Help with manipulative parents

Money that isn’t deposited or otherwise recorded can’t be “missing”.

It’s only missing if you knew there was something to be missed. Thats why I said cash.

Yes he was.


They’d see it in my transaction history that I went to an ATM


You’re not getting it.

I mean, working for cash money (or whatever way you can make cash) and never putting it into a known account or whatever.

You just stash it away.


It’s set up for a direct deposit and I think if I changed it or got a new job they’d figure it out

i might suggest you try to open a second bank account if possible to save / hide extra money, and petition wealth spirits for extra money to put into into it. Perhaps changing jobs in addition can help you lie and hide how much you’re making.


My magick advice is to ask a demon for advice.

My real-world advice is… Can you apply for an apartment with the money that you’re making (they’ll probably want your paystub) and then when you’re accepted into one just change your bank passwords/restrict their access/etc. and move out?

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Non magic answer: Are you in college? Can you live on campus and set aside money to get your own place? Can you take a semester abroad and then just don’t move back in (changing passwords and permissions)?

Magic answer:


What @crookedpathfinder is saying is making money that never goes into an atm. It doesn’t need to be withdrawn and won’t be on any sort of history on your bank account. No deposit or withdrawals or anything. Simply working maybe odd jobs for people, they pay in cash, and then you hide it away somewhere safe. You can save that up and when you have enough most places will accept money orders even which also won’t go through your bank.

You work with King Paimon right? I suggest you ask him about money advice.
You have to first detach yourself from your parents and understand and embody the fact that you have to get out of the hole they’ve dug on your own, any emotional attachment can interfere with the magick that you do for situations like this. I speak from experience. Because if you do something for yourself with people who are used to depending on you in a toxic way they will resist and challenge you. You have to stand your ground. I suggest you do shadow work and also ask your ancestors for help to build the strength to do so.

The next thing I recommend is asking Lord Belial to help, to remove the obstacles on your way to get independent. Void of harm, of course. How this manifested for me was I had to face my own family’s shadows, it was all at once so yeah it was difficult but today I am at a much better place. It is important that you stand your ground and are determined, will power will play a heavy role here. Your family probably has their own issues and trauma with money which they might project onto you. For example, them stopping you from moving out because they think you won’t be able to pay the bills on your own. Stuff like that. I suggest you already have. a plan of action in mind in how you’ll manage things mundanely and magickally after your move out if possible, so that you have one less thing to worry about.

As already mentioned, try to find a way to earn cash. And hide it. Save it with you. Idk about where you live but cash comes in pretty handy where I am.

Another thing I suggest is talking to your family’s higher self. This is something Lady Eva had suggested to me. Although I didn’t evoke back then, what I did instead was scan their connection to their higher self, and clean the cords of that connection. Thing of the connection as a pipe with rocks placed on them, you have to remove the rocks. This process might also be emotionally difficult, because if you’re family is used to projecting onto you, they will project whatever comes up onto you as well.

There is also E.A’s shameless manipulation method Which he had shared on YouTube.

King Paimon of course, apart from money matters can also help you move out.

Work from the inside out(as within, so without) what I mean is, prepare yourself with shadow work, do the magick, and set the ball rolling. As things unfold face them head on and you’ll get where you want.


I know your situation is different than mine, and it feels a little weird linking my own post, but I feel like you might get some ideas from this:

No I can’t with this job I’m trying to be a 911 dispatcher so I can leave

How do I do this🤔

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Hey friend, I’m sorry to hear this. I’ll try and give you my point of view.
First two demons that come to mind (if you do not want to go straight up baneful) are:


and my man Raum


My idea here is to play the manipulation card yourself: let them feel guilty of what they took from you, and let them give it back to you.
Both Andromalius and Raum should help you recover what has been altready stolen, and maybe put you in a better spot, where blackmailing would make them feel bad.

I’m proposing these two here because I had the chance to work/talk with them, and it seems to me that they are more than suitable for this job!

Let me know if I can help you further

EDIT: please let me know if I’m not allowed to post these kind of screenshots. If that’s the case, I’ll remove them immediately

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Evoke or scan

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Is there a way you could find work online that would pay though PayPal? Assuming they don’t have access to your paypal account. That way you could do extra work from home in your free time without them knowing. I started out working online by writing to small businesses and offering a free service to show the value of my work. If they were interested, I explained my rates. Maybe that’s an avenue you could pursue.

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Never thought of that actually🤔

If this job pays you enough to get an apartment, my question was whether you can apply for one. Then move out when you’re accepted. And when you move out change your account info.

Forgive me if I’m missing something, but I don’t know why you’re current job means you can’t do this. Do you have to have the Dispatcher job first? Can you do magick to get it?

With Covid, there’s lot of remote jobs available. Can you double up on work (in the short term) and get a job that direct deposits (or whatever else) into a different account?

My current job makes 11$ an hour on 10-19 hours a week

This job starts at 17$ an hour on 12 hour based shifts

And with the current job I have and that poor time and money plus her taking half of it out…I’ll never have enough for another 10 ish years if I rely on this job so I need an actual career not be a bagger for the rest of my life cause I’d never leave becoming a bagger then they just vacuum more money off me

Why are you working anywhere for $11/hr? I’m assuming you’re in the US and older than 16. Walmart pays $17/hr in some positions. Almost any job will pay at least $15. I say, stop being so focused on this dispatcher job and just get a hold of anything until you’re in a better place.

I’ll recommend Belial, Baal, Dantalion, Sargatanas, Ipos.


Hey bud, I just wanted to say that I’ve been where you’re at right now, and I can absolutely empathize. But - I got out. It IS possible. I’ve been out for about 9 years.

It’s hard, and it’s scary, but you can do it. If you can get this dispatcher job, use it to get out of their house asap - most apartments require 2 pay stubs for approval. At this point I would be casually looking for studio apartments if you’re dead set on living alone. Another way to get out would be finding someone who’s already looking for a roommate, as rooms + your share of utilities/bills would likely be less than a studio apartment.

Figure out what you already own that you want to keep, and what you’re okay with leaving behind, to replace at a later date. Clothing for all weather types should be prioritized. Sentimental items, too. Put them in boxes/bags in your closet. If your parents ask, say something along the lines of “I felt like organizing, it was getting a little too messy in my room for my liking”.

Do you have your personal legal paperwork? Birth certificate, social security card. (Assuming you’re in the US since you used 911 instead of 999 or whatever other countries use)

If your parents have them, you’re gonna have to get a little sneaky about it. If you can’t find/hide them, they CAN be replaced. It’s a bit of a hassle, but absolutely doable.

Lastly, I would highly suggest using the dispatcher job as a stepping stone. Stay at it for a year or two. Use that experience to land a dispatch job for trucking/logistics companies - they pay a LOT better. Trucking and logistics is a huge industry, especially with how the world is right now. Working as a 911 dispatcher will demonstrate that you have the skills to prioritize and stay calm under pressure: very desirable in the logistics world.

Actually lastly, as soon as you’re out, open a new bank account that your parents don’t have access to. Close the one(s) they do have access to, if that’s an option.

For real super duper lastly, your parents are financially abusing you. They do not have your best interest at heart. After getting out, you may find yourself EXCEPTIONALLY angry with them, like pure rage. Don’t let it consume you. Put your parents on an information diet. “Yeah I’m doing fine, but I actually have to get off the phone because I’m having dinner soon/going for a walk/meeting with my friend’s dog’s dentist/whatever, bye”. Don’t give them any more information than you would a work acquaintance.

It’s hard. You can do this. Good luck.