Drawing a person to you

I was wondering if anybody has any specific Way that you have found works well for drawing somebody to you on their own/helping draw them to the same conclusion I have reached as opposed to maybe a forced love spell?

I have grown extremely interested based on everything Ive heard from mutual friends saying “Dude you guys HAVE to meet because you are the same person” and yeah I litetally dont know if I have had this much in common with anyone for a while and only maybe 3 times ever.

We havent really hung out and talked in person enough to know if we jive romantically but on paper I feel like it would be the most empowering relationship I have ever had by far (even if just as friends).

I feel like we will be good as a team.
She is interested in so many diffrent things that would stimulate each others growth like that both play instruments and like the same music and are trying to get serious about playing our own music.

My theory would be to meditate and direct energy toward her but what kind of energy?

I wanna guess I should just feel how I do bout the potential and all of our similarities… in her direction lol


Try this to nudge her towards you:


Aha thanks
I was trying to find this like I had previously but for some reason the search was not helping.