Blood Meditation

What this does

It is a regression (NOT A PAST LIFE REGRESSION!!) that takes you into theta Gamma Sync and also gives access to Greater Power and Primal Energy

How to do it

Focus on your Blood and feel it circulating through you properly. Just chill with it and let it flow. See your blood being all of current Creation, moving in harmony.

Now, see your blood circulating in **the opposite ** direction. When you do this for a few minutes you will slouch. Will your self to the beginning of the existence of creation.

See Creation (which is your blood) dissolving before you with your Inhale and with the Exhale, push yourself PAST the beginning to the beginning of the Previous existence. See that dissolving.

Do that again, but this time push yourself through ALL BEGINNINGS until you come to a empty space (this is not the void).

When you get to the empty space you will be rediculously deep in TGS.

Vibrate the Names of the Qlippoth from Thaumiel to Nahemoth and feel your blood changing direction and circulating properly. Then, feeling all that energy around you, inhale. When you exhale, PUSH yourself out of that space and hurtle through all the ENDINGS of every Creation there ever was and will be.
Feel your blood circulating faster as you do this.
Take in the Cataclysms.

You will arive at another Empty space. This is called the Future.
There will be nothing there but energy.

Vibrate the Names of the Qlippoth from Thaumiel to Nahemoth again. The energy will be devoured and dissappear.

Will yourself to come back to the Present and to your body.
Open your eyes.




This got me in TGS pretty damn deep despite the issues i have with trance :smiley:

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What is the beginning of the existence of creation? Like, how do I sense that?

Actually, I think I just “know” that when my blood dissolves, I’m taking myself to the beginning before the blood.

What is the empty space that’s before the Void?

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THANK YOU! YOU GOT IT! Thats right

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You will find out when you do the medi

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