Looking for a spirit to get someone to answer my text message

Hi everyone!

As the topic says, I was curious if any of you has a suggestion which spirit to call in order to get someone to answer. A bit of background info:
Me and a guy that I have a huge crush on had a conversation on IG. As I did not heard back from him, I completely cut him off etc. Now I saw that he tried to approach me, but took the text back. I guess he was insecure as I posted more pictures from my professional model shoots, instead of having almost no content… What happened now is that I tried to confront him with a screenshot on his last text that he took back. He read it but no answer…
I wanna add here that I am very cautious with putting magick on other people. Really. But since I see in my Tarot/Oracle and both birth charts that there is great potential for us, I would like to sort this thing out with him once for all.
I really just want to have a last conversation with him, and if he is interested then fine, but if not I’m happy to move on.
Perhaps some of you have a spirit in mind that could help. I was thinking of Dantalion perhaps.

Thank you! It would be great if someone has an idea!


You can try this:


Thank you so much! You really reminded me of including my peppermint lemon oil! coffee is great too!
Thanks for reminding!!!


Woah I do remember reading about this a while ago. Guess it’s a sign to try it out! Thank you!


If he asked you out im sure he is still attracted to you, just throw him a bone and show some interest but keep him chasing. Dont let him have you all at once but dont be cold find a warm medium. Dont confront him and be like “so do you like me or not” he probably likes you. Just send him cute photos and ask, “should i post these?” leave out a few pictures and post them all after. If you have snapchat give him your snapchat, I dont know many guys that would turn down getting cute pictures.


this u? :stuck_out_tongue:

@pinksugar I’d recommend Agares, Mercury, Hermes if you are looking for entities/currents to work with; alternatively sigil magic, or, the influence technique that Dankquanicus posted.


Yes she’s in the position of fisherwoman catching a fish. I’m teaching her how to reel him in, rather than biting on his bait. She needs to bait and cast various nets for an abundance of choices.

Pimps coach the women, I don’t know many females coaching men it takes a special kind of women to pimp or coach a man same can be said about women. Ask the fishers not the fish for advice.

You wouldn’t ask an employee for advice about becoming a CEO.


Yeah except aren’t you the fish in this case since you’re not a “female”?


To keep this topic on track: @pinksugar you can also call on Karviel, the angel of unfolding, from The Angels of Alchemy. He has the power to let a situation unfold at great speed to see if it has potential or not. Alternatively you could try the demon Seere to influence him to make “a rapid decision in your favour”.


Y’all prolly kno dis already, but never t8k advyce from a fish :v:


Thank you for your reply! But our connection is a very different than what you think. I just told the necessary details above. I also think no woman should send any pictures to a guy. I’m a more serious and mysterious type.
But thank you.


Yes I will absolutely try Agares, I had this dream last weekend where a bird would fly around and scream the name Agares. I will definitely go with Agares. Seere does not really seem to cooperate this time, even though I worked with him a lot in the past.
I also know Kevashiel, great you reminded me of this angel, I also have the book.
Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts::+1:


Men are visual creatures sending pictures will keep him interested without you saying much.

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Nah pimps coach females on how to capture tricks, that’s their job lmao

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Pimps? The ones who use coercion, physical abuse and intimidation, forced drug addiction, blackmail, confinement/isolation, and other immoral and illegal tactics to force their victims, pardon me, “their females” into bringing them money? :thinking: Lol yeah look son, I don’t think you want to be taking any advice from a “pimp”, although it’s not surprising, given your galaxy brain logic of “fishermen should never ask fish how to catch fish, unless the fisherman is a fisherwoman, in which case she should definitely listen to the fish”.

Given this thread was asking for magickal advice and not dating advice, and I’ve hopefully given the OP a couple of starting points, I’m not continuing this derailment or conversation with you any further. :blush: Feel free to respond if having the last word is important to you though. Maybe chime in with some actual magickal advice. :+1:


Gave me a good laugh. It’s just modern a “Redpill” “Dating Coach/Pickup Artist” echo. They massively distort “evolutionary psychology” into justifying an extremely simplified view of human behavior and the human brain, and claim that everything is about reproduction.

Keep going as you are @pinksugar, life is not so simplified as some would like to make it seem, it just appeals to the masses and sells books and courses to the desperate and those who think they are separate from the masses.


If you’re looking for love try an angel if your looking for lust and control try Asmodeus.

I think you should go with the angel to open you up to potential love if it comes from him great, if not then you can move on.
The angel wouldn’t be directed at him but Asmodeus’s working would be specifically for him.

For future reference keep the men chasing with small dosages of attention and time. As he falls for you harder he’ll do more and more, he’ll go out of his way to impress you and be with you. It’s easy to select like this because the man who wants to be chosen makes it very apparent he’s wants a future with you.

A lot of men would leave the moment the person they are after becomes elusive and plays games. Sometimes that works if you seem to be someone irreplaceable or special, then that works regardless of gender/sex, but it can build up a lot of resentment when the relationship actually kicks off, and often times leads to a lot of disappointment.

If you just want attention, it works, but if you want an actually good relationship, not so much.


Belial has strong sway over girls and gay men I mean its like he’s inresistible… sex is great if u Channel him


Burn bay leaf might help… put your intentions and thrn burn it