How to get a Man to be mine ? DIFFICULT Case

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I have a Man whom I love truly and he is a bit difficult in Chara. I had a Relationship with him for a Year now and I was not allowed to name another Man who I loved before. So I did not and he had tested me time and time again and sometimes screamed at me . He is a difficult Case but he is also warm and loving. I guess he is One who can not let go of his Past (he lived in the DDR). I tryed everything and I still want him so please tell me how to cus I can not let go of him and I feel there is something still left in him for me.

love magic like this can be dangerous if you aim to make him fall in love with you again,
as it’s against his will and will cause you both more harm than good.
I recommend contacting
Agares, for the sake of expressing yourself properly to your partner to make him understand.
(Camio also helps with making someone see your Wisdom and make them realise the fault in their ways)

“If you need help communicating for something important or telling someone how you really feel? Agares is your man” Goetia Guide

Barbatos, for the sake of healing hurt feelings and bringing misunderstandings to light. good luck

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Maybe this will help but remember true lasting love starts with you loving yourself and realizing your true value. Stay safe and be careful. :heartpulse:


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I would say to maybe work with Prince Sitri, he can cause two people to fall in love and also help people remember why they fell in love with each other in the first place.