Sharing a servitor for telepathic influence

Meet Jennika Husterling, your friendly neighbourhood telepathic influence assisting servitor.

I’ve been testing and tweaking her for two months and am now confident that she is ready to share with the group.

This is the first servitor that I have created that is designed to be summoned and used by other people. It may take a little time and practice for her to adapt to working with different brains and ways of thinking.

She is in the form of a red fox. I include a picture just to show you the species in question.

red fox

I don’t use a picture as a focus when creating servitors, I instead use the sigil and an animated mental image of the servitor. For example, I will gaze at the sigil and imagine her running around on top of it, scratching behind her ear, rolling around, just being a fox. This works much better for me.

So the picture below can’t be used to connect to Jennika, the sigil is used for that. If you are having trouble connecting, then when you gaze at the sigil, just imagine a little red fox running around on top of it.

Her purpose, as per her instruction sheet is:

“When called upon to do so, you aid the summoner in any telepathic operation they are carrying out, giving strength and clarity to their transmission and augmenting it in conformity with their intention. You open the mind of the summoner’s target to ensure maximum receptivity to any thought, feeling, emotion, image, or other effect the summoner intends to insert”

She does not work in isolation. She is to assist you in your telepathic influence operations.

If you don’t yet practice telepathic influence, I recommend Keteriya’s instructions. The method I’ve used for some years is very similar to hers (the differences are cosmetic rather than material).

If you haven’t practiced telepathic influence before, I suggest you practice for a week or two before bringing Jennika Husterling into it so you get a good feel for the process.

You can use other telepathic influence techniques too of course. Jennika may take a little while to adapt to these, but she is programmed to learn from the summoners telepathy techniques. So exposing her to different methods is actually going to benefit her work in the long run.

So how do you bring Jennika Husterling in? Simple.

1). Get into whatever state you get yourself into to do your telepathic practice.

2). Gaze at her sigil for a little while (either with your eyes or visualise it in your mind) and call her name (either out loud or in your mind) with the intention of connecting with her at least three times and then the words “Take post”. For example “Jennika Husterling, Jennika Husterling, Jennika Husterling, Take Post”

3). Give her a very short brief on the mission (this is more to set your own intention for her usage), ie “Jennika Husterling, I would like you to assist me telepathically influence [name] into missing me and desiring to contact me”. Note that if you want her to feed off the target for additional power, specify this now (more on this later).

4). Do your normal telepathic influence session.

5). Once you’ve finished, thank Jennika Husterling and then either send her on her way with the command “Jennika Husterling, to your duties, Fall Out”. If you want her to use her continuing transmission feature, specify this just before you dismiss her (more on this later).

One of the features I’ve programmed her with is the ability to continue transmission after the session has ended. But you must specify this. You do this at the end of the session, just before you dismiss her. For example “Jennika Husterling, continue to transmit these messages to [name]”.

If you want her to feed on the target during continued transmission, specify this now as well.

I will point out that the continued transmission is not as strong as when she is augmenting your own transmission at the time. The advantage is that it has a high likelihood of getting through as the target has those moments of greater susceptibility that may not coincide with the timing of your session.

Note that I have included a limitation on this. She will transmit for a maximum of three days.

The reasons for this are two fold:
1). Telepathic influence requires your own work and you will usually need to engage the target regularly for a result
2). Many people will try this one or twice and then forget about it and I don’t want Jennika running numerous concurrent transmissions forever as this will be quite a drain on her energy

I describe her feeding in her programming sheet as follows:

Jennika Husterling,You are fed by:

  • The attention, acknowledgement, awareness and gratitude of any who summon you
  • The energy generated whenever your name is spoken or thought
  • Any negative energies, parasites or attachments in the vicinity of the summoner, which you transmute into any form that is optimal for your sustenance and empowerment
  • The energy of the words, “I love you Jennika Husterling”
  • Should the summoner so instruct, you will also feed on the energies of their telepathic target.
  • You feed on the energy generated whenever I pedal a stationary bike
  • Channeling energies through the attunements I give you and feeding on these energies
  • Consuming up to 2% of the reiki energy emanating from any reiki video I play
  • You also feed on any other energies that I your creator choose to offer up to you on an ad hoc basis.

