual route to “see” them. You’re using the interconnection of everything.


Grounding 2.0
Levi Sheppard’s Advanced Universal Grounding Technique

I came upon this quite by accident. I was intent on evoking Iove, the spirit of Jupiter. During my pre-ritual grounding, it morphed into something above and beyond ordinary grounding.

Stand upright. Breathe in and out, deliberate and slow.
Pull energy down from the heavens, processed through the Crown, down through all your chakras, and out past your legs.
Continue to do this until you feel the density of energies coming in through the crown as well as those branching out through your feet.
Be aware now of how the energy flow that you’re creating mirrors that of the tree of life and death.
You are the alpha and omega. You are the beginning and end. You are the cycle.

Rather than rooting yourself in the earth, you are now rooting yourself to the cosmos. You are using the fabric of existence as the tether.
This will put you in a place where the world around you has no meaning. You are the Magus and Everything That Is is orbiting around you. You are now the center of the Universe.


The Dervish Circle

I don’t usually use “protection” circles, as I’ve always suspected that most beings/aspects/energies don’t really respect them. I’ve found that a sanctified space (in my case, my entire living room) is more than enough to set boundaries or rules of the Operation.

I do, however, occasionally like to draw up a circle of energy for my own benefit. It’s a focal point that actuates communication and gives me a specified space in which to direct intention.

Rather than draw a circle on the ground, I do this with motion and energy.

Stand in your preordained location for the circle.
Bend your knees slightly.
One arm in front, one arm in back, begin to sway your arms in a clockwise motion.
Pull your palms out and feel the air licking your skin.
Become aware of the energy flowing through you, outward.
Use your hands to direct this energy as you swish to and fro.
Feel it intensify.
You’re creating a spiral of energy around you, two actually, spiralling upward and downward. This is your “circle”.
When you feel the energy has reached an agreeable level of mass, stop swaying and hold your arms out to your sides.
Starting at your hips, pull the hurricane up, til your arms reach over your head.

You are now ready to do some serious shit.

To bring the circle down, simple reverse the procedure.


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Will you literally invisible if you look at yourself in a mirror?