Your daily meditation

just wanted to ask what do you do daily in matters of spirituality like meditation
and what meditations


I have a few I created myself, I like to keep it entertaining so I can get through it. I practice conscious deep delta meditation at night.

For chakra work I use the concept of the 13 Crystal skulls, the 13th skull which is the largest has a portal on top of it which I connect to the chakra’s that are much higher up. I see the the relevant colours swirling around and attaching itself to me as armor (think iron man here, effects and everything )

In the morning if time permits I will do some chi building, I do fire breathing and connect to the star Sirius.

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It will take centuries to discribe each meditation so I’ll just named them and you can find similar or make your own.

I like to start as early morning as possible:

  1. Body clearing
  2. Aura cleansing
  3. Energy movement/alignment of the 3 channels
  4. Grounding/centering

These won’t take me more than 20 maybe 30 minutes in a bad day.
Later within the day I’ll do some 10-15mins max chakra cleansing and tuning.

These are the very basics I do every day, but I like to have a variety or else I might start to procrastinate.


I have read so many meditations and just did my own things afterwards…
My meditation is random body scanning during the day! If anything feels off I keep focusing on it.
When I feel bored sometimes I just gaze at objects and try to TGS!
As soon as I wake up I stay in bed just still doing a memory check! I could recall most of my dreams this way.
When I go to bed I also do the void meditation! Sometimes I think I slept but I was just visualising nothingness for an hour!


For the last couple of years, I work on short or long term projects - Draconian and Qliphothic magick only.
Usually my I start my work after 10pm, with opening the gate of Sitra Ahra, Invocations, Meditations, kundalini rising, followed by some specific techinque, like scrying. I keep my dream journal, so when I wake up I put down some notes. I avoid making any breaks from my routine.
I also read a lot and excange experiences with other magicians.

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BOdy scanning Vipassana

Walking meditatioin, that is being aware every breath while doing work, talking etc. ( HARD AS FUCK )

Conscious non-doing, called shunya

visualization of some deities and giving offerings 2 them, astrally.

contemplating abstracting things like- nature of time and movement. nature of identity. nature of memory. one’s likes and dislikes. etc


While my day doesnt always go to plan, as life happens and priorities get shifted in response… My general daily plan is as follows:

Rise, drink water, read DCA statement (see post by @Lady_Eva in regards to Napoleon Hills work)
Create sacred space…

Then began my
AM hour of power. 20/20/20

20 Qi gong
20 kundalini Yoga
20 meditation (generally mantra/mudra/mandala/chakra focused and in relevant related contemplation)

Do some strength work or cardio, shower, eat, start working on my projects.

Get in full day of work.

Martial arts training at end of work day.

If an heavier ritual work is in order that day it will occur some time prior to my evening qigong depending on the planetary day/hour or ability to slip off to private location for anything requiring greater privacy.

Night before bed, 20 min Qi gong.
Reiki self treatment and balancing until complete (45 min average), astral work. Read DCA again. Get necessities ready for the next day so it starts smoothly.

Seems like a lot but we have 168 hours in a week. So its a matter of priority.

I have done alot of meditating in my life: my most rewarding is a take off of one I foind here. I shorted mine up but for me its an armored vest at work

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