Love binding - no contact?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering If you do a love binding on a person you are currently in no contact with, will it make them contact you?

thank you

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Not necessarily. A “love binding” simply binds you together, meaning that you will always be around each other in some way. It doesn’t automatically make someone want to contact you or even want to be in a relationship with you, though, because it is very much possible to love someone but still decide you don’t want to be with them.

thank you so much ! do you suggest a different kind of spell to be done in that case?

I would do a love spell first to create or expand any feelings they have for me, and then I would use a love binding so that I was always around them and my presence could amplify the emotions.

If you’re interested in love magick, BALG just released a new book about it.

thank you I really appreciate it :heart: would you also do something specific for then to contact or the ones you mentionned are sufficient?

You could use a contact me spell, but simply getting them to contact you would not lead to them loving you as there could be many mundane reasons for them to do so.

I think a love spell plus a binding would be sufficient to cover all bases, though i’m no expert in love magick.

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I mean you could always try. The worst that could happen is nothing. If someone doesn’t even know you at all though and has never communicated with you in any way, then how would they even know how to contact you?

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By no contact I meant that we had a fight …

A binding wouldn’t make them want to contact you, regardless of the reason why you and the other person aren’t speaking.

Have you tried anything to compel this person to reach out to you? Since you had a fight, it seems a reconciliation spell or spirit might help make the person want to reach out.

You can also try this to get them to reach out: