Two breakup jars ruined… is someone protecting the relationship?

I don’t think she’s actually doing workings against me but protecting (probably with prayers) a relationship that she wants to end in marriage. She doesn’t even know the girl, she just wants him married. I like your poppet Magick suggestion, even if I don’t know her name. Thank you :blush:

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Wrong ingredients. It looks like you’re actually preserving and protecting their relationship aka you’ve crossed your own work.


Mmm I always think that the intention counts more than the ingredients, but I think you have made a very good point. Very good indeed. Because, for what I understood, their relationship is dry and lifeless as I intended, yes (they don’t have a connection, according to him), but… is still there. Preserved. Is not going away, as much as he doesn’t want it, is there. Waw, didn’t look at it from that point of view. Interesting. What would you do about it, if I may ask? Just another one with the right ingredients? I actually have no interest in making them fight or hate each other… he’s not interested in her and I want for it to continue that way and for him to cut it ASAP.

Depends on what magic you’re practicing and if you have enough personal power or not. With enough power, don’t need materials.

The ingredients help because you can tell them their purpose. For example, when you’re collecting these materials, immediately begin inbuing them with your intention (tell them or ask them to do something specific), not just when you put them in the jar. Also, jars need to be worked aka you need to keep putting your energy into them.

Just at a glance, I would suggest some personal rituals first. Uncrossing, then protecting since you’re doing left hand work on another. After you’ve got your own energy cleaned and protected, look into other breakup spells that people have worked. I’m not into baneful magic, but I’ve seen many spells involving limes.

Last thing, start to learn what specific materials, roots, herbs can help with. You’re energy acts as an amplifier of these characteristics. Salt = protection | alcohol = preserving | of course you could use colored salts for different/nuanced results & different alcohols also hold different energies.

Best of luck.

ETA: If you’re not already skilled in divination, get on that! Every step of the way can be verified or altered if you’re receiving the correct energy, which would prevent unwanted outcomes.


Thank you very much for the clarification.

I’m honestly not into hoodoo or anything similar, and did that jar… don’t know why.

I work with Goetics and angels mainly. I resisted the urge to throw everything and the kitchen sink at the situation and acted with calm, only Leraje for that. Then with time I layered (nothing related to break up again).

My Magick has been incredibly precise so far, I don’t use constructed rituals but follow my intuition. I use my energy alone a lot, and would say that that has been some of the most powerful things that I’ve done.

I read about sour jars and to put cayenne pepper, glass… but honestly I’m not looking for them to fight or hate each other. They have so not much in common that I don’t think that would even happen. They are not ideal for each other, it was only a convenience marriage idea and I just want for them to go separate ways. So the salt and alcohol was about drying and killing it (like with a plant) but I get your point regarding preservation. Maybe I should just forget about jars and focus on what I’m good at :sweat_smile:


say what now? you are trying to get rid of a rival here I don’t think it is best that be friends and you saying that you don’t think they would hate each other because they have so much in common so you don’t want to do a proper sour jar sounds like you are already doubting the efficacy of the magic.

If they have so much in common and remain friends that may be a threat to your future relationship. You need them to hate each other imo. and ppl with a lot in common fall in and out of love daily.


I second this. And I see no issues with the ingredients, because you used them to direct energy in a way that made perfect sense and worked with your energy… no ingredient is automatically magick by itself, it’s the intention that does the work. :slight_smile:

Salt is only protective because it repels, salting the land stops plant growth and kills plants, insects and animals, there is salt in tears for sorrow and loss, salt dries and mummifies. Lots of good symbolism there for this purpose.

I liked the alcohol as well, definitely drying as is the salt, and it’s a poison, it causes lack of propriety and poor decision making, it only preserves dead things because it kills bacteria and anything else that would allow a thing to decompose and return to the Earth naturally. Nothing preserved in alcohol can grow. Awesome symbology there too.

You can make your mind work with almost anything you have to hand, kitchen witchery is super versatile and personal like that. I literally make poppets out of pop up box tissues and post it notes with a description of the target on them, works just fine, because the magick is from me not the poppet. :smiley:

If I was looking to add ingredients, I like asafoetida, which is somewhat common in warding and repelling work. Anything rotten to bring in the energy of dissolution maybe, that could be just lettuce left out in a plastic bag for a few days as that liquefies quickly? Maybe funeral flowers like white lily that represent the death of possibilities, stuff like that. :thinking:

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I used to think that too, then I did the Star Ruby while using downward pointing pentagrams, lets just say I actually saw and heard the kakodemons.


If you are a negative entity, salt will repel you, and it will be torture.

Yeah, you don’t want to preserve this messed up relationship, you want to get rid of it. Symbolism matters.

