Telgegas evolution meditation

I am going to be meditating using telgegas evolution technique to run faster and shall be sharing my details here. Anyone else from that thread is welcome to do the same.

Day 1 can jog at around 3 mph (geusstimation) for about 5 mins Max.
Goal jog at 15mph for at least an hour. And run at 30mph for at least 30 minutes

Well I suppose I’ll post, mine was in regards to my eyes. I’m not sure what the intended result is however. Mine would be to eliminate my eye issue and have normal vision.

Day 1, did as instructed. Saw images formulate like thoughts underneath my eyelids of course they were not intentional.

Day 2, began to look under eyelids saw lights and cracks like a crevice on a mountain and then my face began to feel like it was being pushed on from my eyes than just to my upper jaw was strange

Day 3, I’m a bit behind with posting. Began meditation looked in eyelid, saw eyes staring back like reflection.

Still not sure what this is to accomplish I figure I’ll stop posting on day 5

This is just to see our progress lol

I know but I really don’t know what the progression is, I never got a clear answer


It strengthens the eyes ability to focus. Eye sight can be improved with sight exercises. I have 20/10 sight

Can I ask something to you? How long should it take for me to get results?

It varies no definite time