Note that tasking her with feeding on the target does add power, but I would suggest only using it when applying Jennika for baneful purposes as you probably don’t want her feeding on your friends. Admittedly I did do this in testing with a friend who was proving hard to influence, but only for the two days it took for them to carry out the action I was trying to get them to do.

I have a number of attunements from Jareth Tempest and have been experimenting with not only attuning objects to these energies, but also servitors. So far, this appears to be successful and have several servitors in testing that I’ve attuned and programmed to channel these energies to feed on (and sometimes to do other things with, but that aspect is still highly experimental).

Also, I pinched the “I love you Jennika Husterling” idea from Luna :blush:

This is her sigil. You will note that it is very simplistic. I always do simplistic sigils for servitors so they can easily be learned well enough to visualise without needing to rely on having the actual sigil itself on hand.

Jennika Husterling

So, have fun and try it out.

Next One

I have deployed another servitor which I intend to share later if things pan out well in testing. His purpose it to:

“Heal physical, psychological or mental ailments, trauma and pain, and to manipulate or transmute energies in conformity with this intentions”

He is not intended to replace proper medical treatment. So far he has only been in testing for a little over two weeks.

So far there appear to be some promising (albeit early stage) results in terms of pain and trauma, but far too early to draw any real conclusions.

Among his abilities, is the ability to channel certain healing energies I have attuned him to in order to feed himself (among other sources) but also to channel into his targets when doing so would be beneficial. I’m confident that he is doing the latter, but I’m not able to confirm yet whether he is doing the former.

So why am I telling you about him when he is still in such an experimental phase?

Because I think that to properly test him, he will need to be tested on people who can provide me with clearer feedback as to the experience and effectiveness over time.

So I am looking for volunteers to help with the testing. Please only volunteer if you have the time and the commitment to work with him regularly for a period of at least a month or two, and if you have something that needs healed of course.

Note that I expect that it will take him a much longer time to learn to assist with healing of physical ailments than things like pain levels and emotional trauma etc.
If you want to volunteer, please PM me. I will get back to you within a week or so with the sigil and instructions for use and other details etc.


Nice work on the fox! I find it interesting because I’ve made an energy manipulative servitor and also one for remotely influencing another’s mind- both with red fox type images.

It must be a fox thing :fox_face: :joy::woman_shrugging:


That is interesting. When I first started thinking about the concept, a fox just felt like the natural image to use

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can this servitor also just strengthen telepathic abilities or empower the summoner in any way?

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Ppl who used it please consider sharing your experience

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Excellent question.

That’s not within her scope. She augments the summoners telepathic session and (if so instructed) takes over the transmission for a period after the session.

In my view, the best way to strengthen telepathic abilities is ongoing practice.


Looks interesting!
Had a doubt, I am a reiki practicioner.Could I feed her or is it limited to owner only?

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Reynard is a clever chap.

Good question. As originally designed, it was owner only. The reason being that I didn’t want people feeding her energies that could potentially disrupt her or her work.
However, reiki is very unlikely to do that, and I feed her with it sometimes myself.

So I just called her in for a pendulum chat and asked if she would presently accept reiki from someone else. That was no. So I updated her instructions to specifically allow her to feed on reiki energy offered up by others who summon her (I kept this part exclusively to reiki). Checked in with her again and asked if she could now accept it and got a strong yes.
So when you call her in, you should now be able to feed her reiki.


I would like to volunteer for your new servitor.


I have just used jennika husterling, would you advise doing this daily or once every 3 days to allow her influence?

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That’s great!

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When it comes to telephathic work I definitely think frequency helps. So every day is fine. You can space it out more if that suits your practice or schedule more of course.

Thanks for volunteering to test the other too, I’ll DM you details shortly