Uncontrolled mind control?

Hello BALG.
Recently (last 1-2 months) some weird situations have been happening and they’re definitely not a coincidence.
Sometimes when I’m think about saying/asking something really hard, after some seconds random person nearby says or asks exactly the same thing. Like, if I’m focusing on some question mentally, another person could instantly say it outloud, and similar situations.
It’s hard to explain, but I guess that I might unconsciously induce my own thoughts into others, and sometimes I’ve succeeded in doing it consciously.
What are your thoughts about it & how do I learn to control it?

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ah yes,this i beleive is called synchronicity. how to interpret the meaning though and even what it means is a per-the-person thing.

can synchronicity be induced by uncontrolled mind control as you put it?yes it probably can. i would suggest any number of google reachable things to start your journey in understanding synchronicity

I would chalk this up to telepathy, which all humans can do, especially if you’re a strong sender.

You can use shields to help prevent your thoughts form being so ‘loud’ as it were. But there’s no point trying to damp down the telepathy of random others.

Or, control your thoughts when other people are near if you don’t want them picking you up, conversely concentrate of behaviour you want to encourage them to do it.

There’s a similar discussion here in case it helps :slight_smile:

On the flip side, you’d probably find this technique relatively easy for you to do: