Spells of submission?

Do any of you know effective submission spells? Let’s say there is a very annoying boss in the workplace. Is there any spell to make him stop bothering me and to make him do what I want? I prefer simple (but powerful) spells, as I don’t have a lot of material available.

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Simplest trick you could try is to put your boss’s name on the insole of your shoe. It’s a hoodoo trick, but I believe there are references to this in the PGM.

As for most powerful? Anything could be powerful so long as you know what you want.

I’ve even written my former boss’s names on a piece of paper and then urinated on it(in the toilet). Worked a treat on both occasions.


What would happen if I put my own name inside of my shoe?

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Are there other spells as well?

Of course! You need to work with kamea of Saturn, write the name of the Boss who troubles you summon Azazel and/or Zazel to help you. With some sigil magic you can combine the one from the kamea with the sigil you do giving a task and empower it through Azazel saying:

Itzrel Itzrel Azazel


Get a book called “The magick of influence”, it has what you’re looking for and much more that will be useful for years to come.


I also have candles available, so advice is accepted

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You could try this, it only requires you and your feelings/your own energy and thoughts you want them to have.


With every step you take you are dominating them. Obviously put your conscious thought into it. See the outcome you seek.

Or you could create a servitor that will make them weak and submissive towards you.

Or evoke a demon from the Goetia. Many of them have the power to subjugate someone to your will. Select the demon according to the intensity you want them to feel submissive.

That’s what I would do.


I honestly might try this

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Is there a simple and effective ritual that involves the use of seals and / or candles? I really like the idea of ​​creating a seal with a very specific purpose. Unfortunately I have not found much information regarding the loading of the seal, and how to use it. Could you give me a brief summary? I create the seal using Saturn’s magic square, but do I have to create it in Saturn’s planetary hour, on a waning moon? How do I make it active for a purpose afterwards?


Best to do it on saturdays then, hour is not so important but would be better at night