Tutorial: How to use your Energy to Implant Thoughts and Emotions in Others in 7 Easy Steps

Update: I am updating this op to reflect changes to my process and hopefully an easier to understand method of use. I’ve had frequent requests for a text-based version as well as it’s easier to translate to alternative languages for comprehension.

  1. Enter a light trance and focus on your own inner energy. If you don’t know how to do this a way I like to do it is to pay super close attention to all of my physical sensations at once. I’ll ask myself what I see, what I hear, what am I touching, what do I smell, what do I taste and what do I feel energetically if anything? You don’t need to respond to yourself, simply try to notice those things.

  2. Imagine that the ceiling above you has an opening that allows energy from the source, or the cosmos to directly flow through you. I say imagine because if you can visualize great, if not think about what it might feel like or what you might hear or see. If you can’t visualize use your other senses.

  3. Imagine your target or targets standing in front of you, but a step down from you so that you are sitting above them, as if on a throne.

  4. Imagine yourself speaking the targets name, or if you have a group imagine speaking each one’s name in one at a time.

  5. Imagine you are talking to them. Take the tone you would if you were really having the conversation. Explain why they should think this or feel that, explain what they don’t see or what will happen if they don’t get their shit together.

Whatever it is you want them to feel or think tell them about it reasonably, so their subconscious wants to play along.

If you want them to love you and you are capable of feeling love and not anger or hate or mixed emotions- imagine these feelings flowing from you into the target. (Any appropriate emotion for the situation will work, you just don’t want to mix emotions and give the target mixed feelings.)

  1. Imagine yourself dismissing the target and telling them this is how it will be from now on.

  2. Banish or cord cut. I like a gesture I learned in massage school nearly 20 years ago, you physically raise your arms above your head, then bring them down so they crisscross the airspace in front of you with catching on each other.

I’ve used this technique, since prior to starting my magical path. I honestly didn’t know what energy work was, or exactly how it worked until after finding magic. I just knew I could concentrate on someone, and influence their actions.

I’ve shared this technique with a few regular members, and I’ve been told they’ve seen it before, though they don’t recall where. I’m honestly not surprised, because much like brushing my own energy to learn how to feel it and direct it, I later learned what I was doing was basically the essence of Robert Bruce’s tactile imagine. So I have no idea where this technique technically originated, or who deserves credit for it. I’ve been told that there are similar methods out there, but one member is calling this the Keteriya Technique, because it adds things that they’ve not seen within the other methods- and they believe those things make this method better, than the methods they’ve read.

I’m mostly writing this to comment on the efficacy of the method. It works really really really well. In fact I’ve not had it fail, even with difficult or stubborn targets. I’ve had it take time however. An example is I used it on my ex, off and on for years. It would work for for 3-6 months, then after I’d stopped using the technique, he’d fall back into his old habits. So I don’t recommend using it to change who someone is, because the results will either be temporary or you will have to continually work on them to keep the change. They will eventually revert to who they are, if you stop the work.

I’ve used this on my ex-roommate as well. She didn’t like my boyfriend, treated him like crap. Refused to let him come to our home, and the worst part was she had no reason to be like that. She just wanted my time at home, to be hers alone. To be fair she’d lost three children, one only a few months prior to me meeting her, and she just really wanted me to focus on healing her.

I used this technique to change her mind. I implanted the thoughts and emotions that she was being cruel and unfair to my boyfriend, and that it was hurting me. That she was only thinking about her and not what I wanted or needed.

Two days later, she said those exact words to me, along with an apology. She invited the boyfriend not only over to spend time with me in our home rather than his, but even to move in with us if he wanted.

That’s just one example. I’ve used this method in other ways, to influence the roommate to appreciate the boyfriend at work, to influence her boss to promote her, to influence people to lend me money and the list goes on. I’ve used it when I had arguments with the boyfriend, to get him to see my side of the argument- To let him feel how his decision or words had made me feel. We didn’t argue much, but every time I used this method on him, within a few hours he was calling me, upset and he could see how I felt, so lets figure it out.

I honestly feel like I really failed in focusing the last few months on working entirely with spirits and not backing up my work with this energy technique, as it never failed me- but spirits sometimes do.

I’ve also used it in conjunction with summoning spirits to do a task. I just let them know that I’m asking for this, and I’m backing up the work myself with my energy. Results usually come very fast this way.

So like I said, I have no idea where this method originated, I just know it’s something I’ve been doing that has garnered real results. I dug out my hand written notes that were scrawled in the margins and in the middle of ritual notes from my journal, and I wrote out what I was doing in steps, to make it easier for another member to use. (and less embarrassing for me, cuz wow the things I write in my journal some days) The member was asking how they could influence someone to text them, when they weren’t even sure they had the correct number for the person in question.

So here it is, I’m not taking credit for the method, once again I don’t know who came up with it first, I’m just writing this for all of you that want to influence someone else, as an alternative to using spirits, or to use in conjunction with using spirits.

Edit: I chose to upload the image of my steps, rather than write them out because its easier to save to your phone or device. Sometimes I see rituals that I might try, but I need ten screen shots of the steps to know what I need to be doing, or to leave the page open and scroll through it. :woman_shrugging:

Update 10/13/21:


That would be me, in case anyone is interested.

Anyway, I’ve just recently started to work with this technique and had to stop all my practice in the last couple of days (due to unrelated events).

So, sadly, I still have nothing to report, but I will.


