Binaural beats and meditation

Can binaural beats replace meditation?


In my opinion no. I personally believe they work as a catalyst for meditation


I’m also going with no, because meditation is about (amongst many, MANY other things) understanding your own mind, the ability to detach from action/reaction thinking dictated by external things, and self-control, whereas binaural beats are of the outside world and are fed into your brain, they also require electronic devices and so make you dependent on those to attain these states.

Some tracks claim to help people attain the same results as years of meditation, they’re worth looking into but only if the results are permanent without re-use of the track (I haven’t tested any myself, and I’m skpetical of the claims since willpower and self-knowledge are part of the deal).

That said, they can boost meditation done for certain purposes, and I use those and also subliminal tracks, but they’re just icing, and not the cake, so to speak. :slight_smile:


Agreeing with the previous two comments, I just wanted to say that in my experience with the Beats in relation to meditation, they are not meant to be replacements, rather, they are there to help those who have difficulty entering altered states of consciousness. There is a lot of material out there that have different intents and purposes, but for the most part I don’t find there to be much of a change aside from the pitch of the sound generated and maybe the emotional response one may have to the different tones.

When working with Chakra’s and personal energy I find certain Binaural beats to be extremely useful in helping the untrained mind develop a sense of what it is like to enter trance and detect the energy centres of the body. Again however, they are not meant to be solely replied upon.

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I use them during 80% of my meditation and ritual. They are only a supplement of meditation not a substitute.

I use them so much if it gets really quite my conscience mind automatically creates the tone and I can hear it…

I want a trifecta of mediation, binaural subliminal and biofeedback