Successful love ritual, Thank You

Hello everyone,
It’s been quite a while since I was last active here due to lots of work, BUT I’m back to say:
Thank You Belial.
Thank You Sallos.
Thank You Dantalion.
Thank You Sitri.
Thank You Rosier.
A long time ago I used the layered love spell (A powerful layered love spell) for a impossible love situation and here I am today telling you that there’s no impossible when it comes to magick. Two things you always have to remember to be successful in Art: patience and trust. Trust the proccess, trust the Entities you asked for help and be patient. Patience always was the hardest part for me but it was so worth it, it took a few months to fully bring me everything I wanted. So to the point with long story short: I was able to banish the other woman, I won my man’s heart and today we are living together our “happy ever after”, every single thing I asked for came to me. It’s not the first successful love spell I’ve made but this one really amazed me. I wanted to share my story and remind you that you can achieve anything you want as long as you are not sabotaging yourself (by this I mean mainly doubt and impatience).
Be trustful, be patient and achieve your goals.
Love, Kate.


How long did it take for you to see the results? I am happy for you!

Also did you summon Ladilok or someone else since it is a man?

Hi, thank you! All results came to me in about 3 months, but I the very first results (which was getting rid of other woman) took a little less than a month :slight_smile:


I didn’t summon Ladilok and honestly don’t remember if I asked someone else, but if I did, it was for sure Beleth, she (for me her energy is femine) helped me before with love matters and I trust her.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. I am in a tough romantic situation

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Sorry to hear that, well I was in your shoes some time ago, so I hear you. Wish you all the best Love, if I could be successful I know for a fact that you will also be, just please be patient :heart:

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Thank you dear <3

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Did you make any offerings to the spirits who helped you?If so what where they if you dont mind me asking

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I’m happy to answer all your questions, I made a simple offering: I put just a little bit of my menstrual blood on each Sigil when I was talking to spirit, I offered also sex energy which could come from my relationship and a glass of water which I would change to fresh one every day for a week. The most powerfull moment was during the ritual when I was talking with each Entity - I basically broke at the very beginning and just let all my fellings burst, I really felt at that moment that I’m heard and will be taken care of.


That’s awesome Kate, great job hanging in there!! The bolded part of your quote above is so important and I hope those reading who are in the same situation take note and trust their work as well.

Awesome, thank you for sharing :relaxed: Good luck to you and your man.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Right on​:heart::boom:

Did you use Belial for love ?