Does magic really work? If it does why isn't it working for me?

Yep. Just another click bait title, but I’m actually going to try to answer this question today.

I get this question in my email, my balg pms, even my shop messages get lit up from time to time with someone just wanting to know why magic doesn’t seem to work.

The trouble is, it does work. It all works.

I’ve spent a lot of time, in fact most of my actual embracing this life time, testing systems of magic. Reading grimoires, then working all the way through them. In many ways I think I’ve mastered Chaos Magic’s basics- adopt the mindset along with whatever else is needed to make the system work. Believe it as long as you are in that system then move on to the next. I’ve done this, often without even meaning to, simply to try something that sounded cool, or too good to be true or just because others were getting results with it.

It all works.

So, if divination, and soul retrieval journeys, astral projection, dream walking, evocation, invocation, Enochian, and all the different types of magic you can throw into a hat then randomly pick one and know that this system is going to work, how do we sometimes not get results?

Well. But do you know what results are to begin with?

I think we mess up here as beginners and even experienced magicians quite a bit. Ask my husband, I am the first to explain spiritual weirdness away as has to be mundane because bla blah blah. Can’t be that because blah blah blah. Could be coincidence because bla blah blah.

But an over realistic mindset can limit the things you perceive and the results you receive as well. If you can’t possibly believe the boogy eyed looking demon is going to get you laid… then chances are you aren’t going to laid. For example did you work through Brand’s Success Magic and think you had zero results but over the course of working through it, you developed a relationship with a group of like minded magicians that help you and you help them? Eh… you could be seeing results if you consider the topics covered by the rituals in this book, and not even realizing it.

The other thing with results is we… don’t recognize results as results because they weren’t positive results or the result we were looking for. Did you want more money, or a pay raise- just to loose your job? We see this one quite often, but just about every single time we see it, the person is struggling to believe it happened, what did they do wrong, are the gods themselves mad at them etc… They never even realize that once they find the next job, it’s probably going to be significantly better in some way, even if it’s not in pay and it’s probably going to have the potential to be super great in the long run with the ability to move through the ranks…

Or how about wanted to kill your ex, you wanted complete and total removal from your life- just to find yourself in a homeless shelter.


I personally counted it as not only my first working, my first working within which I got results. I didn’t expect nor want to spend 87 days in a homeless shelter… but god. My life is good now.

So first things first, be sure you’re not missing results that are blatantly jumping out in your face.

To be be clear. If pretty much all magic works, and we know what results are, what they can be, and that they may not come exactly the way want, and we still don’t have results? That means the problem is in some way related to us.

We can run through all the different little things you are doing wrong… Like did you ask for signs the angels heard you, then rush to the forum to ask everyone who did not see what you did, if it was a sign?

Coughs doubter coughs. No seriously, here’s the deal with signs. You either know deep in your soul it’s a sign, or it just probably isn’t. But these signs are still meant for you, not balg, so we can all weigh in and give our opinions and chances are you will either wind up conflicted and going back to ask for CLEAR signs, or your gut was right the first moment you saw it. This is one thing we all could do better- trust thy gut. The more you trust it the better it gets at helping you discern things, doesn’t matter if it’s magic related or not, my gut serves well in discerning what people mean in conversations, knowing what a dream means to me personally and many good things. That first initial reaction, the one that is almost embarrassing to admit, if you had to- that’s the one. Listen to it, it’s right more than it’s wrong.

I’m not going to covering lusting for results. We see that preached forwards, backwards and upside and still, the ones obsessing the most and blocking magic the hardest will tell you all about how you are wrong and they are not lusting for results, all the while asking everyday, every few days, continually getting readings etc… Yeahhhhhh not obsessing- if you say so, not my results not being had.

Okay so we know what results can be, we know not to lust, not to doubt, not to over think this shit and still we can’t get results.

Check your timelines. I know a lot of people say if you don’t give a spirit a timeline, you may or may not see anything, you may be waiting a year even, and well. I don’t use timelines unless I’m using servitors and I know about how long a similar result has taken in the past. Dude I need $350, and I need it in the next three days. The servitor doesn’t need to know why I need it, and I don’t need to know how it’s going to get it. I just need to keep my eyes open and wait. (usually comes in the form of WORK for ME to DO.)

