How to manifest faster?

Hello Talking bird here,

So for more then a year i have manifested thing while i was aware of it, but somethimes it is hard for me and can take a long time.

Some things manifest within seconds and others it take more then months.
So my question is how do i manifest faster?, is there something that can help me manifest faster?

I also don’t know if this is considert under “Magick” or not.
-Talking Bird

It depends on what your trying to manifest, and your skill level. Things like death curses can take a long time to manifest because of their complexity. If it’s a small amount of cash it probably won’t take too long. It varies on how much the magick needs to change in order for you desire to be fulfilled. And of course, when manifesting something, try to put in the work to make it manifest. Like if you need a new job, then do your ritual, and use whatever methods you like to look for a new one. Hope this helps


Manifesting is about moving into a reality where your desire exists , since time and space don’t exist you have to get in energetic resonance with the desired reality . What holds most back is subconscious blockages from entering the desire reality , you must remove them


How do i remove those?, like do meditations and listen to frequencies?

Thanks you helped for sure!, i am trying to manifest a pet bird.
So i guess thats small?

What do you think i need to do in order to manifest it?

I guess you’d need to go to pet stores to find the bird you like. Although I’m not quite sure you need magicks help to manifest a pet bird when you can just go and buy one.

Well the problem is that i am 16 and my parents won’t allow it, and they decide if i may or not buy thing unfortunatly even if i pay all of it on my own.

And i can’t just buy a bird and not tell them because the last time they sold it to someone else, so thats why i want to manifest it so they come with the bird.

And where i live we don’t have pet stores or any where near me.

The main thing I would think of to do then would be to instead use a persuasion spirits help to convince your parents to have one. The pet store thing is a bit of an issue as capturing a wild bird isn’t much of an option. I guess you’d just have to drive some distance to try and find one. I guess I’ll recommend King Paimon as a spirit to help you persuade your parents as he is known to be good with persuasion.

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Thanks for giving me advice, your the best!.

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You can also try this method!