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I agree, but the point is, magick is energy directed by mindintention is what matters, and that is not how this symbol is being used by the OP. That’s important. Salt on it’s own doesn’t do this.

What is true for you, is not true for everybody. This is why magick is so subjective and personal… it’s not a science, it’s an art, and there are no absolutes.

Now you’ve told her that, that could be enough to give her doubt, and fuck up her working. Before that her magic was fine…

However, I believe the will of @virgospirit is stronger than that negativity being worked against her in this thread.
And by saying and thinking that, I’m am deliberately adding my energy into making that so. :slight_smile: See how that works?

@virgospirit Having now seen the development of energy in this thread, I suspect all this “nay saying” could be a manifestation of what ask about in your other thread, plus the breakage and spillage, you are being crossed and your intuition is spot on.

You said the mother was praying, and that is a form of magick, I would definitely get on a hexbreaking and binding of that person. :slight_smile: Then if there are more problems with the next jar, look for other causes.

Hopefully that’s the only source and all this gubbins will clear up and your third jar will be what we call "third time’s the charm" and get the job done. :slight_smile: If not, there may be something bigger in the mix that needs meditation and divination to uncover.


I think I didn’t explain myself properly… I mean they have nothing in common. That plays in my favor and is one of the reasons he doesn’t want to marry her. He says they have NO connection, there’s nothing wrong wrong with her, it’s just he’s not into her. So what I mean is, I was not purposefully looking for them to have arguments and fights… for that there would need to be some kind of intimacy. There is none. They don’t spend time together (due to the nature of their relationship) and he’s not really interested in her. I wanted to exploit that and dry the relationship and kill it for good

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That’s how I work mainly. One of my most powerful rituals was not even a ritual, but an explosion of energy directed at someone.

I have to be perfectly honest here: I read about the salt preserving things before doing my first jar. I dismissed it and chose to think only on the symbolism of “drying a land” as you point out earlier. But even if I dismissed it, a small doubt was lingering there. I think my intention was stronger and it indeed dried their relationship. His explanations are very telling, and for what I understood is a very aseptic (can I use that word?) relationship: Is correct but lacks life and connection, nothing like what you’d like to have with a partner (in our case, we can discuss and fight, but there’s passion there, connection, what they’re lacking). So my symbolism worked… BUT. It is preserved. As a dead thing. Is so clear to see now that is mind blowing, and the positive thing to take from this is a: Damn we are powerful! :sweat_smile:

The relationship is not rotten. There’re no fights or disgust. Is just dry and dead, aseptic, but preserved even if dead. Paused in time. Not moving but not broken. Mummy-like. That’s the whole issue here. He feels the correct thing (she’s not for him, he doesn’t want to marry her) but I don’t think he’s doing everything he could to break it ASAP. Family pressures, the negative of his mom, fear… is keeping it preserved. And that’s what I have to figure out how to solve.

I really appreciate that. You actually told me months ago how to “jump over” the defences of someone with my will and it worked :wink:

That’s my feeling too. I have not spend much time learning about protection or counterattacks if I’m being honest. Do you think the master protection ritual will do the trick? Btw, whatever ritual I would use, I always pay more attention to my internal feelings and will.

He was praying too, and yet my Magick worked on him, but I directed at him specifically. I never thought about her. But now that I know that she wants for the marriage to happen, I’m sure this is playing a role here.

Sorry to ask, but any idea? I don’t want to go on a full blown attack at her. Just for her to stop. I’ll definitely employ a demon to make her change her mind and respect her son’s decision of not wanting to marry her. Dantalion has never let me down. I’ll go with a mind control technique too, I like to work with my own energy more everyday.

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Nice points made here. Just want to add that there is no harm in doing personal uncrossing and protection work. I didn’t read your other thread until after I wrote my first reply. I’ve also been sitting with responding to this thread, but just wanted to share that doing consistent cleansing and protecting is essential to magickal works, at least in hoodoo.

Much love.

edit: spelling


And I have done none. Good point. I’ll not make that mistake again.

I like the wording of the master protection ritual so I’ll use it. If you have any other suggestion, please feel free because as I mentioned I’ve not been big on that.

Thank you very much for your message :blush:

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Good stuff :slight_smile:

I haven’t used it, but it looks like it’s got the right design for what you want. :slight_smile: I learned from Lae’ti’kol that protection is very effective done in layers, combining all sorts of wards, shields, thoughtforms and obfuscations. If one thing doesn’t catch something, the others will. It ends up being, ime so far, that the only thing that can get through is another directly intentional, skilled human, as nothing else does or can disrespect boundaries and free will, on this planet, like a human, and then it’s a battle of wills.
The disadvantage for them is, if a human pops up in your field, you will also know who it is as the connection goes both ways.

