Vampyrisitic meditations

So lately as you all know I’ve been upping my Vampyrisitic prowess. I thought I’d share some exercises that can assist in your endeavors.

  1. Get into a meditative state
  2. gather energy from a trusted source, be it you, an entity, or whomever
  3. envision a white-gold light coming from within you (or from that source) and growing into a sphere that covers all sides around you. Remain completely relaxed. The sphere is solid yet translucent (meaning it can be seen through)
  4. now. Release a translucent (meaning it can be seen through) black ink. This ink absorbs and devours all attack attempts and gives you the energy of the attack. This enerican be used to fuel you or this shield. This shield lasts as long as you recognize and allow it. It does not only shield you from magickal harm but absorbs it as if you vampirized it.

1)get into a meditative state
2) envision your Vampyrisitic tendrils. Take time to play with them. Stretch and move them in whatever manner you wish.
3) go ahead, once you are ready, and extend the tendrils in all directions. Push them out as far as you can. If you have enemies nearby, make quick stabs at them and as you stab and withdraw the tendrils take some their energy as you do it.
(The purpose of that one in particular is to help you gain reach with the tendrils)

For those of you who are interested in more meditations I encourage you to read Ardeth: the made vampire. As it can introduce you to new methods along with (I think this is the name) liber falxifer.


Just a quick note on the shield, the sheilding technique is very versatile, it can be made with spikes, mirror energy, tornado energy (to push or repel attacks away), and much more different variations


Were can i get the book Ardeth

Ebay or amazon

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Ardeth the made vampire very good grimoire and another good one is liber hirudo :full_moon_with_face:

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Were can i get liber hirudo thats another vampyre book thanks like to know how to get one

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you can buy it from amazon or try finding a pdf

Lulu dot com has it for sale much cheaper than Amazon atm