Bleeding during meditation?

Ok so I was doing a 3rd eye meditation for 20 min which is my daily thing and while it was doing that, I felt “blood” dripping down from the area where my 3rd eye is. I call it “bleeding” even though there was absolutely nothing there in the psychical world because I felt it roll down my from 3rd eye and splatter on my arms and it felt thick like a trail of blood so I’m just going to call it “blood” and “bleeding” for lack of a better term to describe the feeling. Then my regular eyes started to have the same feeling and again, I’d call it “bleeding” because the feeling felt more similar to that instead of crying and I felt more of those thick trails on my face and splatters on my arms. The splatters and trails felt just as real as I’d expect if I had cut myself.

Has this happened to anyone else before or does anyone know what may have happened?

Everyone has different experiences. Dont think too hard about it. That is a good sign that your meditation is deep.

You sure?