Meditation blackness

I like to get extremely deep and connected in my meditation and vice versa but the mediation I just did was crazy.

I normally get that stage where you black out and there’s only blackness but damn I literally felt non existent, well dead for a better term.

I had no thoughts, I forgot I was even me, I didn’t know anything because I couldn’t even observe anything.

It was like I disinterested and I was a empty thoughtless lifeless vast black void.

Something pulled me out of it, I’m glad it did because I thought I only died for a minute or two, :joy: But it turns out it was 38 minutes.

Damn felt like I died it was so fucking peaceful but it wasn’t at the same time because I wasn’t in a conscious state to say it was even comfy.

I thought it could have been sleep but trust me this was major MAJOR different.

Huh something new I guess :new_moon:.


A loss of ego is what some strive towards during meditation. Good job man.

Well that sounds unpleasant.

Thats cos its new lol once your in void/chaos state things work the opposite to linear progression. Try think of a gateway or symbol you can use as a portal. Things come to you or you can travel anywhere from there.

Set a timer in future, this is a known thing that happens and you could get quite lost in it, so please take precautions. :thumbsup: