Astral project to change a situation

With astral projection can you change a situation in the physical world at the current reality and how l,ong will it take to happen?


interesting, following this. Never atral projected before but looking into more stuff about it

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Yes I would like to do so and learn more on how to. I’ve heard many information about it but I want it to be worth my while

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Not necessarily, you can use astral as a catalyst to someone’s mind if the situation requires you to manipulate the choices of others which is pretty much a long ways of psychic persuasion. The astral is a plane in it’s own but it’s also the collective unconscious so it helps with implanting thoughts and the likes in the minds of others.

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Thank you for your reply, do you recommend to astral project numerous of times until the situation changes? I am wanting to change the situation quickly and to resolve. Should i do a guided meditation or best way?

well timeframe is a tricky thing regardless of what you do, I’d personally do manifestation rather than the astral route.

So with astral projection it would not be useful if I am wanting to change a situation quickly? What spirit should I work with to help with my complex situation to get everything moving quickly?

Well it depend on the situation, love I would say freya, revenge I would say Vali, etc different beings while not limited to things have specialties to various things.

I would like a demon who can help without building a relationship because this needs to end like yesterday.

It wont resolve if you lust for it to resolve, you have to let it take course. Manifestation and astral are both viable but, if you get to anal about it happening it wont, reason being is because when it doesnt resolve when you want to, you get frustrated, frustration leads to doubt, and doubt leads to failure and undoing.

Thank you, makes sense now

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Anytime man, sometimes things take time, but its that way for a reason, either to make it better in the future or to teach you a lesson, or both it can go either way, you just have to trust in what you do. I tried a technique of implanting thoughts and emotions from @Keteriya Tutorial: How to use your Energy to Implant Thoughts and Emotions in Others in Ten Easy Steps
I also posted my success in the thread as it did work, its very simple all it takes is emotion and dedication. But It makes sense if you astral projected and then did this technique it would be more powerful as its raw energy and emotion going into what ever you want it to go into.