Little help for beginners ( asked of me by Dantalion)

Thank you all <3 Sadly today I am down again and trying to cope with that. Maybe is the best to get off social medias and people for some time for me.

Last night I made petition to Belial, yet again didn’t sense anything or got a confirmation. I’m making this petitions on a piece of paper with sigil of spirit and my asking. Meditating while chanting their enn for around 20-30min, then read out loud what I’m asking and signing it with a drop of blood from my finger on their sigil and then burning it and blowing ashes through window. Then when I’m gone to bed I fall asleep with my headphones on and listening to their enn on youtube.

Tonight if I’m home alone I will make same petition to Duke Dantalion for the one last time asking him to make her thinking of me all the time. I asked Belilal to change her emotions and thoughts from positive to negative and to see me as her perfect and only partner. Two nights ago in my petition to Lucifer I asked to guide me through all of this and bring me back my self esteem, strenght and her.

What do you thing should I make petitions to other spirits or this is enough?

It’s weird how I didn’t care of this girl until the moment she left me and then I was acting just like it wasn’t me but someone other. I had many girls and experienced too many breakups but never something like this for this long.

Another thing, I asked universe, spirits or any force for a sign: If they would bring her back to me for a one last chance that I see her initials on number plate. Her initials are A.V. From that moment I’m seeing everyday at least 4,5 or more times V.A. on number plates. VA is town about 100miles from where I live but it’s unusual to see so many cars with that plates. Honestly I don’t know is it just a coincidence, am I attracting this or my mind is just looking for a cars with VA plates :smiley: OR IT IS A SIGN? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just realized because it’s her initials in reversed order maybe it is a sign of NO for reconciliation… I’m overthinking it again, I know :frowning: But my gut is constantly telling me that there is no hope…

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Doesn’t make sense! Why would they spend all that effort on showing you “no” ?
I think you have a very clear sign here, they heard you! Now start working on the rest, so they have a clear pathway to work on your ex.

This is good stuff! Believe it!


You’re overthinking it…your gut says there’s no hope because that’s all you think about. when you receive a sign, just take it at face value and don’t try to overanalyze it. You say you’ve been seeing more and more VA plates…and her initials are AV? then take that as a sign and keep it moving…keep it positive. Seriously, there’s no other way around it. Don’t try to flip it and make it negative and think its a way of saying since it’s her initials backwards, it must mean it’s not meant to be. No, you’re seeing her initials, you’re seeing VA plates, you’re seeing signs…just take it.

P. S. All this VA talk…If it makes you feel any better, I work for the VA, and when I was in the Navy, my favorite place I was stationed was down in VA :woman_shrugging:t5: Be positive my friend :bouquet:


Thanks for good vibe :slight_smile:

Today I was out on a beer with a friend and he told me that our mutual friend got a new girlfriend. Guess her name? :joy: Yes, yes… same as my ex. I met at least two girls in the last month with that name and my old female friend called me after almost 10 years out of nowhere to catch up… you can guess her name too…

Now I just finished writing petition to Duke Dantalion and I must relax and prepare for ritual.
Wish me luck with the Grand Duke :crossed_fingers:


Depends on you. The 1st approach is you could call 1 or you can call on them progressively, adapting if there is/are apparent progress or changes. With “progressively” take for example, you asked Dantalion to make her open towards communicating with me, she contacted you or she replied to your message, yet she doesn’t feel the same love she felt before to you, you should then call another spirit (Duke Sallos, Godesses Aphrodite, Venus, Isis, Archangel Chamuel) or Grand Duke Dantalion again to elicit love to your target (since Dantalion also works with love as well). That’s only an example. You should assess the situation first. Put yourself into her situation at the moment. Examine the situation thoughtfully and choose the demons that are most appropriate for the situation.

The 2nd is layering.
Calling each demon/spirit with different intent. Same advise, examine the situation carefully and choose the demons that are most appropriate for the current situation. Then have them work at the same time. Like take for example, you asked Agares to make her come back to you, to make it possible you asked Dantalion to send positive thoughts of you being together, asked Sitri to make her feel lustful towards me, asked Sallos to rekindle love for me and etc. Here’s an example:

Depends on you which one would you use, but if you would ask me the 1st approach is what most people would suggest. Know that neither approach wont make the end results come fast, you still have to consider that the target could be fighting it but in the end they will succumb to it and you will have the result you wanted even if you have already forgotten about doing a ritual or spirit work, you still have to give them the end of the bargain though (offerings you promised). Priorities are usually the reason. In my case, I know my lover is still pre-occupied with work at the moment since her family is pressuring her and she dont want to be distracted, hence, I know it’ll be slow. On the other hand I know that the spirits are working with my petition behind the scenes because my lover (dont want to call her ex lover :rofl::rofl:) is constantly asking my friends and my relatives about me, and she’s constantly stalking me through social media. I know and believe my results will come, I respect her, so I’m not rushing it.

