A powerful layered love spell


I said I’d write about them, so here we are.

I’ll tell you guys about a powerful combination of spirits that will help you get nearly anyone you desire.

Usually people recommend not to call on different spirits for the same task - but fuck that. Don’t give a fuck about shit like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So here is an approach that takes advantage of layering the different specialties of each spirit, in order to gain maximum effectiveness.

Oh, and if you have any problems with bending the will of others, with love spells and shit like that - I don’t really give a fuck.

First off, my man Belial.

Start off with Belial - call on him to remove any limiting thoughts, beliefs, emotions the target may have towards being with you, and to see you as supremely high status.

Belial is perfect for this - he doesn’t give a fuck about any limitations the person may have, and destroys them right away.


Call on Sallos.


Sallos will help bring you closer to your target and incite a long-term love in your target.

He will have a powerful effect throughout the whole of the operation, as the love for you grows inside your target.

Call on him to incite crazy love in your target for you, as well as passion.

Move onto Dantalion.


Dantalion is a master of manipulating the thoughts and feelings of a target.

He could be compared to King Paimon - except that his specialty is love and lust related feelings and thoughts.

Call on him to make your target think about you constantly and to love you, as well as make the target’s feelings and thoughts known to you.

And of course, Sitri


Come on, you knew this was coming.

My man Sitri - call on him to make you extremely irresistible and attractive to your target, to give you a lustful aura, to make your target yield to your seduction, and to lust after you.

He can incite crazy amounts of lust in your target - also try calling him just before you meet your target to incite lust in them, to take advantage of this amazing ability of his.

Then - Rosier.


Rosier is an extremely subtle and gentle spirit. Call on him, and you will notice more and more of that sweet loving energy between you and your target.

As you work with him on this, he will also likely show you how to love yourself more, which will help you attract your target more.

Finally - Ladilok.


As you can see, Ladilok is good for bending the woman to your will. Call on her to do just that - to bring the woman to you and make her yours fully. If you’re a girl and are looking to cast a love spell on a guy - you’re gonna have to pass on this one.

In combination with the other 5 spirits, Ladilok is going to be icing on the cake, and make everything easier.

Evoke each one of these spirits (you can do one grandiose ritual or just do it one by one), and don’t be afraid of layering your magick.

As long as you do it correctly, it’s fine. Use the guidelines I just gave you, and don’t be afraid to make your own ritual with these spirits.

That’s all.

Have fun. :wink: :smiling_imp:


Great thread I will use it if needed. Maybe I will do 3 days with belial, 3 with sallos,etc


i love this Fire. You have the kind of attitude and audacity that i like to see on here. Got any success stories to share from this?


I love this and my thinking is the same. Why only ask one to do it? Isn’t more better? If you work in teams even if you don’t particularly like people you usually get a better result. One person might come up with really good ideas but be bad at ordering them, the next might be good at getting things in order, but not at coming up with ideas and both are bad at drawing, third person is good at drawing diagrams but sucks at the first 2 and all three hate public speaking but there is someone who is excellent at it. So for something like this, yes it makes sense, especially if you know the person is strong willed


Also I have evoked all these at different times so evoking one after another and putting them to work all at once sounds good


I will replace ladilok with Gremory.


Why gremory?

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Just because I don’t trust Koettings stuff, tbh


Hmmm, I get your point, but Ladilok is good at overcoming free will and Gremory can but not for long periods so maybe just add Gremory to it as well


Or just leave ladilok and Gremory out and put in Vual or Astaroth. I think the first five should be enough, really.


Well you would think so but if you’re talking about a strong willed person I think the extra nudge might be helpful


claps I really like layered work. The process of planning what spirits and symbols to call upon is a great way for immersion. Love it! @Globalitz If you don’t trust Koetting’s stuff, then why are you on his forum, hmm? Just a question.


Ok, just did this with the addition of Gremory in there. Will let you know what happens.


I should say I like his baneful works stuff but not his “Spirits” who I think are though forms, and the members here are great. I love the forum and the people on here.


So I wonder if this spell could be used to get rid of rivals for a person?


Fair enough. I was just curious. I really haven’t read a book of his that I didn’t like or at least learn something from aside from the first edition of the Spider and the Green Butterfly but the newest version is really good, if a little short.


So who would be better instead of ladilock for someone who would want a guy?


Ive felt drawn to Beleth recently. Any chance i could use them instead of sallos or with?


Try Beleth and Amducius. Beleth can arouse obsessive love in your target, while Amducius can bend their will.


Of course. You can do instead, or with. Ask them to work in unison, because their ways of working are different.