I am now losing confidence [Turned around to success thread]

I am greatly disappointed and now loosing confidence on myself. there’s great company here which pays trucks drivers good amount of money. But Everytime I’ll go there I’ll fail there interview several times now. Even yesterday I was tested and failed the interview. Even today there’s an interview but before I’ll go again I thought I should first Post this on public. So, to get any magickal tips and ideas. I badly need to join this company. Is there anything I can do for myself. Like powerful sigil to put in pocket and make this Chinese boss who gives interview to be confused and give me chances to get this Job done

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Generally speaking, doing any one working to get a job is not a good idea. You should do one to find a job you want, but you already have that, so you should go to the next step: doing well in the interview, followed by getting the job and securing a nice salary.

Many spirits can do this things. But if all of your life you’ve found there is threshold to the wealth you can have, then it is time to ask for a new, bigger threshold from an intelligence related to Saturn.

Best wishes, mate.


did they tell you why you’re failing?


An excellent question, I would also add, what is the interview based on?
Is it a question-type interview? Do they test your attitude?

I have done several interviews lately, someone looks at your resume and asks you questions about your past experiences, and how these can be useful in the job you are applying for.
Others, however, as I wrote above, ask you behavioral questions.

Try to give us some more details, maybe the solution is simpler than it seems, and you just need a few more pairs of eyes to notice it.


Yes, Demons of Magic can help.


When I went through a hard time trying to get a job, even minimum wage jobs, I found one interview easy peezy, and was hired at about 30% above minimum wage. A secret … I had been invoking Marquis Amon and Prince Orobas for help finding a job, and had their sigils in my pocket, and at the start of the interview, I remembered and knew I had the sigils, they were charged, and I knew I would get the job.
Even after numerous times I could’ve been fired, they were completely understanding and nearly compliant.

Hail Marquis Amon! Hail Prince Orobas! Hail Lucifer!

Lucifer can be beneficial as well.


Do this:
Obtain a copy of the description of Prince Orobas, as well as one for Marquis Amon, and their sigils.
Draw his sigil by hand with a sharpie black marker on decent grade paper.
Even a Post-It size piece of paper.
Invoke Prince Orobas by title AND name, and thank him for being who he is, ask him for aid in work, ask him for promotions in work, and thank him again.
If you have oats and black coffee, that might be a helpful offering.
Invoke Marquis Amon by title AND name, and thank him for being who he is, ask him for aid in work, ask him for promotions in work, and thank him again.
Marquis Amon, he should have a separate offering, preferably an alcohol like whiskey and some sort of treat/food.
They both might like lit tobacco as well.

So, armed with charged sigils in your pocket, after a night out in the home with the boys, you are ready to face Mr. Hardassboss in the eye and tell him you have the job and thank him for that.

Hail Prince Orobas! Hail Marquis Amon!

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Why are you failing the interview? That’s probably the problem that you want to focus the working on.


Have just learned how to drive tractor trailers. Now trying to secure Job for myself. First step of the test is the give truck then you box parked it. Second after passing the box parking. You drive on highway road test. That’s all. it seems pretty simple. But when you enter inside the truck to reverse it and enter it inside the box it’s tough most drivers fail from that step. Imagine yesterday the tested 40drivers and only 5past rest failed

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Sounds like you need to work on your driving skill. If you have that you could pass the interview. It isn’t about personality and all that other stuff like a lot of other job interviews.


Mmm agree there, Paimon may be amazing for changing minds, but if the interview is about parking a trailer and you fail at that, it makes sense you’d not pass the interview.

However, you can use magick to improve your driving skills. Why don’t you call Asmodeus? He could help you develop a skill.


I think if the company has rejected you multiple times you may need to look for other job opportunities elsewhere as it’s likely the interviewer has formed a negative opinion of you already and likely made notes for themselves and or others to read about that opinion.