I’m not buying the AV as sign, this one though could be a sign. Especially if the name of your lover is not that common in your place.

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I could see you regaining your confidence back, that’s good. Cause that’s what also happened to me, I’m not being arrogant but once I regained my confidence back and started to think about myself more than my lover I attracted back people. Sexy and attractive friends asking me to go out, someone who I had sex with 1 or 2 years ago asked me to visit her in her new flat/apartment, someone who hasn’t talked to me even though I was the one who initiated the contact before is talking to me now.

You only attract people once you already feel good about yourself. This is LOA, we have an empath side of us, we feel people’s energy. If we feel someone is down (negative) we avoid them as we dont want to be drawn/infected by their negative energy, but when we’re positive we attract positive and negative people. Positive people are attractive, and negative people is not. Think of it in a case of infective diseases, we avoid or take precaution talking to people with infective diseases (chicken pox, TB, hepatitis B), but we’re comfortable socializing with a healthy person.

Now take your lover for example, would she still come back to you if they see that you’re not okay at the moment? Hence, keep up the positive vibes man. You only attract people (including your specific person) when you’re well, healthy and feeling good about yourself.

I thank Lucifer for being my guardian spirit. He’s the spirit that told me to think about myself more than anyone else.


I did three petitions in the past few days: to Lucifer to guide me and give me strenght, to Belial to change her emotions towards me and to see the best in me, to Dantalion to make her thinking of me all the time in a positive way and to contact me. With each petition I gave my blood as an offering and promise my worship, time and future cooperation in other matters once this is solved.

Probelem is that we are in separate cities now, actually she is probably now on vacation with her family and in a couple days she is going to Brasil for one month. We don’t have any mutual friends anymore and I can’t see how our paths can cross in a future. My only hope is that spirits will change her mind and she will miss me, unblock me and call me. But right now there must be a miracle for that to happen.

I had another bad day today and it doesn’t matter how hard I’m trying to move on and forget, keep myself busy, my emotions and thoughts are still killing me inside… She is 24/7 on my mind. For example I was out today in a shop to buy a present for my friend and then all of a sudden sensed a strong smell of her parfume out of nowhere which brought back all the emotions, insecurity, pain, thoughts…

For me to get better something big must happen in my life and happen soon… I’m sick and tired of all the negative stuff and fact that I’m stuck for this long without a way out… Life can’t shit on me for this very long, right? :smiley:

I’m not really sure if King Belial is up to this kind of task especially with the emotion, as what I’ve read about him, he’s the demon for distortion and anarchy. Nevertheless, he could make that someone make you superior to them. Like completely dominate them.

Every person here has their mind on their ex-lover, same as you, but we managed to contain it and advise people like you what is good and bad for them, for the magick to work and for the betterment of the caster. It’s just we’re not as desperate as before, that we have time to help people such as yourself to regain composure (mainly for ourselves) as how we’ve regained ours.

By “big” what do you mean? If it’s getting accepted in a dream job then good. Work hard on it! But if its being you together again, to get you to function normally then you’re being dependent with her. You wouldn’t be able to function normally because she’s not with you. That’s childish, and any woman would get discouraged with that way of thinking from a man.

Thanks Teddy…

My second fear is that I didn’t exhausted all of my intention and emotions in rituals and were they successful?

By something “big” I didn’t mean anything about her but something positive in my life that would me get out of this state of desperation, waiting, anger, sadness…

Anyway Belial gave me a sign of some sort for which I asked, but nothing from Dantalion yet… I asked him to see my ex name somewhere in the next 48 hours which will expire tonight.

Don’t worry about that, the point of exhausting your intention and emotions is for the spirits to feel that you were sincere with your intent, and for them to have a glimpse of what you really desire. It doesn’t really necessarily require to exhaust yourself. It only needs your emotions as how would you feel upon visualizing your desired result has already manifested or is starting to manifest.

