Remote Influence Through a Photo

Hi say I have a photo of a target, then go into a trance and direct energy towards the photo/person to influence them, would that be enough?

If so should I stare at the targets third eye or regular eyes, any advice?

Sorry if already asked, I couldn’t find anything related. Thank you.


Should be. It creates a sympathetic tie and focus for yourself. As far as where to stare, I don’t think it really matters so as long as the connection is there, depending on what you’re aiming to do.


You want to see the outcome happening so the energy knows what to do when it gets there. This tutorial can be combined with your link:


I use a little trick where I look at the targets picture and imagine myself there with the target in that moment. It helps me.makw the bridge and focus.

Then I direct my spell at the target. I don’t feel far from the target when I attack because I’m right there in the picture with them.

Perhaps this is just mental but it works for me


In addition to these methods, I’ve seen descriptions of folk magic using a photo and blowing the smoke from a cigarette or cigar into the photo every time you are sending the energy of the thought you want to influence. Basically blow the thought out (hard, or intentionally or whatever fits) on the picture.

Breathing in and out, and allowing your breathing to adjust to the flow of the intent and sending of the energy is a pretty effective way to work in my opinion, particularly for those struggling to visualize who forget imagination is a good replacement for anytime we see visualize and includes the other senses.

I’ve used the blow my tobacco smoke in a photo, that was on my phone and had similar results as when doing the method mulberry shared above for us.

The principles the same but the hands on gives your mind something to do, that makes sense and usually is representative of the intent and the energy and how you want it to flow.


Target, visualise yourself in front of the target until you can feel, touch and see the target. Then enter the target body and make then act out as you want them. Seal them in a triangle with the sound AUM.

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Can you explain how to seal in a triangle?

Recently it occurred me an idea about “moving” a target closer, i.e. of course when there is the necessity. A few already known things such as imagine the person being, exactly, more and more closer and maybe call name, surname; then zoom in a photo on screen, take some moments to repeat the previous actions and do another zoom in…