Love spells... When its time to stop?

so i did this spell in the format of a letter of intent, drawing the sigils in red in one face of the paper and writing what i wanted them to do in the other, i gave sexual energy to the letter, then burned it and sent the ashes to the toilet

after some days, i was laying down after meditating and i imagined and fantasized about this ritual feeling all the physical and psychic sensations in the chakras and i entered in a trance sending my… will
after this i slept

i already contacted sitri and sallos before to work on this person
the funny thing is that isn’t a completely impossible thing, this person told more than once that he loves me, that he wanted to kiss me and we already told each other about our “stranger” feelings about each other (also we are best friends and perhaps the only persons in the world that we feel comfortable to talk about anything and everything without restrictions)
…but he believes he’s in love with his ex (yes, BELIEVE, but i don’t know if this is good or bad for me)
when its time to stop doing magick for this purpose? when its time to stop casting spells to make what i want happening?


i was even considering about evoking belial tonight to help with this, but i know that he really don’t have limitations and don’t like to be told what to do so i hesitated

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Definitely never place spell remnants in the toilet when trying to bring something TO YOU brother.


!!! All that lovely work down the pan !!!


i thought it was a way of consumating it just like burning… it happens…
do you advice remaking the spell?

THATS A VERY SAD SITUATION TO ME but i laughed a bit

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What do YOU believe? Is he someone worth having and you have the resources, looks like a full moon energy - do the spell again and figure out how to dispose nicely…

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didn’t get it

oh you think i should do something like breaking this last spell for it doesn’t affect my will

Look outside in the sky - phase of the moon - good for love spells…

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Yes. Bury the remnants on your property


I recommend never doing this with rituals meant to be a positive benifical outcome. Essentially shooting yourself in the foot with this spell wise. Only context i can think of where this would be wise is a handful of curses and banishing rituals. Even then that comes with a rick on the plumbing. :thinking:

As serpens_album bury the remains on your property or scatter them at a moving body of water, crossroads, or relevant direction which can differ depending on the system. :alien:


i did the spell last night without using paper or any tools, just saying my intent to the spirits and asking each one for help
the thing is: should i banish my own older spell? i even feel caring less about the results after doing the ritual

right now i’m so confused about what i should do: break the last spells, let the spirits just act and stop completely caring about it bc… well, its done
belial can break anything that separates me from getting what i want, i asked him about this when i evoked him, so i think the second its the better option and i should really chill out

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I guess I’ve been lucky. I always burn my sigils or petitions and then flush them down the toilet and I have not had any problems, but what has been said on this thread about flushing ashes makes a lot of sense.

Next time I make a sigil or do a petition, I will take the ashes and dump them at a crossroads. Maybe the results will manifest faster or maybe not as fast. Who knows.

I have a really strong will so maybe that is why the toilet flushing has not hurt my sigils or petitions or maybe it’s because I have a magic toilet. So many maybes. Only one way to find out for sure. Learn something new everyday, that is what makes this site so great.


I have also flushed the ashes of burned sigils with no issues, though my preferred method of disposal is to release them to the winds.

I read somewhere (not sure if it was one of EA’s books or not) that sigils should be disposed of in the elements, which means burned and the ashes given to the winds, or buried, or given to moving water such as a river, and flushing them does qualify as moving water. As I said, I have had no problems with doing so.


Hmmm…did you know that when we are sitting on the toilet…

…we’re in a moment of weakness and vulnerability. It’s probably one of the most vulnerable moments in our daily lives. When you take a dump, what could you possibly do when you’re interrupted? :man_shrugging:

I would have scattered the ashes with the wind, or bury it in the soil.


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