That’s really good then. Start thinking about yourself more than anyone first.

That’s desperation. NEVER give them time limit, they’re not your slaves. I already told you to never make your petition specific and vague. With the time limit, its being specific.


I just wasted three months meditations, rituals, summoning, praying, hoping. FOR FUCKING WHAT? If there is a glimpse of moving forward I would say “Allright, I’m a believer.” But fucking nothing. I’m just getting worse and worse to the point without coming back.

All of you are good people and thank you for your help. But spirits, magick…etc. I piss on all of that. Fuck that bullshit.

Nothing will change in my situation and I’m sick of that. I’m sick of everything. I’ve tried everything. Just to come to conclusion that all of this is a one big shit and lie.

Vlada_vb: Not trying to be preachy, but you have to understand that nothing is ever wasted. But I think at this point of time in your life, it is very important for you to realize this:

You, my dear friend are probably obsessively grasping on the the outcome/results. There is a huge flaw with this approach, let me explain.

Obsessively yearning for a result and negative thoughts are twins and they go hand in hand. When you are obsessing over the result, firstly you are rejecting this current moment and not able to clearly focus on what ever it is that you are doing, be it either occult or any other task at hand. Your mind in it’s current state is saying, “I have been doing everything to gain the experience that I currently do not have in my current state, the experience I want to have is very pleasant. I just need to go there.” And while you are having these thoughts, your mind is building a negative patter, “I absolutely hate the way it is right now, this is extremely unpleasant” The negative patters is what is building and is telling you to get rid of the unpleasant.

Think of yourself as a student preparing for SAT or GMAT or whatever, if when you open the books, instead of studying and focusing on the material, if you are fixated on the result, how would you pass the test?

My suggestion for you my dear friend is, “Now is the perfect time to invest in, not ON, but IN yourself” Meditate, workout, read, contrary to what other people say, involve your mind into something that makes you feel great about yourself.

It will then become what I call a wave pattern, you will have days when you don’t care about this person, and are fully engaged in whatever you are doing, and then there will be days when you can’t stop thinking about this person. But you will need to get rid of the grasping mind slowly but surely and picking up a new hobby definitely helps, so invest in yourself.

And then when you’ve outgrown this situation and not yearning for results, repeat the occult again without getting fixated and see if it works.

We all care about everyone in the world, and you my dear friend need to find your inner happiness, let that little kid out and experience the world again. :slight_smile:

Invest in yourself, find that spark back in your heart and in your eyes, and everything will automatically fall in place. I am going through the same experience you are going and so I can understand.

If I said something wrong, please forgive me.


Oh my friend. I’ve tried all of that, all of that. I simply just can’t feel happiness and motivation anymore. And I just can’t get this thoughts and feelings about her. “Where is she? Is she with another man now? How did she can forget me and don’t care just like that?” etc…

Life gave me a shit and I’m sick of that. I’ve been fighting even before my birth and never stoped. But I’m burned out now. Today I was in a hospital for medications because of all of this I’m in a severe depression state with suicidal thoughts. She was my only motive and reason to fight when everything gone wrong and now she is gone too. Actually she is gone for 3 months now without any hope for reconciliation. Yes I know: She is not the only one in this world and she shouldn’t be my source of happiness. I get everything and I tried everything but it’s stronger than me.

About petitions and spirits. I hoped for simple answer yes or no, simple sign to believe, to hope… If I can’t get even that for all effort I putted in the last three months because this was my last chance to do something, how can I expect something bigger or my desire
to come true? How can I believe in this? How can I believe to people’s experience that I’m reading here?

I just don’t care anymore, with her or without, live or dead, with job or not, happy or sad. Don’t care and there is nothing left in me… Fuck this agony called life.

I am sorry you are going through such pain. But it is exactly this pain that can truly help you grow as a person, embrace the pain, don’t lust for any results. Whatever she chose if her will, I understand you care for her, but more important than anything else is to care for your own self. Understand the fact that only if you are taking care of yourself, other humans, angels, demons, or God will start caring for you. Do what ever it takes to find yourself. But if you need help, go seek it, see a certified person who can help you with some counseling if you need it.

But remember that every single moment that you are breathing is totally in your control and you can use it to either help grow you or destroy you.