Hexbreaking, in this case seems like swimming against this current created by her prayers, like she’s said “…and let nothing get in the way”… so work that diverts reverses the flow, dams it, whirlpools it into the Earth, dries it up so you can carry on getting in the way would be nice :slight_smile: I think diverting it to another person, like, fixing or strengthening the relationship of other people you know might be easier?
Kind of like using a decoy as a protection mechanism, so the mother’s magick acts on the decoy not the original.

And then the binding can be worded and intended with no harm, just “she will not work for this”.

If you’ve seen Keteriya’s tutorial to implant thoughts into other’s minds that looks rather good and doesn’t need an entity. I intend to try that myself pretty soon. :slight_smile:


Try doing a divination to see if these jars are enough or the right ones for you to achieve the desired result.
If you don’t have developed divination in traditional systems like tarot or runes, you can use simple candle divination.

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Love love love the way you think. You just inspired on me some ideas that are making me feel excited.

Interesting. And makes sense. I’ll start with the sword banishing and master protection, I’m not big on rituals but I quite like the wording of the last one. Then I’ll give it a thought on what else to employ. From the top of my head I’m thinking Luna that I have employed before, some shielding as that’s my own energy, and Viné, that I have worked with before. That’s for now. And then I’ll research and learn properly other ways.

That’s so interesting to read. I don’t have enemies as far as I’m aware, and the people involved on this matter are hyper religious (not likely to employ Magick or direct energy to influence me) plus they don’t know I’m a player on this whole issue. So me being in the shadows right now helps me. She may be wording it as you said “let nothing gets in the way”, but not specifically against me.

I really have to give it some creative thought.

And that’s what gave me some ideas. At the end, she ONLY wants for him to get married. She may be wording it like “let nothing get in the way of THIS marriage”, but she doesn’t even know the girl and her only wish, deep down, is for him to get married:
He has already told me he would want to marry me when the issue is solved. Would it make sense to direct her prayers of him getting married, not to the other girl, but to the one he actually wants to marry (me)? Not sure about mixing the energy of my relationship with her prayers as I don’t know what exactly is she praying for; but if it’s about re-directing her energy and she wants for him to get married, maybe is what makes more sense.

Not sure how I will go about it, but probably will only employ my will and energy. Have not been into candle Magick but one could help here. I’m getting excited at such an unorthodox and peaceful way of attacking the situation, using her own energy for my purpose.

I did and employed it! Tweaked it a bit. I used it for several days, and had just finished a layered working so that probably helped a lot too: But few days after starting with that technique, he confessed he still loved me and wanted to be with me. So I would say the technique is really good and you should definitely give it a try :blush: Is really similar to one of a book (not sure I can write the title here? Is not about Magick, more like LOA) with a ridiculous title; I generally don’t pay attention to such books, but it has really good reviews in Amazon and honestly, if you take out the fluff and cheesy stories inside, the technique is gold. As Keteriya’s. I don’t know why sometimes we make things more difficult when our own power is all we need :woman_shrugging:t3:


No I haven’t. I’m somehow scared to go that route. Kind of to get addicted to swing a pendulum at everything. I’m very into the philosophy of we’re the operators of our own reality and I’m a bit unsure of how to fit divination there :roll_eyes: Not saying it’s not useful, not at all, I’m just a bit scared of it, if I have to be honest, of ending up putting all my decisions in the hands of a reading.

Mmm will read about it. The maximum I’ve done was to ask Belial. An experienced member suggested it, and I was not sure as I can’t hear spirits, but the feelings and hunches I receive are always very on point. I will check candle divination, thank you!!

I’m starting to think that they were completely unnecessary anyway, and what happened with them freaked me out. But it led me to this conversation and the extremely useful ideas exposed here, so I will take it as something good that happened :blush:


I have to point out, this symbolism is so beautiful and I’ll definitely work with it. Unsure on how to exactly right now, but I’ll find a way. Thank you again!

If you want to do a divination experiment with break-up candles:

At night, after you’ve done your usual meditation.

Add wine halfway to two glass cups (You can substitute wine for vinegar)
Place a white candle symbolizing He in one cup and a black candle symbolizing She in another.

Hold the two cups one in each hand and energize with your intention. “Knowing if they’re going to split up”

Outside your house, place the two glasses on the floor, side by side and where there is no wind.

Light the candles mentalizing each one of them and get away from the place and do your usual routine.

If you hear a glass cracking or breaking, see which one it is and wait if the two candles haven’t burned out yet.

After the candles go out, check the condition of the glasses.

If just one glass cracked or broke, it means that person will try to break off the relationship.

If the two glasses crack, the separation has great chances of happening and the order in which they crack represents who will take the first step.

If neither of the two cups crack and remain intact, the chance of them separating is minimal and you will need to use stronger magic.

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