Success story - got what I wanted for so long, but am not sure anymore

Hello. Long time, no post. When I first embarked on this magickal journey, I did it to bring back my ex at the time. Long story short, summer of 2018, this girl I had a relationship with dumped me, although we both still had feelings for eachother. I suffered like crazy and after losing all hope, decided to turn to magick to bring her back and also develop myself. I tried a lot of things: evocations, Gordon Winterfeld’s Demons of Magick book, Magickal Seduction by Damon Brand, Santa Muerte, etc. I only got small results regarding my problem but I got a ton of other girls offering to me instead. Eventually I began a relationship with another girl who was a lot like my ex, but a little younger and way more open and awesome. We clicked, and still do, like crazy. Here are some posts from back then if anyone is interested in going through them, if not, skip ahead.

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And this is the post where I talk more in detail about how I met this girl who is similar to mt ex
Giving thanks - Success story, but in a different way

So now that I got this out of the way, the reason why I am writing this post and will also reference it in the user success stories, is that in a way, I want to give thanks to all the gods again because guess what? Out of the blue, my ex contacted me 2 weeks ago, saying that she still thinks of me and still sufferes, although she tried moving on, and would like to talk to at least ease her chest off of all of this. Mind you, we haven’t talked in forever, don’t follow eachother on social media and I gave up a while ago although would still think about her from time to time. So I agreed, although I was and still am in a relationship with her “doppleganger”. Long story short, I went to her place, we talked and one thing led to another and we had make-up sex. It was amazing and in a way, I got all I wanted almost 2 years ago and right now I’m seeing both girls. Please don’t judge me, that’s not the point here. I will give thanks to the gods at the end of this post, but right now I’m in the biggest dilema of my life. Who to choose? Because I can’t be with both of them at the same time.

On one hand I have my ex who I am very familiar with and although we broke up a while ago, we still remained connected in a way, meaning that we would still both have dreams of each other, flashbacks, somehow felt when one was feeling sad, etc and all of this without staying in touch. It’s hard to explain, but that’s the gist of it. But while I did a lot of things since we broke up and changed and really feel like I’ve evolved as a person, she pretty much stayed the same.

On the other hand, her “doppleganger” is amazing. She is ambitious, we communicate sooooo good, we get along really really really well, I learned a lot from her, traveled with her, and the list is too long to write everything here. Basically, I feel like we both lift each other up and can be 120% myself aroud her and it’s amazing.

Now, you would think this was an easy choice, right? Well, it isn’t. I just feel like I can’t choose. It’s going to sound extremelly superficial, but I think her “doppleganger” would be the safe choice, but I used to long so much for my ex and now that I finally got her back I kinda want her, but kinda don’t? Plus that, I don’t know why, but I feel more attracted to her and it makes me feel so guilty because this other person is so amazing and I still can’t make up my fucking mind. I know it sounds stupid and childish and even contradicts what I’ve said above that I’ve grown and evolved, but oh well. In a way, I am writing this to also maybe get some clarity. I don’t expect help or whatever because I know it’s a decision I have to make and whatever I choose, is going to be equally hard.

I wasn’t intending on ranting this much about this but here we are. Also, tomorrow I will have my first dose of mushrooms because I want to experiment with that and I believe it will help me better understand myself and grow, so wish me luck. Maybe it will also help me with my decision? Who knows.

In conclusion, I eventually got what I wished for and if you disregard the fuckedupness of this story, I hope it will help someone one day because I know a lot of people went through painful breakups and tried everything. Also, sorry if this post doesn’t make much sense, my head and thoughts are all over the place. Now, as a final note and I don’t want to be disrespectful in any way, I don’t know if me getting what I wished and ached for a while back has anything to do with magick, angels and demons and rituals. Maybe this is really a result of it or maybe it’s just faith. As I’ve said, we broke up still having strong feelings for eachother and maybe back then, it wasn’t the right time. But regardless, I’m going to do my part, so Thank You:
-Lord Lucifer
-Lord Satan
-King Belial
-King Paimon
-King Beleth
-Prince Sitri
-Duke Sallos
-Duke Dantalion
-Duke Agares
-Marquis Amon
-Prince Ipos
-Marquis Orias
-Guardian Angel Asaliah
-Santa Muerte (I don’t work with her anymore)

Much love. Hail Satan and all of the Angels and Demons!