I hope you find what you are looking for. I am more than happy to be your friend/brother and talk to you if you need a person to hear you out. :slight_smile:


…I’m not trying to be rude here, ok…but come on :woman_facepalming:t5: you didn’t even give the spirits enough time to work on your situation. Seriously, you do a ritual then turn around a few days later damning everything to hell, eff this, eff that, she’ll never be back etc. You two aren’t speaking…the spirits have to find a way to make a pathway for her to talk to you again. The spirits have to analyze the situation, figure out what needs to be changed or rearranged and then do it. That takes TIME my friend…you seriously need to let go of the obsession you have with this chick and the rituals you perform if you’re going to have any sort of success. For real. The moment you do the ritual, let it go, stop obsessing over whether this chick will even come back, let the spirits do what they do and trust that they will make whatever you petitioned to be…be.

You just can’t allow a woman to drive you to the point where you don’t want to live anymore. While she’s out living her life and doing her, vacationing and carrying on. you’re crying, depressed over her…no no no. You’re better than that. You deserve a life better than that. I know and understand how you feel. I know how it feels to want someone, crave someone, desire them, long for them 24/7 and for them to not want any parts of you, nothing to do with you. I’ve had my heart broken, ripped out of my chest, chewed up and spit right back in my face so many times…I’ve been down and depressed and felt like life was over…but it wasn’t.

As much as you love her, you have to love yourself more. You’re grieving the loss of the relationship, and that’s normal…human nature and whatnot…but at some point you just have to dig deep, pick yourself up and say either I want to continue to do magick and work with the spirits to get my woman back, or work on yourself so WHEN…not if, but WHEN that special lady does come along, you’ll be ready for her. This isn’t the end for you my friend, hang in there, keep at it and don’t give up. Be strong, believe in yourself, allow yourself to grieve the loss of the relationship and what you hoped it would be…and then get up, dust yourself off and get back to making magick. :facepunch:t5:


Listen to me buddy, and listen to me good now!

You need to stop this crazy talk, okay?
All is not lost! You know what? Yes, you are right, life sucks some time. And hell, it will even kick you when you are already down.

But it is YOU who can change that! You need to believe that when you are ready. And right now you are not ready. And that is perfectly fine!
But you have to make a decision here. Do you want to dwell in the bad feelings and let them take over or do you want to dwell on the feeling and defeat it? Notice, that I didn’t say do you want to feel better. That is not important right now. What is important is that you start to accept that this is what it is and only then can you start changing it and feel better!!

Don’t think I don’t know how you feel. I’m 31 years old and had to deal with two depressions.
Believe me when I say that it DOES get better. But only when you are ready for it.
Medication will help take the rough edges off, but it will still have to come from inside you.

Good!! Choose without her for now. As nothing about the situation is good for either of you right now.

Focus on yourself. Accept what is happening, take all the time you need to feel bad. Stay in bed for days if you have to. But accept what it is! Ask yourself; What am I feeling? Why am I feeling this way? Get to the root of the problem and deal with it. Take all the time you need but realize nothing good will happy TO you, if YOU don’t make it happen FOR you.

You are not in a state of mind to work magick right now. You are looking for a quick fix, I’f magick were that, we’d all be millionaires living in mansions with the loves of our lives right now.

The only quick fix you need right now, is the one you can make for yourself!

Is she more important than you are to yourself? Do you want to be a codependent person? Or do you want to be that architect, doing what he loves and making the most of all life has to offer? If the answer is no, then go ahead and dwell on your “bad luck”. If the answer is yes? Then grow a pair! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to manifesting a better life for YOU.
Everything else you desire, will fall in to place!

Sorry for talking harsh to you, it’s because I care and want you to start caring about yourself as well!!


This. Give them time.
Signs or results will appear the least you expect them to appear. That’s why a lot of people out here in the Forum will advise you to forget about doing the ritual and go on with your life. Signs and results will only appear once you are preoccupied on doing something not related to the results of your ritual or anything why were you doing the ritual in the first place. It will just blow you off that it came.

I’ll tell you my little success so far, that I only told to @anon45993476. First of all, you have to know that my case was really bad, to the point that I was already expecting that she’s gone for good, and what she’s telling me that she dont care about me anymore is for real, that she doesn’t care about me anymore. But this wasnt the case after I made petition to demons.
I’m always repeating this, but this was when I asked Dantalion if he’s working on my case. Before I slept, I asked him to give me signs, in my dream I saw me and my lover together. I wasn’t really convinced on that as it could be my subconscious mind playing with my wants or needs. Just hours after I woke up, I accidentally found out I was unblocked in her social media account. On that same day, I went to my friends house, he told me that my girl asked me “How is Teddy doing?”. I wasn’t really expecting at that day, it just came to me as a surprise. I was Wooah, is this for real?