I don’t think I need to tell you to be contentious of things can take time. That’s life and if you haven’t figured it out with the real world, I probably can’t help you figure it in regards to magic. Sometimes things are more complicated than we can even begin to comprehend, since we only have perception of some many things, and sometimes those perceptions are limited. I do the work, I know it was done, and I simply just move on and then when my results come, Oh yeah, I did blah blah the other day for this. Cool.

Other things that limit magic could involve how you are wording things. Are you giving too many checkboxes, being too specific, too demanding for the situation. For example you want true love, a faithful woman, practices magic and she should be blond with green eyes and like mountain hiking…

Or are you being too loose? I just want love, and I don’t care what it is or how it works. Well. This one has the potential to net you a looser, every single time.

We can also get into the mechanics. Are you performing the ritual by the book? Just because I have some innate knack for tossing the pieces that my discernment says aren’t necessary, doesn’t mean you should do that, especially if you can’t get magic to work at all. Most modern grimoires are written with idiots in mind. The rituals within are designed to be complete, keep you relatively safe and get you results in a somewhat timely manner.

Then there’s the kitchen sink mentality. Well. It’s been an entire 24 hours so today I’m going to call on the djinn. Tomorrow I’m going to use angels, the next day demons, Friday I’m going to try Enochian, and SOMEHOW this is all going to get me my ex back.

Man. I layer things, everything pretty much that isn’t blatant energy work and sometimes I layer that too. Doing jar work to sour someone’s life? Well, that’s a good time to tear down their protections, vamp their energy, make their communication skills fly out the window, and send them an abundance of household problems. Add it all together and whatever relationship you are trying to sour is going to be even easier to do so.

Lack of experience, impatience, lack of discernment to see results right in front of us, personal blockages created by our mind, by others- man the list of things we can do wrong in magic is ENDLESS. We might just not jive with a particular type of spirit or energy. I see people like @Dralukmun who are very good at getting to the heart of a particular persons issue and why they are struggling within a given situation, but man.


I don’t like archangel Michael. I think he’s a cold hearted bastard… but doesn’t mean I don’t expect him to show up in my banishing rituals! Nor would I expect him to personally offer me any protection above and beyond said ritual. I just don’t- my expectation is that he will do what I called him for because I use a format that he respects, but I don’t expect him to do anything beyond that, kinda period.

I swear this is something we need to work on getting better at for ourselves- diagnosing the problems, the situation. If 2+2=5, then what are We doing wrong? Honestly developing friendships with a few people you can actually talk to, and trust is a good idea. People like @DarkestKnight @anon39079500 and @Angelb1083 for me, are those I can trust, I can speak openly too and I know if I sound a little toooooooooooooo bat shit crazy, they are going to smack me across the phase and say Wake up Keteriya. Get some friends, learn to be as dependable as you are depending upon them, to the best of your ability and life’s allowance. It will serve you well.

Have you dealt with any beliefs that were previously held, currently rejected, but still affect you?


Originally, I was like many, Christian. My daughter still is and I encourage this for many reasons I won’t get into today, but I remember being kinda scared of demons the first time I wanted to ask one for help. What if I was wrong, and I was going to end up in hell? Well what if is how I feel about it today.

In fact, I giggle out loud ever single time I read someone go on a rant about Christianity and Jci programming and all of that. Want to know why?

I used all of those wasted years as a meatbag worshipper, where I developed a relationship with at least two different entities- as the means develop something useful. I didn’t just throw it away, though I did set it aside a few years and not realize it had any value to me. I walked away a meatbag worshipper, but I returned as a Living God- not quite what I’d call equal since I’ve got room to learn and grow, but more as a respectful individual who has outgrown what the teacher once taught and now we can collaborate to make beautiful music. (Yes I’m being corny on purpose, it’s 7 am…)

Measuring your results will serve you well, also. In this tutorial -Tutorial: How to use your Energy to Implant Thoughts and Emotions in Others in 7 Easy Steps I share a technique that I’ve used in various ways for years longer than I’ve practiced magic. When I shared it, I felt it still needed more testing and more people playing around with and many users even have commented on how it’s similar to a book and other methods and that’s great. That tells me it’s something that should work, so I’ve spent since June, measuring my results with the technique and using it on a daily basis.


I’ve found that a much simpler technique than the one I shared works and works well. I Simply push the energy of the thought at him, and imagine it swirling around his in and outside of his head as a mist that permeates. Consistently, after two days, My husband will randomly bring up whatever thought it was that I implanted on his own- without prompting or me ever saying it out loud.

