Who would be the best option to influence a person ( anyone) to buy me tarot cards or lend me money to buy them myself . And what’s their enn , so I can chant it and summon them so I can ask them for their service .

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King Paimon is my go to spirit when I need to convince someone to “see things my way” or influence them to do what I want, so to speak.

His enn is Linan tasa jedan Paimon

You can also call Orias, his enn is Lirach mena Orias anay na


Thanks you !!:heartpulse::heartpulse:

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How to pronounce those words ?

King Paimon enn - Leh-nahn… tah-sah… jay-dahn… Pay-mahn

Orias - Lee-rash…menah…O-rye-ahs…ah-nay…nah

That’s how I pronounce them. There are also videos on youtube that you can find and meditate to as well. Just search for “King Paimon enn” or the spirit you’re calling and they’ll come up.

Do you know how to get my ubi’s enn too ? Like if you have some experience with fhis

I’m sorry I don’t have much experience with ubis

That’s fine thanks :+1:

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No problem at all, I’m glad to help.

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Read COMPLETE DEMONOLATRY MAGICK by S. Connoly you will find King Paimon Enn and sigil and possibly more demons to help you.

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Is it free ?

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