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Hi everyone. Sorry for the long post and also I am not native,bear with my English language. I am with my SP from last 11years like from school to now. Some years ago his parents disapprove our marriage because of caste system we have back home. We both are upper though but different.
After some months, My SP backed off for marriage like totally. Its been years now we are still together but no talk for marriage and if we do, It goes in horrible fight and separation for months.

He loves me a lot as we are together from like childhood but no hope for marriage from his side. My parents knows about him and keep on asking me for marriage because In my community we do marriage before 30 somehow. So its a lot of pressure on me. Also, His family is pressurizing him to marry as well so I am little scared and of course in hurry. (Still having patience and belief)

I decided to work with some demons.
Duke Sallos: Deep love
Duke Amducias: For change his will
Duke Dantalion: For change his thoughts
Orias: SP determined to marry me.
Prince seer: decided to marry me fast as possible.

Can somebody tell me powerful ritual or suggestions/advice or anything on this situation.
Also, If anyone suggest me working with anyone else, much appreciated.

Sorry if I didn’t follow any rules here.


Sounds good: maybe add in that Dantalion also works on his parents opinions, as they’re the block not him really.


Enslave her emotionally

Go for it

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Hi Aparichit, Hope you are doing great. Can you tell me the rituals or like how to do it? Should I invoke all demons once?
Should I go it for like weekly basis? Whats your opinion?

A powerful layered love spell[Chek this ]

Chek this also

Evoke spirit one bye one

And give different spirit different task

Send spirit one bye one on separate task

Start with small

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Thank you so much.

And also, What do you think about GOM book methods for evocation?

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Demons of magick. Can I PM you?

Yes message me brother

King Belial or Queen (or King, depending how they come to you) Beleth to remove any limiting thoughts or obstacles that are preventing him from talking about marriage respectfully & tactfully. There has to be a reason he wants to fight about it whenever you two talk about marriage. It’s one thing to not be ready, but it can be talked about like an adult without horrible fighting and months long separations.

Whenever I need someone to cut the shit, grow up and be straightforward with me, I call on Belial. I call on Queen Beleth to destroy anything getting in the way of free flowing love and respect between myself and whomever.

Good luck.

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Seems reasonable to me, but if it doesn’t work, even if it does, I would give a very broad, open request to a demon or multiple demons, however it is you like to do things. If you do that, you can trust that the demon(s) will be acting to fulfill your request.

If you give a bad request to a wise being, you should be pleased when this being presents you with a better alternative.

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