That’s cool, but what if I use the energy of an orgasm to power the thought. Wellllll fap like usual, push the thought during orgasm and… roughly 4 hours later I’ll get a phone call. Hey baby, I was thinking about you and blah blah blah

Hmm. So what if I focus on him while I fap, as the object of my desire then push the thought upon orgasm?

Well. That will net me results in about ten minutes, after I finish.

These results, are kinda worthless to anyone but me however. My target is someone close to me, someone I am intimate with, someone who has natural abilities with energy and magic themselves. This is clearly going to affect the results- but it gives me a baseline to go off of, if I ever really need to use this technique. In the mean time, well once in a while a girl wants a pizza. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Okay, I’m going to get off the ramble train now that I got all dat shit off my chest. I know I didn’t cover it all and most of it has room for discussion, debate and so on and so forth but perhaps someone will find some of it useful :stuck_out_tongue: (Even if ya don’t find it useful, you could probably drop it as a link to the next whiner who can’t figure out their problems)


I rail on this constantly! Newcomers thinking that they will have better results getting their ex back by calling up half the astral realm. I’ve been accused once or twice about not being in favor of layered magick which is furthest from the truth. But typically when someone advocates for layered magick, you’re supposed to send the spirits after genuinely different tasks from each other that may influence the overall goal (and frankly with most “get your ex back” situations…there really isn’t that much layering to be done). Typically though, a newcomer will send every spirit they can with the same goal of getting their ex back, because they do not have confidence in any one of those entities in isolation + they lack confidence in their own magick so they often think (wrongly) that just dog-piling entities onto the same task will compensate for w/e they feel is lacking.

I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again…when it comes to things like getting an ex back, you’re better off doing 11 evocations to the same entity, than doing 11 evocations to 11 different entities. Pick one, build a relationship…and ride with that spirit to the end.


Welllllllllllll. We could probably argue that most of the ex back situations we see, were absolutely awful relationships, so if it’s going to work not only to get the ex back but to have a fruitful relationship, that we might need to:

  1. Heal person A from emotional trauma.
  2. Heal person B from emotional trauma.
  3. Put a desire for Person A into Person B
  4. Cause Person B to act on desire for Person A.
  5. Foster personal Growth in person A so they treat Person B better.
  6. Foster personal Growth in person B so they don’t flinch react to person A.
  7. Limit Person A’s lust for results

Man I can think of a dozen things depending on the relationship and the people, but most of those shouldn’t be trying to get back together and should be trying to figure out how to heal and do better next time… so maybe I agree lmao. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :woman_facepalming:t3:

It’s okay, I’m the kind who gets their ex back, then rails on their past and pushes the ex away, then wash/repeats six or seven times, just to completely move on and forget they were EVER a thing. :rofl: :woman_facepalming:t3:


Well the thing is…I view a lot of those as kinda redundant. Like…if I call Asmoday for instance to get an ex back who I fought with, its typically a given that Asmoday will heal person A of any trauma from the argument before implanting feelings of desire in person A, because they can’t implant desire if there is resentment or repulsion. The spirit can do both fairly easily, as you can’t have one without the other. We know this is the case because we see examples of spirits bringing you a target who had previously friendzoned you. For someone like this, its often not simply a matter of making you look more attractive…the spirit also has to deal with the reservations in that persons mind of dating someone that they’ve come to know as a friend and all the hangups they have involving that.

A situation to me that would require some layering, would be something like an arranged marriage/parental disapproval situation…where the woman you want not only doesn’t like you, but her parents are heavily influencing her away from you. In that situation, Sitri alone will not suffice, as her area of expertise is bringing people towards you in a sexual way…but the influencing of the parents will require a totally new entity to deal with. These are typically the situations where I feel like calling another entity is actually necessary. But that’s just my take on this


You are all good lol. I was just thinking welllll I swear sometimes these situations are real fckd up lol.


A bit for me to think about, as my magic rarely works.

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Good luck. :slight_smile: I tried to cover all of the ones that came to mind but I think I walked away and within ten minutes came up with another five similar type things.

