Tutorial: How to use your Energy to Implant Thoughts and Emotions in Others in 7 Easy Steps

that’s called parapsychology,
about telepathy and transferring thoughts and other’s …
i hope i’m right cuz that’s what your talking about.
and thanks for the technique tho :slight_smile:


Yes. Those sentences that you create with your intention is what enables you to hold the same impressions and feelings on repeat, creating and recreating what you decide to be the outcome.

I used to concentrate so hard on what I called deep thought, all day everyday to the detriment of everything else I should have been doing and this is why I love your idea of going through the third eye and giving it a framework of twenty minutes at a time because the way I used to do it left me constantly drained and always in dreamsville.

But like I said, there were times that things changed and pretty much to the letter of what I chose to happen so again I will say Kateriya’s technique works.


Yes it is. Parapsychology, thought transference, telepathy, opening a psychic channel. Psychic influence.

If I could pass a thought to ‘someone’, from my mind to their mind…

Thank you I’m trying to work on my astral senses/ chakras third eye but haven’t developed them sufficiently yet but I was meditating on king piamon last night and asked for something along these lines due to future court and I open up this thread this morning.his way of answering me maybe

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Might be, as manipulation is something he specializes in. :woman_shrugging: But whether or not it’s his answer to you- is one of those things you have to trust your gut on. That will answer that question better than anyone else. Whatever you feel, is more than likely the answer.

I’ve found the entities I work with often, like me to learn how to do what I am asking them to do.


This won’t cause obsessive thoughts will it? I kind of just want them to reach out more often. He went MIA for about three days now, so I’m assuming he’s busy. We’re just friends right now, but intuition tells me he’s romantically interested. So, I kind of want to encourage those feelings because I do like him. We hadn’t spoken in years and he reached out to me about two weeks ago, and since then I’ve been initiating the communication. I’m an Aries and he’s a Taurus sun and our Venus’ are Taurus and Aries respectively lol. I just don’t want to perform it and it make him resist since Taurus people can be stubborn.

That really depends on the target, and how hard you push the energy. It’s going to vary by person, and I cannot predict that. It would be wise to divine it first if you doubts about your ability to tell when too much is too much, or if they will react adversely.

Is very possible to send them packing instead of what you want. If you do it without divining, or some innate way of knowing when too much is too much-that is the risk you take, if you are using it for a crush, ex, or anything love related.

Curiously enough the person I fckd up on was a Taurus too, but I didn’t think consider that a factor under the circumstance. My target was born gifted, and I was unaware of it until after. Even when he reacted badly to this method, I didn’t realize it was more than he was sensitive- until about six months later when his younger brother let me know.

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Thanks for that insight. I might give it more time before attempting this. His name starts with M though, lol, so I guess it’ll be ok when i do try it. I just won’t put a lot of energy in it.

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Lol then that was about something else. :woman_shrugging:

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Loving this miss @Keteriya.

Bookmarked for use very very soon!


I have used this technique to come into contact with my father again!

A little bit of background, my father wasn’t around since birth due to him dealing drugs and being a drug addict himself, on several accounts he has threatend and has tried to kill me and other family members. I believe people deserve a second chance and on a rare occasion a 3rd chance. My mother told me that he went to rehab and was living a more fufiliing life in Colombia. I am 16 and live in the states. My father and I were never in contact but I did want to have the chance to have some closure, and to also have a connection with him as I don’t want him carrying that guilt for the rest of his life.

I did the technique almost to the T with a little modifications that personally aided me like white noise as I have ADHD and anxiety, so I found that that did help me calm more easily. I imagined my father in a blank room and called his name out a couple times, and imagined my third eye connecting with his (now, I am horrible at visualization and putting an image together in my head is difficult for me aswell, but if you can get a feeling as if you were with them, a voice, smell, anything will help and work, what really matters is the EMOTION!) I said outloud what I thought of what he tried doing in his early life and how I forgave him, how I wanted to have a relationship with him and that he could text me or call me whenever, all of that sent to him via the emotion of love and some hurt. Its important to not hold anything back unless it actually too much and like @Keteriya stated, you can just end up scaring them off. I did this for two nights keeping a steady pace with the process and I recieved a text from him this morning, asking me how I’ve been and that he would like to talk, I am going to have a zoom with him tomorrow. The intent was for him to contact me and it worked. 2 key things are that you really put all of your emotion and intent into it, and that you don’t doubt what you do (general advice for anything you do, especially in magick)

So thats my experince with it, this really does work! Special thanks to @Keteriya for sharing and putting it in a simple format. Happy Holidays!


I have done some similar things in the past. There are a lot of ways to do that. I do like your technic.
Very easy and simple, I had used my energy on a lot more things than people. I have sent messages to my animals, it is so funny when you do that and they look back at you with a dirty look :smiling_imp: .

Well I have to get to my evil work :smiling_imp:.


Hehe like an who da fck do you think you are? kinda look? I’ve never tried it on a pet, that could be interesting

looks simmer to a technique from a book called pussy whip by Lanie Stevens

How do i connect my 3rd eye to anyone? Should i visualize 3rd eye chakra’s colour in my third eye and that light beaming and connecting into theirs? will this work?

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Possible, people have noted they’ve used and seen similar, and some in this thread have commented they just did similar in the past lol.

If you can visualize yeah, I can’t so I have to feel the energy flowing out of mine.


I just want to side note, that I’ve been using this technique again. For nearly a year I stopped doing energy work or supporting my work with energy work, in order to try to further develop my spiritual senses. As such my communication has gotten better, but I’ve seen less personal development than I believe I would have, if I’d kept up using energy to effect targets.

My target is rather stubborn, and it’s a very complicated situation, but I began to see results about three days in, and after almost every energy session since.

I am doing about an hour and 20 minutes worth of work at a time however, I am really pushing the thoughts I want them to have and the feelings as well. With Pennsylvania winters lacking sunshine, I am struggling to keep up my energy levels, and I am even pulling a significant amount of energy from my target, to push back at them with the energy of the thoughts and emotions I want them to have.

I feel like all I’ve done the last week is energy work, then climb back into bed. I’m going to have to figure out a winter source of energy that doesn’t feel like conflicts with me, like the gray sky or moon does, in order to keep this up until I get the result I am after, but considering this project was mostly to prove that I wasn’t crazy in my early days and it did effect my targets, I’m counting it as a win- despite the results not having come in yet.

It’s something that a lot of work as been done on with angels, and demons, and djinn, and the Loa and you name it, and I finally gave up on it all about two months ago, so seeing movement that lines up with the energy works just makes me want to bash my head on the table for not realizing my error in the situation to begin with.

Hmm. I do have a thing for warm water, but it makes me sleepy and I’m already sleepy. :woman_shrugging:t3: Things to think about. Yes I know I can draw energy from the sun even when I can’t see it, it just doesn’t feel the same. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Just some questions I got in pms in regards to this. The person asked to remain anonymous, so I’ve cut their name out of the quotes- sorry I know it looks a little funny, but it works.


Funny little update, I decided to use this method to get a target to send my a particular type of photo via text. They have absolutely no reason to, I don’t even speak to them very often- once every few months.

honestly I forgot about it- I did work on it Monday, Wednesday and Friday prior to my kids arriving.

About a minute ago I got the photo I was after.

I’m sitting here giggling, and telling myself hahaha I win.