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Hey I’m really need your advice here.

So I found out about that the person I’m trying to reconcile with has a huge anger towards me. Because of many love spells and pacts and evocations of spirits I think the love is there but covered with this huge anger.

Who would you call, or what do you suggest to make the target think positive and remove this huge anger?
Also many reading pointed out that the target wants to be with me but blocks keep away to happen.

Also there is an influence by friends and family who is hating me and so I’m think they all Influence the thinking of the target.


Any love god/dess will do. I primarily go to Freya as she is a master at reconciling love between people and will spite those who cross her or cross the ones she works with. Aphrodite would also do but I’ve never gone to her if I’m honest.

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And a simple evocation or something else?

Also sadly that anger is hardly inside the target and dating other people.

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Also I’m afraid about that I invoke love gods might confuse her because she dating others.

Others opinion ?

Here is a good layered love ritual that will address several possible issues.

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Simple invocations usually work-by love it doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll try to get her with you, it can be anything such as platonic love. She can also help with love of yourself if you wish it to be so. Up to you to decide what you wanna do

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Are you saying that your constant love spells and work on the person has caused them to feel angry towards you?

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No not that, in a timeline order

  1. things happend what the target can’t forget and forgive

  2. Break up

  3. Spells and works done on the target

  4. Me founding out that the target feels angry about me

  5. Me trying instead of more lovespells to clear the anger towards me

But here comes that I can not really know any demons or spells to relase her negativity towards me. That’s where I asked you to help me.

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I wanna be with the target for sure, what would you suggest then ?

She must be protected by a God that is blocking you. He be like “MY woman…get your dirty paws off her.”

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Target feels angry towards you for unforgivable act. If she doesn’t forgive you, that’s her right. She has obviously moved on and is dating other people. If all your love spells aren’t working, there’s probably a legit reason. Maybe you’d do better to just move on…the best spell of all.


You might want to just work on reconciliation first and forget the love spells until you are on good terms again and can review the situation and your feelings from that point. Obsessing on making someone love you who doesn’t wish to or can’t love you is a nasty thing and leads to some bad places and I’ve seen it first hand. Focus first on getting on good terms and reestablishing just a basic friendship if you must and then decide if you want to go further. You might even want to try without magick at first and try for just some simple basic interaction and coming to some sort of peace between you two.