The whole point is to help you figure out where you might be going wrong, and a good portion of it is simply within the personal mind. Hopefully with contemplation something will jump out at ya and smack ya in the face and be of aid going forward- so that you can reach a point where you go Wow, this ALL works. :slight_smile:


right on :slight_smile:

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Great take away! It’s easy for the little voice being inside to talk you out of the magickal mindset and then you miss the signs, step out of sensing the flow, or analytical expectations to make us discard what’s in front of us.


I get that too.

I tell them the mistake is typically in between the EL chant and the call to the Archangels. The most common one is see is people not focusing their mind on what thier doing when calling out the arch Angel name. The first time you focus on them hearing you, the second time, yes they’ve heard you, and the third time they ate going to help you.

If your just going through the motions it’s not nearly as effective as focusing on performing the ritual with your heart.

Thid is mission critical and it’s the biggest reason that newcomers seem to have a real hard time manifesting. I agree.

I just started not using time lines and it’s working alot better for me.

You’re whole post is superb, well written,. Cogent points.

Excellent work @Keteriya :+1:


Welllllllllllllllll. That may be, but not every system uses El or Angels in the rituals! lol :stuck_out_tongue: I agree with ya though for the most part :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s true. :grin: You’re right about that.


@Keteriya you once (lovingly) slapped me in the face for that :joy: I was freaking out and wanting to do anything and everything. I actually spent so much time reading grimoires and the forum that I had no time to evoke.

Not sure how I woke up (maybe your slap?) but next thing I know I actually planned a thoughtful layered working, with as few demons as possible but covering the areas of need, with enough space between evocations (don’t think it really matters honestly, but helped me keep my cool), clear and concise wording and then almost forgot about what I did…
When the person came doing and saying what I wanted, despite all the previous shit, blockages… and taking into account it’s kind of one of the difficult situations @Verdo talked about… that’s what showed me you really CAN and WILL change your world with Magick if you do things properly.

Sound advice too. It has made a big difference.

Great post :wink:


Great post, very informative for people having problems with the manifestation of their work, no matter how hard we try.


@Keteriya I’d like to ask you something. In your experience, based on what you’ve seen, do you think evocation is difficult to get results with for a good segment of beginners?

The reason I’m asking is I’m seeing it very frequently where a beginner student is having real difficulty in evoking and getting any work out of the spirits.

I have a theory, it seems like the spirits slam the doors in people’s faces that they don’t know and don’t have a relationship with yet.

Some people don’t have that problem but I’m hearing it rather frequently.

What do you think the solution is?

My thoughts are getting to know the spirit pathworkings perhaps and petition spells before jumping head first into evocation if they trying it and aren’t getting the results.

I’d like to get some other opinions before I make my.mind up. :thinking:


@Keteriya needs a Tip Jar.

I agree with her 100% and a bag of chips! I am also guilty of the “kitchen sink” approach to magick. It doesn’t work most of the time and leads to more problems and confusion. I find that it is best to keep things simple and work from within the system you know while trying not to combine it with another system.

Do one thing at a time. Have patience. No lust for results.


Dangerously based advice

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Honestly, I think you have it all wrong. Or rather not all wrong, but that you may not be seeing the entire picture.

I think the biggest problem beginners have is lack of developed senses. Spirits can be real fcking subtle when they show up, the type of contact I get varies by the type of spirit and the biggest thing I see is people doubt they even make contact to begin with.

The best thing I’ve seen these people do personally, is start looking at evocation like being a one way call. I still look at that way for evocation lite so to speak, most modern grimoires that don’t get super deep into the experience- like most gom books etc.

IF you treat it like a one way call, know that like an invisible friend on the other side in some other realm, picked it up and just speak- I’ve noticed a good portion of these people can and do start getting noticeable results from their rituals, even if they don’t make what they consider to be noticeable contact.

Tbh, I don’t go for two way conversation when I’m doing ritual work- it happens or it doesn’t, I’m not looking to make it usually. If a spirit approaches me, sometimes conversation takes place, but otherwise, for the most part, I don’t need it.

Edit: So actually I think the biggest problem is most beginners are too impatient to develop their senses first- and I can’t blame them, I get it, I didn’t work on that first- I ran with what I had and what I didn’t sure was noticeable but it worked itself out.


:rofl: :rofl:

I didn’t even get them all and this isn’t new material lol, I just threw it all into one mega ramble train :stuck_out_tongue:


So you say without developed astral senses there is very little chance to have results with any ritual?