Looking for a love or obsession spell that it will work from a distance

I was wondering if someone had success with a love or obsession spell when the target lives in another city and if you want please share that spell. I have casted some from the forum with a big time frame between them and still no results


Most spell will work at a distance, with the exception of hoodoo or root working spells and those that are similar, which require your target to touch, ingest or be effected by something physically. However I’ve found that most spells tend to forget to mention that directing the energy of the work towards the target is where the results actually are able to form.

Just my opinion, YMMV.

That being said, based on my own words here, I am going to throw you something different to try, that essentially tackles the problem I mention. Keep in mind that I cannot make images with my mind, so any place I say imagine, I literally mean the word imagine as use your senses, use memories, use a photograph if needed, don’t get hung up on visualizing, as I literally cannot and I still garner magical results from things that require you to visualize- I just use all the other senses to imagine.


Last year I was talking to a person on Tinder and they were putting off meeting whenever I brought it up… so I asked some spirits to influence them and there was a change in their attitude, but they had a strong will and we couldn’t meet up. After a while the influence disappeared and that was the end of it - so I’d say that meeting up in meatspace or having some face-to-face time must be important.

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Thank you so much for your answers!