Message to someone with burning paper idea

Hey, from quite long time i was thinking about send a message to someone by burning paper with the message in a candle.

In one of videos on behemoth x chanel he have shared great type of message by telepathic way.

And i was thinking if there is telepathic message then why not to try burn message on a paper in candle but here is problem once on a satanic group i saw post that was describe goddes of written words or just words. And i dont remember her name.

Did someone know what was the name of goddess of written word or god of written word ? But why.

Let me explain my idea

So take a candle in colour that represents zodiac sign of that person to who you want send message, cleanse it

I would use essential oil frankinsence or lavender put it on candle and rub. While rubing visualise the person with intention of message.

Light up the candle and then chant to the
Goddess of written word and asking her or he to take this message and send it to this person with goddess help

I would give something this spirit as a offering blood to candle or something else little blood on a the paper with message and name surname of this person.

Name here

xxx xxxxxx
Come visit me
Your signature

Its like a letter.

Burn the message and throug it out of window on a wind.

And i dont know how this message would appear in dreams ? In head of this person as a thought ? Maybe it will materialise in this person house ? Or nothing will happened how long this message will go day, hour ,month i dont know

For first time i would make short message like “call me” or “come visit me” also for this couple of times i would ask person for permision to send this message just in case.

But i was thinking about try and do a experience with that but i dont know the goddess name also i think it could be great to have relationship with her or he. :frowning:

What do you think about this it would work or not really ?

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Whether or not it works depends on your intent. I don’t see why this wouldn’t work. If you don’t know the name of the Goddess or can’t find it, you can always use the element Air. That’s worked for me in the past. Others have used various spirits and reported success.

In any event, I hope everything works out for you, this seems like the makings of a good spell. Let us know what happened.


Thanks i will try :slight_smile:


You can do this with a candle and your intention to put the thoughts in their head. Visualise the person as best you can use a picture of necessary and speak your words into the flame knowing they are going into that person’s subconscious. I find this works better when they are asleep and with black candle :slight_smile:

At least until you become adept at putting thoughts in people’s minds casually (like I do to my female friends when I want them to cook lol).


Ha! I’m cackling :joy:

This is also a good idea. @Keteriya made a great tutorial on how to do this:



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I make paper, in addition to the energy work, but it’s energy work too sorta, the way I do it.

Like banishment or intensifying love. I don’t make it for specific situations, but I make it for specific purposes.

I journaled about it somewhere I’ll see if I can find the link fast.

Basically, I choose herbs and spices, grind them up in mortar and attempt to connect to the energy of what they were. When I connect I tell them what I’m doing.

Then I add them to a pot of water, let it on high on my stove top burner until it boils.
As soon as I can touch the water I dip the pages. Then I let them dry.

To use them, you write a simple one line petition or draw a symbol representing what you want to banish, or intensify if your using the love pages.

Then you burn it- or like for the love papers, one thing I did was I put them in a jar and gave them to my husband instead of burning them, the energy will get expended when he reads them, and intensifying the feeling of what I wrote in the paper.

For example I wrote I love when he helps me cook dinner and things like that. I want him to know I appreciate the things he thinks I don’t, basically.

Here is where I made the love paper: Shakti Rising: My journey from Survivor to Overcomer - #8 by Keteriya

Also used it here, for a talisman empowered by our ancestors:

And the banishment paper is too hard to find, because it’s like a year ago in my past life journal. But you could dig around for it.

Basically you could probably adapt what you have their to what I know works, and come up with something close to what you want.