Visualizing Remote Seduction

For doing remote seduction or any type of work, do you need to be able to visualize? I can imagine or feel the energy of the other person and assume the setting is how I want it. I just can’t really see anything.
If I do see something it might be a fleeting image or very vague.

It’s the same with imagining looking into the person’s eyes and imagining my third eye connected to theirs.

Is it more intent that makes this successful versus visualization?


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Work with what you got.
Intent is the main component and if you can already feel the energy then you have already crossed the bridge to what visualisation would have taken you to.
Not everyone can visualise, most people can, so that is probably why it’s made out to be such a big thing but I know that there are are some that can’t visualise but still get results.

The purpose of visualisation is to help create and connect you with the energy but if you can feel the energy then you don’t need to visualise.


I can feel the energy. I know I can send energy too, to people as I have done it before. I am trying to wrap thoughts into the emotion of unconditional loved and send it energetically to see if I can get someone to reply to a message I sent them right now.

I send it via third eye, the heart and the eyes.


Have you seen @Keteriya’s thread on implanting thoughts?

Tutorial: How to use your Energy to Implant Thoughts and Emotions in Others in 7 Easy Steps


Why can’t you visualize ? Try it eveyday , open and closed eyes daydreaming , theta waves , minimize fluoride n things bad for
Pineal gland

The images are either really fast, don’t stay or don’t appear. I can never imagine someone standing in front of me when try.

Thank you, I will check that out.

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