Setting myself free

I’ve been going thru a financial bind for a while now, I recently began praying to Duchess Bune who has definitely gotten the ball rolling with employers getting back with me like never before. However I currently moved back in with my mom and older brother few months ago who hasn’t worked in years and my brother who has NEVER worked a day in his whole 31 years of living. She depends on my his ssi check every month to keep the rent/utilities paid for this in this apartment we’re in. Like I said, I’ve been getting great job opportunities, for instance I landed a $17 weekly pay job that’s literally 20 minutes from my home but couldn’t take it. I asked her if she would take me to the interview, she gave me a bunch of bullshit for not taking me. I was literally fucking livid. The type of mother I have would rather for me to depend on her my whole life, which means not only complaining and not willing to take me to any job, but having this false ass optimistic view of “things being alright” with me not working. I have a one year old daughter I’m mainly caring for as her emotionally abusive father has been trying to get back on his feet with a job after both a repo and eviction. Yet I’m dealing with a mother who won’t take me to a job because she believes people can just not work and breeze through life depending on others. She literally goes nowhere but to the store and back home so it’s not like she’s already working hard somewhere to where she’s too tired to take me back and forth to a job. I’m seeking advice on how I can influence my overbearing mother to understand that I’m trying to be an independent woman who enjoys having her own money, not waiting on a man or anyone else to give me what I want/need. To just support me in watching her only grandchild while I’m out trying to make a living so that I could eventually get myself a car to make things even easier. This is all I need her to understand. I’m actually considering dancing in a gentlemen’s club because I have entirely too much debt to pay off on top of my baby’s needs. I’m not saying all of this to say she’s a bad mother, I love her with all my heart. But shes greatly hindering me financially and emotionally. Almost as if she wants me to be stuck with her all my life like my brother.

Start by learning to drive, that way you can stop relying on her to take you everywhere.

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I know how to drive, I just need my own money to buy myself a car. She has never let me drive hers because it’s the only car she has and I guess she wants to be the only one to drive it. My brother never had one.

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King Paimon can help imo.


Thanks, I feel I could give him a try. It’ll be my first other than saying a prayer like I do with Bune. What offerings could I give him? I’d have to contact him in my bathroom because I never have any privacy with them here all the time. Last thing I would not want to do is offend the King by not having your traditional ritual set up.

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You can also use this technique:

It might be easier for you than summoning a demon you’re not familiar with.


There are many posts about him here ^^ I personally play music for him and spend time with him. I’m sure he’ll understand your circumstances. You can also do the technique Darkest Knight has linked, it works amazing.

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