Call me spell, any help?

I’m trying to receive a call from my ex as there’s some things I need to say. Not necessarily a reconciliation but just a call. So bending her will isn’t necessary.

I won’t be the one to call her as what I’m gonna say will shift the dynamic to make me the one exerting dominance so if I reach out after a week of no contact it’ll destroy the whole concept of it.

Anyone recommend any simple rituals for this? I’ve tried the petition held over a flame with minimal success. A jar seems over kill for a simple call so any advice would be appreciated.

Grimorium Verum has a petition for this.

There are many variations of “contact me” spells available in the wilds of the interwebs.

You can also try this:

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Astaroth from the Grimiorum Verum is, shall we say, overpowered.