Maybe look at all available jobs and make a spell or petition for a job (not that one) which has the same pay or other things about it that you want because if you’ve been rejected by a specific place more then once it’s extremely unlikely they’ll change their mind and hire you next time you apply.

You may also want to ask to see the person who interviewed you and then ask why they didn’t hire you what they would recommend you address if you want a job of that kind anywhere. Ask if you lacked any qualifications.

You should try and find out if you lacked any qualifications and address them if they tell you a legitimate one like say your drivers license was G (for cars/small trucks like 1/2 ton pickups) but you needed a class B (truck aka big rig/bus/heavy-equipment) one. If it’s something like that then address it and get the required license upgrade.


I would say use the 72 to change the hearts and minds of the employer and coworkers, even customers. Get a driver of the year award or something.
Actually … there is one in DoM that confers awards in competitions.

I would even personally (and have) try to get fired but have the demons change their minds each and every time.

That’s a humdinger of sigil magick. I’m going to give that a whirl and let the forum know what happens with it. Cool method @sanaRo :love_you_gesture:


I think so yes.


One thing I learned, not everything works for ev1 so well, once you find, what works for you. You will be all set. Don’t tempt fate is what they say, but I say to fate don’t tempt me. :slight_smile: Get determined and all will be fine and work out for you.

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They don’t care how many times you do the interview. Provided you do it right automatically they hire you. Some drivers have done interviews for 20times before they got hired. Failing then they try again. Until they succeed one day. So far have done the interview 5times and always failing. To box park the trailer is tough.


One thing that helps is an intuitive level understanding of the physics piece of it. For instance, trailers move a certain way when backing up. You can see this on a small scale with toys.

I’m going to post some spells, that may help you in your quest.

1. [Make Your Dreams Come True]

Take a horse shoe and put it around a red candle. Put the candle in a darkened room in the middle of a table. Write what it is you want on a piece of paper with a quill pen dipped in black ink. Chant the following as you write:

What I want I write here
Please take my dream and bring it near
What I want Is what I should get
Let all my dreams now be met.

Now take the paper and fold it in a square of four creases. Hold it over the candle with a pair of tweezers and let it burn. Picture yourself with your wish fulfilled. As you burn the paper send waves of love at the image you conjure of yourself.

2. [Orange Juice Spell For A Fresh Start] This spell usually helps when you run into a run of bad luck. To get started over again new and fresh.

Small glass of orange juice
Take the juice outside at daybreak, and, facing east, offer it to the Infant Sun by saying something like:

O Infant born into the sky
I offer this to You on high
And offer thanks for Your arrival
And for the role You play in our survival

Turning clockwise, pour the juice on the ground in a circle around you. Then ask the Sun for a fresh start by saying something like:

Oh Infant Sun, I call to You
Who starts each day with life anew
Whose birth brings warmth and gives us joy
Whose light the darkness does destroy
Who separates the night from day
Who guides us with His gentle rays
Who gives us hope and makes us smile
Who makes each step we take worthwhile
Who inspires and cultivates
Fresh ideas and captivates
All who feel His golden light
I ask You, Infant Sun, so bright
To bring to me a new beginning
That puts me on the path to winning
What I desire most in my life ~
Free of needless stress and strife ~
Oh, bring to me a fresh new start
And I ask You, too, impart
Your courage as I tread anew
The path that I now ask of You
Bring this at once now, Infant Sun
As I will, so it be done.

Kiss your hand to the Sun and step over the juice circle. Go indoors and know that a brand new beginning is on its way.

3. ‘Dream Job Spell’

Frankincense oil
Job advertisement
A conjure bag

Write an advertisement for your dream job.(pretend you are the employer writing an add to find someone to fil the potion, be as details as possible)

Annoint the add with frankincense oil.

Place the paper in a conjure bag & carry it with you until your dream is realize.

NOTE:- Do this even you have a job but want your dream job instead.

Annoint the paper with more frankincense oil weekly.

**4. also this older post for jobs I did check it out. **