What it takes to perform a love spell And send a message

The love spell is used to increase the bond he’s looking for, Making a new love that I’m looking for, I’m not talking to the girl I’m in love with, I’m not flirting with her, I met her boyfriend next to him in a cafe in July, I had no chance to talk, It was just eye contact that turned between us,If what I want now is, I want her to send me a dm, So there’s no chance for me to talk to her outside on the street, I rarely see her anyway, she has an internship at the hospital, there is no way to talk in that environment.I’m following her, texted and she didn’t return, Mind manipulation will come into play here, We’ll text me and meet, Then I can perform a love spell, Which one is expert at manipulating

I am also a new member on here, primarily interested in learning love-magick and love spells. I am not an expert, but from what I’ve understood you can either go about performing the spell yourself or summon an entity to carry out the spell for you.

Since I’m inexperienced, I will yield to the regular members, but I will share these links for you to look into:

This is in case you wanted to perform the spell yourself:

This is if you decide to summon a demon to do the magick:

That one does list multiple entities and suggests you call them all for the same project but I have been advised otherwise:

So just keep that in mind…

Oh, and you may receive a lot of backlash (probably not as much as I did due to the nature of my request) so get ready lol!

A lot of the experienced users made some valid points as to some of the potential damages and possible outcomes that could backfire. It’s worth reading their replies here

(although they may not all apply to your situation, since it’s a heterosexual relation) but it’s important to understand these consequences before altering with free-will. At least you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into… Personally, I think it’s worth it :scream:

Most importantly, I wish you the best of luck and hope you do manifest the type of love you desire (with or without the use of magick) :blush:

Love spells are tricky and they fail a lot. A
Simple search of the forum will show you some of the worst and best results with a love spell. Love spells when there are a seed of love are slightly easier to cast. Forced love is really really hard.

Now there’s a warning especially with the spell from C.Kendall some Side effects/backfire could lead up to mental decline in the the target that leads up to their death. The harsh truth is targets can commit suicide against their will.

So the first thing I want you to do is stop and Reflect on the worse case scenario. Will you be ok mentally and emotionally if she kills herself. This isn’t a normal thing at all it’s just making sure you can handle it.

If you find you are ok with it. They best advice I can give you is not to Lust for results whatever the spell is and don’t do too much Magick because both with cancel out what you want and make it even more harder to get what you want.

I would also start with attraction spells and then move up from there. This way you can learn your personal Magick and know what is best for you to cast.

As a guy whit a lit of lust, live experience lets say hundees of spells on love, i will purifu first do the 9 cords spell here, then a chicke heart whit pins and picture of her, and a char bag yo carry ehit u. Sp 3 spells in a week. About chickenheart and pins lilith sounds perfect yocall fortis case.

That’s not possible

Think they mean chicken heart, which you can get if you butcher a chicken, or at some butcher shops. The local grocery store probably doesn’t have it, but it’s nearly Thanksgiving, so sometimes you will see odd parts in the meat department if they do the processing locally/in house. If they don’t, you can usually ask about getting things like that and have them order it in.

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It’s funny you just said that because I just got some for the dog as a treat since they are never there. But they are drained of all blood. I don’t know if that matters for this.

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Debatable on whether or not it matters. Probably not, but if you were doing a curse it would be useful for when you pinned it and the blood all drained out- symbolism. The blood could also be used for other things, if you drained it yourself, but that might require butchering the chicken yourself. :woman_shrugging:

It’s not hard to get chickens live and take them to a butcher with special requests though. My ex used to buy them and take them from the farm to the butcher cuz it was like $3 per chicken to get it done instead of buying it by the pound.

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You can pick up chicken hearts at a grocery store or a butcher shop. Piercing needles/pins can be difficult but is possible. I’ve used it in other workings.

Although an idea for love might be to take two chicken hearts, split them open (not easy but doable), write the names to be involved on two pieces of tiny paper, stuff them into the hearts, sew the slit in the hearts together, and then bind the two hearts into one bundle, possibly with the nine knot spell cord.

Beef heart might make the spell above easier, but chickens have a more…Spring like quality.

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Thanks guy for translation and tes u can buy chicken hearts and gizzards ux in a package good ritual tho reeber each pin is a wish so love me lust for me etc, aso i did a spell tat is call the siren songs which is free online at 3 am sat morning by 934 a chick tex me thanks for the drinks i dnt see tis chixk for a week and she tx me back, and yes she was one of them on the spell. By 4 now.


Yes multiply rituals repeat up to 9 ties and always purify first. 9 ties each ritual not give up.

Call lulith for the chicken heart

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Your english is so great that autocorrect feature doesn’t even work

I am thinking to turn my off

But can u recommend me some death curses

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Just because u used chicken the girl became chick and she started texting u

Are u eating chicken at 3 am while listening songs

Chicken or chick heart ???

I just cant stop reading your old posts
Keep up I luv u

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People and shopkeeper stare at me

Just chicken heart …

Want to give this spell a try

“They best advice I can give you is not to Lust for results whatever the spell is and don’t do too much Magick because both with cancel out what you want and make it even more harder to get what you want.”

Also- make sure protection is in place.
If they’re strong willed- they can fire back at you w/out even knowing what they’re doing. Then you have a disaster on your hands. Trust me.

When the heart is involved the rules change a bit. Manipulating the mind is so much easier.

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Try writing a pretty little poem. Just be cute and clever. Don’t worry about writing a masterpiece. Think about the person you’re attracted to. Imagine yourselves in a private comfortable heartwarming scene, like a sofa in front of a fireplace or a balcony under the stars. Put some nice words together, whatever feels nice. Quality wordsmithing isn’t required at all. Don’t mention sex directly, but hide it in the symbolism.

Say it out loud, but speak gently. Bend the words to make them rhyme. Imagine your lovers face as their heart is lifted by your gesture. Imagine how good it would feel if they had written the same poem for you, and recited it for you. Take a few moments to daydream about that feeling.

Commit the poem to memory and commit yourself to saying it to your lover as soon as possible. Put the written version somewhere safe. I suggest a box under your bed, but any special place is good.

A dream of love is a good thing to keep. If the person you’re aiming at doesn’t come through, say that poem to the next person who gives you a chance. Pretend you came up with it on the spot because they are beautiful and inspiring.

“Love poems are never lies.” -Freya