Fire meditation

Lately I’ve had to do some fire meditation and visualizations. This involves purging my chakras with fire, making a fire shield around me etc. At first I loved it, but then I’ve started to wonder if focusing so much on fire wouldn’t attract fire in my life as in accidental burns etc… Also, after doing it three consecutive days I now feel some burning and stinging all over my body. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but it worries me a bit. It’s been now like 1 hour that I feel a burning… And I really don’t have any other choice than doing these visualizations for some reasons…


@Lola Do a water meditation as well maybe? If you need help with elemental invocation just PM.

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@Uncle-Al and @Woodsman81 have talked about the importance of banishing to prevent getting overloaded with energy after ritual.


@AdeptusTX Controversial. The point of invocation for me is to keep the energy with you after the ritual.



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Working with the Elements:

It is partially symbolic, but think of it as partially literal. Your body is made up of many different elements. Using only logic, would you say it makes sense to Overheat your body? Now, hold that thought… Think of The Witch Burning Trials…hold that thought… Now think of the Matrix movies where Mankind is compared to a battery.

Now… As we live life…we physically exert ourselves…exercise…experience emotional moments. This causes “wear-and-tear” on our bodies, body-brain chemistry and minds. You can think of this Release as a form of releasing the elements which is akin to a very slow form of burning. Now of course this isn’t 100% fire, but rather a gradual transition through all the elements.

Using the model of the 4 elements:. I prefer to be grounded in Earth, rather than raising it all up in flames like alot of new age systems or JoS likes to promote. In other words…according to the 4 elements (Kabbalah 4/5 worlds theory…ascending the Tree) they essentially are burning their physical forms like a battery to be less physical. In my version all energy raised is immediately grounded and brought back down to Earth. Why? Because I prefer to preserve the physical form…only choosing how my energy expresses.

Your problem? Too much Fire…you have basically raised yourself to the Top of the Tree (world of fire) in terms of energy. Our bodies are healthier when the Body Temp is Lower (Cool Earth).


@Lola [quote=“GiftOfBelial777, post:6, topic:18733”]
Your problem? Too much Fire…you have basically raised yourself to the Top of the Tree (world of fire) in terms of energy.
I would disagree. The problem isn’t too much fire. Just the wrong type.

Some initiation paths deal with a fire element only. If that’s the reason, workings with other elements should not be done at the same time.

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More energy equals more Manifestation. So it’s not Fire Type, but rather controlling what you do with Fire. Fire Mastery.

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While these are possibilities I would be more concerned with the emotional and energetic imbalance of having an excess amount of fire energies in your life.

Of course you do. We are magicians and our hallmark trait is control of the self. Compelled? That is different. If you feel compelled, but do not want to do it, I would say it is all the more reason to stop until you are in complete control of that compulsion and can access it at will. “Will” being the operative term.

Definitely, but I maintain that banishing is a situational function. This sounds more like an energetic cleansing is in order; I don’t know that banishing is going to do as much for this.

Exactly. I do not see the point in banishing after an invocation unless there is a good reason to. What is the point of calling energy into yourself if you are going to reject it moments later?

Bingo. Also consider possible mundane reasons for the burning sensation. For example, are you consuming anything with large amounts of niacin? This can make you feel like you are on fire, literally inside and out. Even though we are magicians it is important not to discount possible physiological causes for phenomena. I would even argue that doing so can make your work stronger. It will let you have a better overall understanding of everything so you can make appropriate adjustments in your approach, plus if you rule out mundane causes it leaves no possible question as to whether or not you are getting a magickal result, which in turn will make your workings stronger.


@GiftOfBelial777 No. Fire manifests differently depending on how you are doing it. Subtle spiritual fire won’t cause those sorts of painful burning sensations. @Lola has just gone against every warning in the book. That can bring forth a different sort of flame that causes these problems.

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Makes sense! @Woodsman81

I see. That’s why I said too much energy. I see the astral and physical body much like an electronic transformer where certain voltages/currents must be applied…the transformer helps regulate too much energy.

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@GiftOfBelial777 That’s missing an important point. Those are exactly the standard symptoms of conjuring fire in the wrong way. Too much fire per sae is an entirely different problem. The main problem here is that the way the fire is being worked with is overtly destructive to the body. Channeling the same amount or even more fire properly wouldn’t cause the same problems.

I see all Fires as being connected (Big Picture) in a large transitional Mass of elements. Sounds like you are pointing to one small aspect of it. Our approaches are different. My approach was to dive deep and ride the wave.

@GiftOfBelial777 [quote=“GiftOfBelial777, post:15, topic:18733”]
I see all Fires as being connected (Big Picture) in a large transitional Mass of elements.
Yes, but it’s like the Kundalini. It’s the same essential force, but depending on HOW you channel it (not even how much. Done correctly you can channel a crazy amount of Kundalini on your first time and get away with it) it can either wreck you or empower you.[quote=“GiftOfBelial777, post:15, topic:18733”]
Our approaches are different. My approach was to dive deep and ride the wave.
I work things systematically. According to traditional (ish), though not mainstream methods.[quote=“GiftOfBelial777, post:15, topic:18733”]
Sounds like you are pointing to one small aspect of it.
The highest aspect (well one of the highest aspects) is what I am pointing to. Pure spiritual fire. That which is the burning flame of pure power and enlightenment.

@GiftOfBelial777 I am not advocating for people to channel more energy than they can handle. Too much energy can be destructive too. It’s just that I don’t think that’s the problem here. All the details point towards bad technique and not energetic overload.

Right. Too much of the wrong energy can not be good. But generally I meant Too much energy (energetic Mass/density) = stronger physical effects. Not with just wrong type of energy…but with any type of energy too much of even a good thing can turn into a bad thing… So for example too much Fire can become bad…one needs other elements…because you cannot discount the physical body as separate from spirit…one needs to elementally stabilize to stabilize physically…example…a healthy amount of Earth will help you stay physically strong and healthy in your physical body even with alot of fire…our bodies are mostly Earth and water…Fire and Air…working with that is like the path of understanding Alchemical Transitions.

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@GiftOfBelial777 In general I agree. I am commenting on this specific case though.

Lola…you feel compelled to do it, yet do not know why? My recommendation:

Sit down in Meditation. Visualize all the elements as Reversing and Grounding Into The Earth Element. But when you visualize it grounding into Earth, reprogram it to be Healthy and positive in some way. As for how you visualize Earth…nothing too specific except, see it just as your Physical Body…so you visualize all elements returning to yourself and healing you. No need to complicate things too much at first of knowing what the specific elements are. The subconscious already knows…this is called using Kinesthetic Awareness to do Magick/Intending. When you become more advanced then you can begin to analyze and pick apart elements like a Scientist on a project. The little exercise I posted is meant to safely bring you back down to Earth in a positive way because we all need that.