Thank you.
I had used a similar one technique to make an old target to call me and I had results within 3 hrs.
Can I use it multiple times on a target? He is blocking communication and emotional attachment.


I wasn’t sure you’d want me to share that :stuck_out_tongue:

And of course, I didn’t think to ask lmao.


I’ll report when the time comes, which I hope is soon, not only for the wanted results.


Well. In the same time frame yes, but I would only focus on one at a time so to speak. The thing to keep in mind is you’re using your own energy, to directly influence someone, so it can be draining. In fact I have often sat on the floor of my bedroom doing this for hours at a time, and then was so wiped out the next day all I could do was sleep.

So yes, but not at the exact time, as you want to really effect each target, so do them each separately imop.


Have you tried vampirism to replenish your energy after the ritual?
I have found vampirism very useful for lots of things. I even managed to stop period pains by drawing energy from a target and channeling it on my sacral chakra.


I use the sun personally, but when I started using this methods, I didn’t know how to channel energy. I wasn’t into magic, then when I was, I was totally oblivious to energy work.

I still use my own energy for most personal things, because I want the target to think about me, to feel me deep inside their bones, and to make the decisions I’m pushing at them.

You can connect to an outside source to channel the energy from, but it doesn’t feel as personal, so yes what your suggesting would work either way.


I just want to note on this, for those that might use it to influence exes.

If the target is not blocking you- You don’t want to reach out to them yourself. You want it to feel like the thoughts and emotions are coming from their mind, their heart, and not because you reached out to them. That’s a big struggle for a lot of people, but imop it’s best to let the target get so wrapped up in the feelings that they feel like they have to find a way to reach out to you.

The caveat is the human mind is a wonky thing. It might take them a month or longer to find a reason to text you, as most people can be weird when it comes to suddenly feeling and thinking about someone that they’ve tried to forget.


Awesome work!! :heart_eyes:


Amazing work and explanation at that! I assume you could modify this ofcourse correct? (depending on what you are doing with this technique) and can you influence emotions or inspire emotions with this, like love? I ask this because my father and I have been on a really rocky road since birth. I won’t get into much detail but I do want to make a clearer path with him and develop a bond with him, even if the past is the past, and even if he is half way across the Earth. Any addtional information would be very helpful <3


Absolutely. I’d just probably start somewhat slow, if it’s a long term relationship like that- rather than overwhelm him. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but in my mind, you’d have better long term success if you eased into it so to speak, rather than whammed him over the head all at once.

I have on one occasion, had the method go badly. The target was sensitive, and I knew it worked, because they suddenly flipped to treating me like they were scared of me, feared me- two days after I used it on them, for roughly 20 minutes. Unfortunately I didn’t know they were sensitive when I was asked to help pick up their mood, as their brother was afraid they were suicidal.


That makes perfect sense to me thank you so much, you’ve been a great help to me (in the past aswell) please keep up the awesome work I love reading your posts!

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This is perfect, came at the right time, and is exactly what I need in conjunction with my work.

Thank you for posting this :bouquet:


For whatever is worth, I’m working two-three minutes. And using only some of my energy.


Sometimes you feel the power of the technique rigth away without even reading it
I currently feel that

Imma download and put it in sealed/hidden fille

Imma also thank you already I just know it is going to work :joy:
I was looking for something like that I’m so glad !


Hey Keteriya I know this works!
I knew it as soon as I read this because I’ve used something very similar since a long time ago and seen some complete turnarounds in situations myself, at times things changed completely beyond reason just by using thought as a means to influence events.

Your description was an eye opener for me (lol) with your technique using the third eye energy though because I’ve never really tried it quite like that.

Like you, before I came to the forum or even looked at magick, I used what I came to call deep thought since I didn’t know what else to call it and as you said it can be draining to do this but results definitely can be achieved.

It’s really great to read a simplified instruction like you have given :blush:

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Does your third eye need to be open for this?


For what it’s worth from my experience, you can simply hold the impression or vision of facial expressions and feelings each time it crosses your mind anytime throughout your day without turning it into a practical ritual thing.

I would say spending time on creating the scene is what starts pulling it all together but if you haven’t got the twenty minutes or so at a time then just allow the shorter condensed snapshot version to float through.

Once it’s set in your mind as a real event you can just replay it like a real memory, because well, so mote it be etc.


Your third eye is never closed, it’s a matter of how well exercised the muscle is. I used this before I lived a magical life, just without focusing on the energy part of it. You can pretend you feel the energy, even if you don’t and eventually if you use this a lot- you will begin to feel it, as you are stimulating it. The intent is the most important part.

I was going to comment, that it will be much more successful if you spend longer on it Rey. Unless I just absolutely can’t, I never spend less than 20 minutes at a time on this. If you can’t focus on energy that long, work up to it. It gets easier the more you do it. Use music that says what you’re pushing at the target, to keep you focused if you need to. I sometimes will sit with a single song on repeat for 2 hours, because it will help me continue to push the same thoughts and feelings over and over.

I usually will come up with a set of short sentence, 3-5 that I can remember and repeat over and over as I push energy to the target.

It’s not difficult to implant thoughts, but if it’s just a passing thought to the target, they might not even notice. There’s a fine line between over doing it and risking the target completely resisting, and pushing hard enough that their subconscious mind actually picks up on the thought, and lets it waft up to the conscious mind.

Shame on me for not asking how long you were spending on it, if you’re only not going to do it at least 20 minutes at a time, at least shoot for 10, and do it more often.