P.S. Regarding Santa Muerte, I promised her I would dedicate myself to her if I got back with my ex, but after reading this:
Giving thanks to Santa Muerte (Love spell)

I’m not so sure if I even praied to the real Santa Muerte (again, don’t want to be disrespectful) and as a user later says in the post:

so I’m not sure if I should still go through with that because at that time I even told her I would buy a statue of her but from what the user above says, that’s not really the correct way? Anyway, hope this thank you post will be enough. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

P.P.S. I love this forum and community and ever since I discovered it, I learned a lot about a lot and people were so nice and helpful. So cheers to all of you, you are awesome!


What does your emotional compass say? It seems the ex just might want you back because you found someone better , you are going to be a fool if you go back to the ex, then what happens when she decides to call it off again? Cut the cord with the ex bro , this is a no brained


Maybe I forgot to mention but none of them know about the others existence. Scumbag me, I know

You were able to find love with someone new, this vibration caused the ex to return, once you go back to the ex and she decides she sick of you again , the vibration will be despair and loneliness , then there will be no girl at all and you will regret passing up the new one, if the love was there it wouldn’t of ended bro


You make a good point. Thank you. I will meditate on this and will take action soon.

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Perhaps the “doppleganger” was the work of the spirits bringing the woman that you wanted back to you. They brought her back to you in a more refined state as a new person. :slight_smile: In your situation, I would ask Duke Dantalion about it: He gives excellent counsel on these matters. I’ve gone through something similar to this.


The be fair, my ex is a little more attractive than the doppleganger, although the doppleganger has a more toned body if that makes sense and is practically better in every other way. Fuck this is confusing as hell :joy:


dude ur fucking lucky. i been trying to get my ex for a while now. Quick question, what spell do u think that was effective to make this happen ?


Honestly, at this point in time, I really don’t know because I tried a lot back then. But as I’ve said, I don’t think that this is the result of all those spells, just a continuation of what we had. She doesn’t seem to be bound in any way or miserable or any of those things that come with forcing someones will


Just stay with the new girl, you’ve praised her so much in comparison with your ex that no matter what dilemma you think you have it’s practically you being greedy. No offense of course, I don’t know you. But if you feel meh about your ex, then better let her find someone who will think she’s amazing like you do for your current gf.


None taken. You’re probably right. Thanks so much!

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Just curious on an update! also, while working your spells was it a daily routine? or just once and put your mind at ease? It looks like a combination of both.


Back then, I tried a lot of things, including spells that required daily casting, but eventually I just gave up and would only just think of her from time to time, not very often


sounds like letting go was what helped push things along. I’m at the most difficult point, desperation. Without going to far into detail, besides losing sleep, weight, and my mind I’m looking for answers in magick, daemons, or anything just to find some solace.


I hope you sorted out your dilemma. I’m curious which one you decided on and if you were happy with your choice? Of course I’m just being nosey and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. I’d say overall you got great results either way. I’d say the lesson in this is that sometimes having choices forces you to look within to learn more about yourself and your motives.

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Who did you pick?

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What happened in the end? Who did you choose?

@Closetwitch @DragonLady

Sorry for the very late reply. In the end I choose my ex only to realise that I’ve outgrown her and the whole situation, so I eventually left and was lucky enough that her doppelganger agreed to get back together


LHP do not judge. Morality is overrated.
I’m happy for you, this does confirm two major feats regardin love spells:

  1. Lusting for results kills it all
  2. Love spells only works with women/men you actually already had a relationship

This isn’t quite true. Things may go smoother if you had a prior relationship, yes…but it’s not a prerequisite for success.