Introduction + Looking for Love Spell That Works

Hi all, so I’ve been asked to introduce myself.
I am gonna cut short. As I was browsing the net for some solutions to the matters of the heart, I chanced upon this forum and it seems like there are a lot of healthy comments.
I am still looking for more positive reviews/help that can aid in my love situation. There is this girl that I really like. We had great sex but she is just not into me. She is very obstinate about her own views and I have been very compromising but still to no avail.

I hope someone here can help me. I am a very green person here so I hope for the understanding.

Thank you all

Welcome @Melo29125 Please tell us about yourself. This doesn’t really tell us anything about you except why you’re here.

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick at all?

Or any experience with the paranormal?

I don’t have any experience and have not tried anything. But I am more inclined to demons and willing to perform something out.

Thank you for elucidating more, and welcome to the BALG forum.

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To be honest, there are plenty of love spells available by using the search function. You can choose one that has worked for others that you feel would work for yours.

I would also consider doing one for a girl that is a better fit than this one, since it seems like this one isn’t really working out and magic isn’t likely to turn her 180 for life.

So, consider doing two. One for your current infatuation and one for a long term fit. They may be different rituals with different entities or not. This is where doing your own research becomes important.

And welcome to the forum.

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I know a good witch but I’m unsure if I can advertise her on here, I think it’s against the rules

You can’t review and you can’t advertise.

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Thank you.
I will try. Been looking at quite a number of interesting posts.

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Maybe you can pm some info?

A simple candlespell, beginner friendly

Also this