Darkness meditation by azazel

This meditation was Channeled by azazel you will become filled with darkness and your chakras will become voids thus making the gateway to limitless potential let’s start

Meditate at night
On each inhalation absorb darkness into your body with each exhaletion solidity it
Continue this when you feel start the next step

Start from your base
See a void disk a black disk
Vibrate HAL
Continue to other chakras
sacral HAV
Plexus HAR
Heart HAY
Throat HAV
3 eye HO
Crown HUA

absorb and become darkness and chant

“et may defusel kal mash tan”


Would you have any suggestions for adapting this for those that do not use the chakra system, or who already removed their chakras?


You could try to envision the whole body as a disk and use the given chant or make your own, this might prove better for those who dont use that system and would like to use the whole body to draw power instead


I like to just sleep in the void, myself. I find it recharges me and I stopped feeling like I was just done so much.
There a place I go to where I can lie down and bring the void down covering me, and merge with it, letting it infuse and cleanse my whole astral body. Then I keep hold of that until I actually sleep and sleep naturally takes me elsewhere.


visualize a black disc covering the chakra?


You momentary have void covering the chakra the more time you hold it the more benefits
Like you said on you sleep


So how is this functioning? The abyss must be full of pure power, wearing the energy of Action and leadership. I have read about using the mantra phaos abussos to remove chakras. Whats your insights on this. Whats better?

Phaos abusos is a mantra which injects Demonic energy into the sub-personal chakras, then the susshema ( spinal or main ) and then finally the trans-personal energy centres above the crown…or at least my source entailed those uses…unless V.K. added or edited his web page…where did you hear this if you dont mind me asking?


Can I still have a kundalini awakening if my chakras become like this? As kundalini is known to wrap around or sometimes push through the chakras.

I thought you got rid of your chakras?

No. I was planning on merging them after I developed more of my senses

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Will it be boosted if i invoke azazel before doing this?

I knoe this post is old as fuck but azazel taught me a very similar meditation and wants me to meditate in pure darkness. Crazy to think i ran into this post at this moment lol

What are the benefits or practical uses of darkness meditation