Help transforming my "straight" crush to my bisexual sex pet

Hello all,

First off, I am new here (and to magick in general) and I want to start off by saying how impressed I am with these forums and the posts from other users. There’s a ton of useful information on here and most of it is straight to the facts, no bullshit and no pushing agendas. I love it!

Now that’s out of the way, I’ll jump right into it:
I’m looking for very specific beginner-friendly instructions on how to make my crush become my sex pet.
But it’s a little more complicated. First of all he’s a man and so am I. Secondly, he says he is straight.
Furthermore, I confessed my feelings to him last year and we have barley spoken ever since. But before I told him, our bond was so strong he was by my side day through night every chance he got. I assume it’s the fear of social rejection more than anything, but I am not here for relationship or moral advice. I just need help to change these unfortunate circumstances please.

I’ve already created a honey jar last week & I’m actually burning a candle on it as I write this. I tried some other “call me” and chanting spells I’ve read online; but those sites are nowhere as legit as this.

So I have read that Belial is probably the entity who may be best suited with convincing my crush, but I have never summoned a spirit before and a little worried I could fuck up with who else but King of Evil? lol… With that being said, if he is my only resort then I’ll need some guidance from experienced users as to what to do. I prefer not to use blood, but I’ll do what I must. I’ve also read about some other spirits that may be able to help on here: A powerful layered love spell However, I’m not sure if this applies to Male-to-Male relations.

There was also this one: Powerful Love Ritual
but the two concerns I had for this one is 1. Does it work for m2m? and 2. I only want him to be obsessed with me. I don’t want to cast a spell that’s going to make me any more crazy for him than I already am lol!

I should mention that I do not have any deeply affectionate items. No hair, no nails! What I have is:

  1. His business card (I can’t remember if he handed it to me or I took it out of his box)
  2. A vaporizer he sold me, he might have touched it.
  3. 2 ashtrays he gifted to me. He definitely touched those 100%
  4. I have pictures and screenshots of his face, as recent as today (from that snap lol)

Also, I’ve read that I should not contact him after performing these spells. I should instead wait for him to call me. Is this true? Because earlier today when I was mediating over the candle, I got a notification from snapchat that he posted a story. totally random - I’m not subscribed to those notifications but it’s not a direct message to me. It’s just a public post. I really wanted to comment on it but I remembered that I read I should not be the one to initiate the contact… so any clarifications on that would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much if you’ve read this far, I really hope you can help out with some advice and instructions! Wishing you all the best of luck and only success with all your endeavors!


I mean, I’m not an expert but love magick when forced on someone doesn’t always go well.

Two, you can’t change someone’s sexuality. Unless he hasn’t fully figured it out or is questioning or something. However if he’s straight I’m not sure I see this going well for you.

The most I could see is somehow influencing him to lust for you? However it might not last because:
A) his sexuality
B) his will
C) he might have protection + guides who won’t be so happy

However I will let more experienced forum members out in some input.


Try working with the Lady of Aarab Zaraqh, Venus Ilegitima and also Astaroth.


Have you reached out to @C.Kendall about this one?

It’s really really strong. It can cause up to and including the target taking their own life. So I would proceed with caution with that ritual.

I always say I hate love spells let I always comment on them. I’m a Libra and ruled by Venus, and just love love.

But as @Mind_Seeker20 mentioned forced love spells don’t always work. So you could be putting a lot of hope and energy into something that doesn’t work.

I haven’t come across changing someone’s sexuality so I am not 100% sure this can be done.

If you do cast spells for love or anything don’t lust for results. Cast the spell or do the ritual and don’t think about it.


That and I’ve heard that it’s easier to do love magick to say bring a lover into your life vs targeting a specific person. Or maybe that was the law of attraction stuff.


Yes then while there had to be a seed to grow concept.


Thank you all for your replies.
No, I haven’t contacted @C.Kendall yet but I will definitely try to consult him before attempting that spell. And I understand your point but as I said earlier, we were together like 24/7 before I confessed to him. He would FaceTime me naked straight out of the shower. That’s why I put “straight” in quotation marks. I only assume he hasn’t been with men before but he has his secrets. He may just not understand his or accept his sexuality yet either, as we are both in our 20s. All I know is we had a really special bond definitely more than friends, he risked his life for me. Either way, there’s no deterring me from my goal, I’m too focused on this. I just want to get it right…


Can you tell me where to read more about Lady of Aarab Zaraqh please, I can’t find anything.

Don’t read too much into it. I send naked pictures to my friends all the time for advice and will answer video calls in the bath or such. (Female). I’m not into them just comfortable. What is happening to yoh I have seen with a gay and straight friend. It truly did ruin a relationship because he wasn’t into him and he thought that the gay friend was laying and using him And all he could think of was the guy only seeing him as someone sexual toy.

So this freak out is something that comes for straight men. I can in women but it seems
Like women handle it better and take it better.


Huge tip on this don’t focus on it as you are casting. Lusting for results pretty much ruins the work. Also don’t do too much. Too much Magick will also make it so the spells don’t work.

I have a question for you. How much Magick have you used in the past?


Venus Ilegitima is a powerful Goddess, somehow reminds me of Sodom and Gomorrha. Very old spirit, very powerful. Anyways She might be able to help in such a difficult situation of Love matter involving bisexuality


I hear you, but at this point he hasn’t talked to me in a year. So what’s the worst that could happen? I’m going to do the spells and give them all that I’ve got, then I’ll be sure to update the forum and let everyone know what happens in a weeks, months or years time.

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You know I might have a spell from her but it’s an love attraction. Do you think it would work or it’s too general?

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I’ll give it a shot, I’d love it if you’d share it with me :slight_smile:

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I have a huge soft spot for LBQT+ Relationships so I am rooting for you. I can try to help as much as I can.


Well try it, tell us more about it and keep us informed :+1:


Ok I will. Man I wish this post was last month. All of my spells for October in the book I am
Using for monthly spell work was love. My poor partner was the guinea pig for a lot of them. I had to skip some too because I was scared of messing with what’s natural there. But if all
Works out I have an amazing but long binding ritual.


Yea we can give it a shot. I will DM it to you when I am home and can take a picture from my BOS.


Thank you!

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What kind of Magick have you used in the past?