I’ve been watching the demons work in the sideline for some time through mutual friends, not to the point of constantly asking my friend though. My friend will just tell me that my lover asked him how I was doing. I asked Duke Sallos to make E obsessively love me, the thing is she’s constantly asking our mutual friend about me like every week, and through our mutual friend I learned that she’s been stalking me through her bestfriend’s social media. Isn’t that obsession? It just means that Duke Sallos is working with me, but I’m still not done there. So I’m thinking of another demon to work on communication, since I do believe that the Dantalion and Sallos already worked on the thoughts and love aspect, I still hasn’t decide on which as I am still analyzing on her current situation first and I don’t want my petition to be so vague and too specific as to “make her contact me”.

I understand you, not seeing little results is quite frustrating. Do you have any mutual friends that could spy on her like what I’m doing? Not really some spy to look at her status at the moment, but someone as an avenue for her to talk to in hopes of knowing your current life/status. Know that whatever they’re doing, it doesn’t concern you. You should only be concern on yourself alone. Don’t stalk their social media, don’t ask friends whatever they are doing. Let them come to you. Social media could be deceiving, people may look happy in social media but they are not deep inside.

Apart from that, if you want to stop, then you are free to stop and nobody will stop you. Know that even if you stopped believing in those spirits, they’ll still give you the results. And when that happened, you should give them the end of the bargain, the offerings you promised to give them.


So last night while I was with my friend, since we dont have something to do he suggested that lets chat with my lover while her not knowing I was with my friend. She’s showing resistance a bit but the concern/care and perhaps love is still there. So while we were talking, my friend offered to help me establish communication with her, and that he’ll convince her to talk to me. As we were talking I told my friend about esoteric stuff, astrology, zodiacs, magick, tarots, etc. Then I opened a horoscope website (, and read about Libra. That was the 1st time I read about my horoscope for a long time. What struck us me and my friend is the message in the horoscope is this:

Aug 27, 2019 - Lucky you! An unexpected break could come your way that gets you started in just the direction you’ve wanted to follow. This could involve love, career aspirations, or simply a new way of living that you’ve been longing to experience. Friends might play a major role in this process. Move ahead cautiously, but move ahead. Breaks like this don’t come very often!

See where I’m going, the unexpected break is that friend offering to help me.

Just this now, I decided to see again my horoscope for August 28. Heres what it tells:

Today represents a beginning in many ways. A friend from the past could reappear in your life, Libra, and bring up memories both pleasant and disconcerting. Don’t worry too much about it. This probably represents a much-needed release. You might also become involved with a group that embodies goals about which you’re passionate. New friends could also come your way. Expect a few surprises from all sides!

Before I read that, I had already read a message from a friend from the past. A friend in college asking me about the system of the med school I graduated if she has to pay full tuition if she drop out (since I’m a Doctor with no license yet), and that she’s planning to drop med school as medicine could not be her calling. The need for release is her venting out to me that she doesn’t have any strive anymore, and that she’s thinking of quitting. Other else from the reading doesn’t really resonate yet.

PS :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I was supposed to send this to @anon45993476 but anyway just read it if you still feel doubts. The universe has a plan for us. She will come to you in due time. You have to ready yourself when that comes. You have to build a strong foundation not only in your relationship with her, but a strong foundation within yourself first.


No my man. We have no mutual friends anymore and I don’t have anyone to speak to her. I don’t know what’s going on with her. Her Instagram profile is private and I blocked her there so I can’t look every minute her photos and followers number. Did she followed someone or posted something.

As I said: only way is to her for call me, but chances for that after everything are so low, maybe even impossible. She is very stubborn and honest and when she said that we are done, she doesn’t love me anymore and won’t give me false hope of reconciliation ever, I truly believed her.

I’m writing email to her everyday, stating every emotion and thought that I have about us. But I don’t have courage to send her anything.

Why am I frustrated aside of everything that I feel for her and my regret? Because all of this time I had hope. Hope that maybe, just maybe spirits would do miracle for me and give me another chance with her. But how can I even know that spirits exist or they are accepted to work on this for me? Why would I give myself reason for hope and chance to have heart broken again or prolong this pain?