A revisiting of a problem which this forum once helped me with

Hi again BALG forum,

I come back again for aid once more in regards to the girl that I am/was in love with. I’ll explain what has happened in the meantime since my last post and see what you guys can come up with in regards to advice as I strongly believe that this forum’s advice did turn things around for her and I in a very significant way.

So last February, I came to this forum at the lowest I have ever been mentally and emotionally asking for some form of help in what seemed like a relationship permanently broken, the piece of advice I got was a petition spell, simple but applicable to my then, (and sadly still current situation due to living with my mother being a University student) after I made a petition with Duke Sallos, things seemingly turned around almost as if a complete miracle had happened. Three months went by and I think that three month period was the strongest that we had been and then at the exact end of that three months word for word, my situation repeated so again, I petitioned to the same result, this had been going on for three month intervals up until this January in which we were around 5-7 months off being married (at the time currently engaged), she did a complete emotional switch-off basically ghosting me until I confronted her with an indepth letter in which she used the same dialogue as all the other times however with more finality within it due to her inner struggles with mental health and past traumas.

Call me foolish, deluded or desperate, but I feel there is/was a true connection between her and I and in all honesty, I want her back by my side as my lover because just that feeling of genuine love allowed me to fix my life in ways I didn’t think possible and with her inner struggles plus knowing and understanding her feelings due to experiencing and getting past similar traumas that I can still be a positive force for healing and person she can truly love without question of loyalty or whether her darkest thoughts will lead me to walk away.

Now that context has been given, I must ask, is there any deity or spell that can aid me in this whether it be truly re-evoking her love and reliance on me or someone new crossing my path which would be “better” for me?

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Zanna Blaise has a book called the Angels of Love and within it there is a ritual for the Blossoming of Love. It causes your love to reach its absolute maximum, and will decrease feelers if the person isn’t right for you. (She uses the term soul mate, I prefer soul mate type or soul mate type of match myself)

Shit works too, but doesn’t make them act upon it, just makes you both feel it if you should be together.

If you hit the search bar for love spells or love rituals there’s shit tons of information and if you want to essentially dominate how she feels for you… you could try this one, but if she has no feels you’d have to repeat it on a semi regular basis until she developed them.

Might also consider changing your user names if they look like this one, and passwords if they are also in similar line as people tend to draw to them things like that when, they use it and own it as their own/ a representation of themselves.

I’ll definitely look into the implantation of thoughts and emotions through energy, I appreciate the suggestion. In terms of the username, do you mean “Spite” specifically? Because in a genuine sense, it’s nothing more than a music group I liked rather than a proper representation of myself should that be of any help/use.

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So, i think the issue here is that when you call upon an entity to get a girl to view you as a more attractive person…it tends to be temporary. im not sure exactly what you asked for in the petition, but it may be time to move beyond petitions now and move into making pacts. You can make pacts that are lifelong essentially, and have things become more permanent. A pact with sallos to keep her loving you for life may be what you’re looking for. Just, be careful here


Yeah, I wasn’t sure, that’s why I worded it as if :stuck_out_tongue:

What I asked for within the petition was to “return the feelings of true love for me to her heart” rather than “I hope she finds me attractive” or “I want her to be my girlfriend again”. Truth be told, if a pact required me to offer up time off my life-span, I’d do it in a heartbeat for even 5 legitimately great years with her as my partner. In terms of a pact, what would be required of me to make a pact with Sallos and the risks involved? (If it isn’t too much trouble by any means to explain in a roundabout way)

Apologies if I came off condescending or anything of the like. That wasn’t my intentions at all.

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are you using the demons of magick book? it sounds like it, Seems like everyone here is using that book these days, If so, you will want to practice ritual 3 where you are actually evoking an entity, and come prepared with a more lengthy petition of what you want from this girl and how long you want it to last. What you need to be careful of is that these things tend to be underestimated by folks…especially newcommers. If it works, theres a possibility that it works too well…and the girl ends up becoming stalkerish, jealous. and territorial to the point of it being a problem…and if you ever fall out of love with this girl, it could lead to her committing suicide. You have strong feelings for her that borders on irrationality. I mean, saying you’d be happy to reduce your lifespan just for 5 measly years with this woman is kinda loony …and this state of mind tends to be a bad place to act from when it comes to making any sort of lifetime pact, You can end up making a decision now that you will look back on 5 years from now and condemn yourself for how stupid and infatuated you were. In this process, the thing you have to be careful of is yourself


What you’ve said makes a lot of sense and in a way, I suppose what I said is hyperbole or desperation rather than my true intent. While it is true I’d reduce my lifespan for something like this to work, it wouldn’t be for “five measly years” as it was quite accurately put. It would be for a long and prosperous relationship between her and I where we could face the adversities that life throws at us every day and those feelings of true love remain steadfast, rather than five years and it all goes metaphorically poof or I drop dead. She is someone who means a lot to me and my first meeting with her was protecting her from her friends who were bullying her to the point of self-harm and such at around age 11 and that was one dynamic that persisted throughout the last 8 years. In terms of it working too well, should I pursue a pact, I will keep that as a genuine concern and go into it knowing this is essentially a lifetime commitment.

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One other suggestion i will make. I feel like a smarter option with things like this is to take a page out of Stalins playbook. What i mean is…when it came to outlining his vision for Russias future, he and the soviets operated via a series of five year plans. They would plan things out for the next five years, then when that time has passed, they would create another five year plan to build upon the last one. Well, you can operate through a series of five year pacts. You issue what you want from her in this relationship over the next five years, and if the 5 years end up being to your liking, you refresh the pact with the spirit for another five years…ad infinitum…but if the 5 years turns out being a nightmare, you let the pact expire. That is how I would go about it

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A question I must genuinely ask is, can a pact bring separated lovers back together because at this point her and I are apart. I know it should’ve been the first thing I asked but should I use a 5 year long pact with Sallos for example and for the first five years I say “I wish for us to start again and rebuild our relationship in a strong and powerful way initially” would that actually work or is it primarily/exclusively applicable to lovers who are together?

You can use a pact for anything…but typically you should only use a pact for something that is long term. So yeah, that probably would work. But you didn’t answer one of my initial questions. Are you using the Demons of Magick book by Gordon Winterfield?

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Oh, I apologise. Truth be told, I’m mainly going off forum threads from here and semi-random recommendations in terms of the literature. I honestly wouldn’t know the first place to start with books but if the Demons of Magick is a good place then I most certainly would try it.

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